Article: Five Things That You Can Do For Yourself Today (That Don’t Involve Sex)

It’s pretty obvious that I fucking love sex and everything involving it.

Sometimes it even seems like I live and breathe sex (or, at the very least, embody the ‘one track mind’ stereotype) and I’m sure a lot of you may feel the same.

That being said other times it’s nice to take a step back and look at balancing our sexual pleasure with some of the other simple joys in life. These are the small things that don’t take too much effort but which can make all the difference.

Sometimes we just need to bring some brightness in to our lives.

Sometimes these can enjoy our sexual satisfaction too but, really, I want to approach these things on their own terms and allow you to see where they take you.

Let’s dive in to it!

#1 Find a Way To Interact With Nature

This year I’ve invested in a small bird feeder that you can attach to your window. I’ve been using appropriate food scraps to nourish local wildlife, and investing in seeds that will attract bees come the spring and summer seasons.

The simple act of engaging with wildlife has been shown to have benefits when it comes to the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also help people improve their social skills and overall mental awareness, so embrace the benefits of this by finding your own way to interact with nature.

Watching an animal interact with something you’ve had a hand in is also very good for mindfulness and living in the moment, something we could all benefit from in our lives.

#2 Make Sure You’ve Maintained A Cleaning Ritual

Whether it’s as simple as brushing your teeth when you barely want to get out of bed or as elaborate as getting your full femme on, taking the time to keep up some form of cleaning habit is so important.

Once you’ve done this then give yourself some sincere praise and recognize any positive differences you feel. Focus on how taking time for yourself can immediately improve your mood and how you approach the day.

If you feel like doing this has no impact then that’s fine too. If nothing else at least you’ve done something to take care of your own well-being.

#3 Write Down Ten Things That You Enjoy

Okay, this one maaay have some sex on it, but that’s up to you, not me.

Take the time to sit down and write out ten things that you absolutely love—whether it’s a favourite food, an enjoyable activity, or even a feeling.

Consider if any of them are something you can pursue today and decide if you’d like to or not. If you would then embrace your past experiences as you revel in your enjoyment once more. You deserve it!

#4 Give Yourself a Little Pep Talk

Speaking of things you deserve, kindness is definitely one of them and especially self-kindness.

As a whole we tend to be far too critical of ourselves. Low self-esteem is rather common (especially in teens) and can be a huge hindrance to enjoying life.

So today when you notice yourself confronted with a harsh inner voice challenge it with your own little pep talk instead. Become your biggest cheer leader and you treat yourself with all the kindness you’d treat a dear friend or family member with.

If this is too hard at first then simply find one nice thing to say about yourself and repeat it once daily. I promise this will have an impact.

#5 Get a Good Night’s Sleep

What’s a daily self-care list without one of the most important elements?

Sleep is important for maintaining a stable mood, keeping a good memory, regulating weight, and generally having the mental capacity to cope with what life throws at you and a lot of us don’t get enough.

Ideally you’re shooting for about 8 hours but don’t feel guilty if you oversleep (or simply sleep longer than your usual 4, 3, or even 2 hours). It’s all progress and your body will thank you for it.

Salvador Dali once famously said “Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it”. This may seem discouraging at first but what it’s really saying is “It’s okay. You don’t need to be more or reach for more. You’re enough just as you are” (at least that’s my spin on it).

Accept yourself and recognize that you don’t need to change your values or personality to be fundamentally happy. You are enough. Right here and right now.

Hopefully these small activities will help you remind yourself of that when things get too hard or when you need to refocus and spend a little less time engaged in the hustle and bustle of life, sex, and everything, and a little more time nurturing your fundamental well-being.

Until the next review!