Toy Review: The New York Toy Collective Shilo

Can a sex toy be an object of self-care? I think you already know my stance on this (spoilers: It’s a firm yes) but few toys demonstrate why as much as the New York Toy Collective Shilo.

The Shilo is a dildo that I’ve been admiring for years. It’s been somewhat of a dream dildo for me—something I always wanted to try but constantly seemed to miss out on. In time I almost gave up on owning this American-made hard packer dildo.

But, thankfully, it seems I have a guardian angel, and they’re shaped like a mink.

About The Slinky Minx

That’s right—My Shilo came from the company I recommend you look out for in 2017, The Slinky Minx.

The Slinxy Minx has actually been around since 2014—starting off as an initiative to make FTM packers more readily available in Australia—but it has recently expanded and relaunched to become holistically sex positive and inclusive.

The Slinky Minx values three things above all else:

  • Creating an open space for sex education.
  • Acting as a safe space for those who want to pursue their sexuality.
  • Creating a sense of community spirit and positivity.

These key motivators drive the owner (and qualified sex educator) Narelle to continually try to discover new and effective ways to reach out and to grow her business with integrity and a sense of respect (both for her own values and for her client’s well-being).

In addition to providing a brilliant selection and having a great attitude towards sex, I love the aesthetics and writing style that The Slinky Minx employs. Narelle’s approach to running a sex toy site is honest and professional (with just the right amount of quirk and character) and a whole lot of caring.

Her packaging is also absolutely divine, but that’s a topic for another post.

My parcel from The Slinky Minx arrived swiftly and was very discreet. I have no doubt that if any issues arose Narelle would have rectified them and I highly recommend supporting this retailer.

(As a warning customs may occur for you if you’re country applies such regulations. It did for me, it may not for everyone/every delivery).

The  New York Toy Collective Shilo

The New York Toy Collective Shilo is the New York Toy Collective’s best-selling dildo and with very good reason! Acting as a ‘hard packer’ this dildo essentially allows individuals to pack with it while also acting as a functioning penetrative cock for those moments where you want to whip it out and take someone without swapping out from a soft packer to a dildo. The Shilo achieves this through some very clever design and engineering—containing a firm and bendable inner core which is then surrounded by softer silicone.

This hard packer is a firm addition to anyone’s collection.

Of course there are some natural drawbacks to this approach—the biggest of which being that not everyone will want the same thing from their soft packer and their dildo—but the Shilo is the best product I’ve ever seen when it comes to bridging the gap between these two differing products.

There are a few things that make the Shilo stand out from the crowd in my mind: design, material, flexibility, and accessibility.

Design-wise the Shilo sticks close to what one might consider as an anatomically correct penis but with an element of exaggeration (especially in the coronal ridge) which can act to remind the user of the artificial aspect of this product should complete realism be a turn-off. This allows the Shilo to appeal to both those who want a realistic ‘penis’ to wear and use and those who want a ‘dildo’ and are very keen to see their product as such.

As for the things that the New York Toy Collective have chosen to highlight with the Shilo’s design, the slim, straight shaft combined with its very prominent head works to give the Shilo somewhat of a mushroom-cock aesthetic which really does put a grin on my face. Mainly because I am well aware what a prominent coronal ridge is capable with and it’s often a criteria of mine in toys.

This coronal ridge tho…

This design is also very material-aware—knowing just how much prominence it can give to the curve of the head before its softer silicone stops being comfortable to insert and starts causing issues. As it stands the maximum 1.5 inch girth of the Shilo and its insertable length of 6.25 inches is not only nicely within the expected norms of male anatomy but also very easy to thrust with a sense of unhindered and high-spirited enthusiasm.

As expected the coronal ridge of the Shilo feels like fireworks. Actually, scratch that, it’s better than fireworks. How do I know this? Because I saw my New Year in with the Shilo and the fireworks in the background were about as engaging as watching paint dry compared to the party that was happening in my vagina.

On the topic of materials, the Shilo is made from 100% silicone and is therefore phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. This silicone is not as soft and squishy as that from Vixen Creations, but it does come close. I actually prefer the Shilo to my VixSkin toys too (heresy, I know) as its slightly firmer form does provide more stimulation and generally feels less grabby and attracts less dust and lint. Not that this would matter, as the Shilo is dishwasher friendly and very easy to clean, but it’s still nice not to have every single fleck of dust somehow find its way to my cock (especially seeing as this is a packer).

The surface of the Shilo is matte and has enough drag to really emphasize its every design element. One unexpected element of the Shilo’s surface and density from my perspective was just how fantastic it is for blowjobs too.

When I first licked the surface of my Shilo it was as a little flirtatious move to entice Mr Peaches, but I immediately found myself drawn in by just how pleasant the Shilo feels for this task. No. Not pleasant. Mesmerising. Once my mouth made first contact I immediately felt compared to explore the Shilo further and did so with undivided enjoyment. I will say that the Shilo’s head-to-shaft transition is too drastic for me to fluidly deep-throat this particular dildo but for sucking and teasing the head oh my god. I would use no other dildo.

Of course, flexibility is what ties this dildo together and the Shilo truly does bend to an impressive degree and maintains its shape effectively. Granted, it’s not as good as something like the Crescendo for this, but it does take a different approach and it’s achieved a lot with its own methods.

You can shape this packer to meet your needs.

I often intuitively shape the Shilo to meet my needs and it has never once let me down. The whole process is as natural as sucking the Shilo’s shaft for me—that is, to say, incredibly so.

The result is orgasms on my terms, to my preference, without compromise. If I were to write a song about the orgasms that this dildo gives me it would be a power rock ballad: One of those Meatloaf extended edition songs that goes on for ages and yet constantly swells with a dynamism that keeps the energy going. I’d be holding those long notes, hitting the highs, and generally pouring my whole heart in to it. That’s how brilliant the Shilo feels during penetrative use.

Packing-wise the Shilo also feels rather comfortable to me, though I do have to admit that it’s not my preferred packer, especially for prolonged use. This is because the base of the Shilo is still quite firm (a necessity to some degree) and this makes longer use a bit too much for me. This can also be a bit irksome during harnessed-use but not more than most other dildos, and certainly less than some of the firmer ones.

When it comes to packing with the Shilo I also highly recommend Artemisia Femmecock’s packing video and post on the Shilo. It’s magical.

Finally, the accessibility of the Shilo is something I simply must mention…although it’s actually a downside as well as a plus.

Every toy has its downsides.

In terms of conventional accessibility the Shilo goes above and beyond by providing 4 different skin tones to choose from and a variety of fun colored cocks too. This should be the norm but it’s often not and so the Shilo acts as a brilliant packer for those who feel excluded by some more mainstream (read: limited and race-dismissive) packers.

I personally adore the colors of my Shilo but I also feel reassured by the fact that if I did want to rock a more natural looking packer then the Shilo really does have my back in every regard.

Well…almost every regard.

As I said ‘accessibility’ really is a pro and a con for the Shilo, at least if you’re living in the UK. We really don’t have any reliable stockists for the Shilo and it speaks volumes that I got my Shilo from an Australian company as opposed to any other.

The Shilo is also an undeniably pricey purchase which simply may not be available to everyone. Of course in this case you get what you pay for and the Shilo is worth every single bit of its RRP, but that doesn’t make the sting any less real (or impossible) for some.

Ideally we’d have packers that were more accessible (and this is something The Slinky Minx also feels passionate about) but, for now, allow me to at least reassure you that the Shilo is worth saving for and is incredibly durable and fit for purpose. This truly is an affirming product and it makes things that were previously inconceivable or downright clunky suddenly feel natural and extremely arousing.

Of course, the other downsides to the Shilo are personal preference. If you dislike soft or matte silicone then the Shilo won’t meet your needs. Equally if you need a straight-shafted toy or one without a prominent coronal ridge then the Shilo is worth giving a miss. These are the only instances in which I would dissuade potential buyers from getting the Shilo, though, as in every other regard it performs outstandingly.

Final Thoughts

Is there anything better than a dream dildo that provides an even dreamier reality?

Yes, the Shilo just made me say ‘dreamy’, like an extra from Grease, but I don’t care. There really is no better way to describe the effectiveness and bliss that the Shilo provides for me (besides, I could totally rock a poodle skirt with this packer).

If you want a hard packer and you like a good coronal ridge then there really is no better option out there. The Shilo is the pinnacle and I feel so grateful to own this toy and be able to experience what it has to offer.

Recommend to:

People who want a multi-purpose packer.

People who like a prominent coronal ridge.

Blowjob enthusiasts.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike strong coronal ridges.

People who prefer fully firm/soft packers.

People who dislike matte silicone.

The New York Toy Collective Shilo was provided to me by The Slinky Minx in exchange for an honest review.