Product Review: The Voulez-Vous Massage Oil (Almond Peach)

When I had the chance to review the Voulez-Vous Massage Oil for Meo I naturally went for the most apparent and tempting choice.

Almond Peach.

Emmeline Peaches.

How could I resist?

(Does this mean that Mr Peaches is the almond in this combination? I’m happy with this arrangement).

Under the given theme of January a massage oil was a given. What could be self-accepting than the acknowledgement that one’s own sense of rest, relaxation, and sensuality are important?

Massages provide a powerful validation of this and sometimes asking to receive or give a massage can be the most potent and caring thing a person can do. Of course this depends on the individuals involved and their relationship dynamic but a massage is appreciated more often-than-not.

So, of course, a good massage oil is essential. Does the Voulez-Vous Massage Oil (Almond Peach) fit the bill? Read on to find out!

The Voulez-Vous Massage Oil (Almond Peach)

The Voulez-Vous Massage Oil (Almond Peach) is one of four different massage oils available from Voulez-Vous—the others being Enthralling (Rose Petals), Passionate (Vanilla), Relaxing (Orange), and then our review product Sensual (Almond Peach). In terms of titling I find it a bit perplexing that Orange isn’t Enthralling and Rose Petals aren’t relaxing, but that may just be me. What really matters is that my massage oil, Almond Peach, caters to my preferences very well. The entire spectrum of scents provided do a relatively good job of covering different proclivities, as it happens, so there isn’t much to complain about in terms of fragrance choice.

This oil is effective but incredibly runny.

The actual fragrance provided by the Voulez-Vous Massage Oil (Almond Peach) is nice too. It’s definitely noticeable upon application but never overpowers the wearer or fills the room with an uncomfortable aroma.

It fits in to that wonderful category of scented products which leave enough of a trail behind to allow for a subtle whiff to be detected every now and then, acting more as a gentle reminder of the massage after use rather than screaming “I just got doused in oil for my relaxing and/or sexual pleasure)”. This, to me, is what makes a great massage oil because it leaves the potential for the massage to linger long after occurring without seeming in any way suspicious or obtrusive to others—not everyone appreciates a strong scent, after all.

As someone with sensitive skin (and a resolution to reduce my palm oil consumption) I’m always a bit wary of the ingredients in products like this. The Voulez-Vous Massage Oil (Almond Peach) none of the ingredients seem overly irritating and, thankfully, all of the oils used are non-palm in origin. Mostly they pertain to the fragrances included as Voulez-Vouz use no parabens, no preservatives and generally try to be body friendly.

But when it comes to massage oil it isn’t just ingredients and scent that matter. Consistency and longevity are hugely important for providing ideal results.

The Voulez-Vous Massage Oil comes out as an incredibly thin oil—almost spilling out of its 150ml container when merely tipped at the right angle. It doesn’t necessarily have any thickness to it when spread and this will be a divisive element. On the one hand it’s great for those who don’t like feeling as if they’ve been ‘slathered’ in oil or otherwise have a dense liquid covering their skin. On the other hand some people really value the sensuality of a nice, thick, massage oil, so it’s important to keep personal preference in mind when choosing whether or not this oil is for you.

Did I mention this oil was thin?

Despite seeming very thin the Voulez-Vous Massage Oil spreads very effectively and can cover a large area with relatively little oil. Again, this manages to give a very light application while still providing the necessary glide for a deep and satisfying massage. Having given a massage with this oil I found it easy to glide my hands across Mr Peaches back without any juddering stops or loss of flow. I was also able to really get in deep without feeling as if the oil was a hindrance or not up to the task in some way.

This oil actually has a mild warming effect which can be felt near-immediately upon application to the hands and/or body. For this reason I don’t recommend using it on the genitals, especially as it’s primarily for external use anyway. It’s simply not worth the potential reaction in most cases (yes, I am overly protective when it comes to warming products. I’ve been burned too many times. Literally).

I would describe the tactile sensation of this oil as powdery and glossy. It is not unlike silicone lubricant in many ways, but it has this rich warmth and delicate nuance to it which does make it more fit for purpose as a massage oil. In fact do not use this product as a lubricant, especially if using latex condoms. Oil and latex do not mix.

Practically I really can’t contest the effectiveness of this oil. It manages to create a relaxing and lighter ambiance where some other denser and more fragranced products might otherwise fail. When we used it we were both satisfied and felt wonderfully calm and wholly intimate. More than once I’ve finished a grueling workout and craved a massage with this particular oil. It just manages to do the trick without feeling like something that’s too excessive or overly decadent. I think I value that and I know Mr Peaches does (with thicker oils he will shower immediately after use, with this one he was happy to lay in the afterglow).

Again, this won’t be for everyone and this is perhaps the most obvious downside when it comes to this massage oil (and all massage oils really). Much as with sex toys, not everyone wants to same thing from their massage oil, so if you’re looking for something thicker, with a stronger (or no) warming element, and with a stronger (or absent) aroma then this oil may be hitting all the wrong notes. For us it was almost pitch perfect.

I think my only complaint would be just how easily it spills out of the bottle, as I’d like a bit more control of how much or little is applied, but this really is a minor thing in comparison to the overall effectiveness of this product.

Final Thoughts

I’ll admit, I don’t often review massage oils, but I’ve sampled enough to know of the broad diversity that exists on the market. I know what I like, what I dislike, and what’s on offer for consumers, and I honestly think that the Voulez-Vous Massage Oil is a very good choice, especially if you don’t want an overly-dense massage session.

The Voulez-Vous Massage Oil managed to offer just enough in terms of scent, sensation, and texture to linger lovingly after use without ever feeling like it’s overstayed (or overstated) its welcome. I would highly recommend it for couples who prefer this more intimate element to their massage oils, those who want an ‘on-the-go’ massage oil, or those who need discretion for other reasons.

It’s all smiles, peaches, and almonds here!

Recommend to:

People who like lighter oils.

People who like thinner oils.

People avoiding parabens, preservatives, and palm oil.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thicker oils.

People who prefer non-fragranced/highly fragranced oils.

People who like their oil to noticeably and obviously linger.

The Voulez-Vous Massage Oil (Almond Peach) was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review.