Product Review: The Tantus Snap Strap

The moment this toy makes impact with my booty two things immediately come to mind.

The first: “What did I do to deserve such sharp and unforgiving sensations?”

The second: “How can I do it again?”

The Tantus Snap Strap is, by far, the most extreme impact toy Mr Peaches and I own. One hit with this and I’m whimpering. I can’t help but let out a little scream whenever it makes contact.

It’s no surprise that the Snap Strap is listed by Tantus as one for ‘advanced enthusiasts’.

There’s a very fine art that goes in to using the Snap Strap and it soon punishes both wielder and recipient if not treated with the utmost respect. That being said, they say practice makes perfect and I was more than happy to be the guinea pig for the sometimes unkind slaps that this paddle administered.

What can I say? Kink is addictive.

The Tantus Snap Strap

The Tantus Snap Strap can be counted as one of the creme de la creme paddles of any impact play enthusiast’s collection. If you have even the tiniest interest in taking your play to more advances and stinging heights then this product has something for you (even if it does need to be approached with caution at first).

This paddle is multi-functional and mean in the best way.

Although technically a paddle, the Tantus Snap Strap is made from 100% ultra premium silicone and is incredibly smooth and long. Its specific dimensions come in at 17.75 inches in length and 2 inches in width. It’s extremely thin (perhaps similar to a dollar in terms of chunk) making it incredibly flexible and extremely formidable. In essence this paddle is the equivalent of the high class domme that everyone wants to serve but not all will be able to accommodate.

I’m going to stop you right here and say that if you were the type of person to cringe when going to slap one of those folding slap bracelets on your wrist that were apparently cool in the 90s then you should steer clear of the Snap StrapIf, one the other hand, such early exploration is what first kindled your interest in different sensations then, oh boy, do I have good news for you.

Radical! The most swood.

The Snap Strap is essentially the adult version of these bracelets, except with the power ramped up to eleven (out of a possible five).

Because of its incredibly flexible form the Snap Strap has all of the benefits of a conventional paddle but with the added diversity and sensation-range of something like a belt or a flogger. In many ways it feels like a combination of all three of these items, but with its own, purist sting which can only be achieved by the memorable whamp of silicone coming down on the skin.

The unforgettable sting of Tantus silicone is only met by the level of quality that it achieves. Silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. These may not seem like the most important elements at first (compared to when you’re, for example, inserting a material in your body) but I personally like any product that’s going to be making firm impact with my skin to be made of a safe, reassuring, and, yes, even nurturing material.

After all, this silicone can deliver one hell of a sting but it’s also soft and smooth enough to allow for a softer touch. A little stroking in between slaps is possible and highly appreciated. It almost feels akin to having a smooth, melted massage butter run across tender skin, and is amplified even further by the hits that came prior.

Silicone is also naturally quite warm, meaning that the Snap Strap can provide a nice and soothing interim or aftercare experience without ever sacrificing its capability to be a lethal spanking machine.

Actually, strike that, no machine can ever truly replicate the relationship that grows between wielder and Snap Strap over time.

A paddle like this requires discipline.

Because this kit is so flippy-floppy and initially unpredictable it practically forces you to get to know the Snap Strap  and know it damned well, lest you fuck up in rather painful ways. A dominant’s relationship with their tools always has the potential to be a rather emotionally invested affair but with the Snap Strap its high difficulty curve promotes this dynamic even further and mastering it really does feel like an achievement in the most accomplishing way possible. Because of this there are multiple ways to enjoy the Snap Strap.  Yes, its primary purpose is to deliver pain, but it certainly does work well as a tool for personal growth too, which is a welcome addition to any adult product.

Being on the receiving end of this paddle/flogger/belt hybrid can be incredibly intense. I’ll hold my hands up and say that at first I snickered at the flappy aesthetic of this wilting silicone flip-flop of a flogger, but that sense of mockery disappeared after the very first hit. Now that I know what this product is capable of just seeing it illicit an immediate sense of eager submission and willingness to be hurt.

And, yes–hurt. This flogger hurts like an absolute bitch and I love every moment of it.

This is definitely a stinging product. There are no two ways about this. So if you prefer a thump then I suggest going with a more conventional flogger.

Swinging this can be a challenge but the reward is great.

The sensations provided by this flogger are swift, intense, and leave a rich red mark behind. Depending on how much pressure you put behind the slap the sting can last for a long time or can dissipate swiftly but, in both instances, that initial slap is not  soon forgotten.

Biting as it is, the Snap Strap is a flogger that I crave with all the strengths of its slaps. The rush provided by this paddle in effective and intoxicating and needs to be experienced to be believed. Silicone paddles are incredibly easy to clean and can last for many years if treated correctly and so the Snap Strap is well worth its price tag (which I actually consider to be incredibly reasonable for such a high class and high powered flogger).

Downsides? There are no objective ones. Although obviously the flip-floppiness of this paddle makes it inadvisable to complete beginners, there’s nothing to be said against this flogger and whether you like or dislike it will come solely down to personal preference.

If you’re looking for something gentle avoid this flogger. If you prefer thumps then look elsewhere too. Dislike a lack of ease in controlling your swing? Avoid the Snap Strap (or proceed with caution, at the very least). Know yourself and you will know pretty soon if this flogger hits the spot or is a flop in your mind.

Final Thoughts

More often than not before I review I product I give it one last test just before writing to get to grips on my final appraisal. This wasn’t an option with the Snap StrapNot only was I confident that the act of sitting would be a lot more interesting if I did so but I knew that if I used the Snap Strap before this review then I’d be going back for more mid-writing to engage in some paddle-based procrastination. Yeah, it’s that kind of product.

The Snap Strap is not for everyone. It shouldn’t even be used for by everyone. But if you’re and advanced user already, or someone looking to transition, then the Snap Strap may very well become one of your best friends.

Recommend to:

Advanced impact play practitioners.

People who like stinging pain.

People who have good control.

Do Not Recommend to:

Complete impact rookies.

People who prefer thumpy sensations.

People who like rigid paddles.

The Tantus Snap Strap was provided to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. If you want to support this blog then please do consider making any purchases via the affiliate links in this post (or my sidebar).