Update: It’s a New Year Revolution!

Hello my lovely readers!

2017 is actually here. Wow. I mean, wow.

Congratulations for surviving. Truly.

When I was reflecting on the previous year this morning I could hardly believe it. Having done over 200 reviews was mind-boggling enough for me but last year also saw me drastically change my level of health & fitness, hand in my PhD thesis, and organize an international conference, all while connecting with so many great companies and (of course) you guys.

A Brief Life Update

My Viva Voce will be happening at the end of this month, which is essentially a defense of my thesis. From there all that’s needed is corrections and I should (in theory) get my Doctorate. *Mind blown*

Last year I also found out that I was allergic to hazelnuts (fun times) and that sex without socks can be a lot of fun. Who knew? (Mr Peaches, apparently).

But enough about my personal life, there are so many other things to talk about.

Amazing Occurrences

Firstly allow me to officially announce that I will be attending Eroticon this year thanks to my amazing sponsor, Knicker Rocker Glory. A huge thank you to Knicker Rocker Glory for providing me with this opportunity!

I’ll also be part of a panel at Eroticon addressing sexual health and its relationship to physical and mental well-being, so please do attend if you can. If not then don’t worry, I’ll be posting a report up afterwards (and tweeting manically during).

2016 also saw the formation of the adult content creative collective #TeamAmazeballs.

If you haven’t heard of us then please do go here for more details but, essentially, #TeamAmazeballs provides a platform for those who frequent the adult blogging community to trade content and host it on each other’s sites in an effort to promote community spirit and diversity. It’s something I’m so happy to be part of and I think it deserves a fair bit of attention.

I’m also so incredibly excited to give a shout out to the up-and-coming Australian retailer, The Slinky Minx, who has undergone a site re-haul this year and launched their very own blog.

The Slinky Minx is run by the ever-sensational Narelle—a trained adult educator who specializes in the creation of safe spaces for trans-related individuals and anyone else who wishes to explore their sexuality or gender identity without judgement or shame.

What I love about Narelle’s site is that she champions artisan products and is essentially bringing these brands to Australia. If you live down under then you definitely need to hit Narelle up.

Svakom Billy Giveaway Winners

Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that my Svakom Billy Vibrator giveaway ended yesterday. This giveaway involved 10 individual Svakom Billys which could be won by you wonderful lot.

I’m happy to announce that the winners are as follows:











Congratulations to all of you! An email has been sent to all of you.

A HUGE thank you to Tracy’s Dog for giving me the prizes for this giveaway too.

As for those who didn’t win. Usually I’d be sending an apology your way but this time I have some brilliant news.

We may have added a second on to the time but here at Emmeline Peaches Reviews we’re doing the time warp and giving away yet another 10 Svakom Billy Vibrators. Yes 10 more of these vibrators are up for grabs.

Consider this your second chance for anyone who missed out previously and please do go and give Tracy’s Dog some love for their generosity.

All you need to do is enter down below. This time I’d love to know what you’re hoping to see from me in the New Year, so please do take advantage of that entry. General hopes, simple remarks, in-depth criticism, all are welcome and count equally.

The Svakom Billy Time Warp

(Do check out the bottom of this post for the terms and conditions as well).

So What’s Next?

Good question!

If I’m being completely honest life seems like a bit of a blur right now. However I was incredibly struck by these inspirational words by Everyday Feminism editor Melissa Fabello in a recent article on body positive activisim in the midst of the New Year weight-goal trend:

It’s time for us to stop setting New Year’s resolutions altogether and to start setting revolutions instead — to, rather than resolving ourselves to ‘self-improvement’ defined by systems set up to oppress us, revolt against them…You just need to resolve yourself to living the life you imagine –- in exactly the skin you’re already in. You’d be amazed at how that mental shift can be the best choice you’ve ever made in terms of health and happiness.

So what is the revolution that I’m hoping to lead this year? Simple:


Honestly has always been a core policy of Emmeline Peaches Reviews but this year I really ant to cultivate and explore this theme and to keep it at the core of my personal and professional ethos.

This will involve championing more companies that I feel are most strongly aligned with sex positive goals, promoting sex and body positivity in whatever means I can, and cultivating a sense of authenticity in everyone around me through virtue of my own actions.

It will also involve (at some point) a rethinking of my own site and what I want from it (so trust me when I say that your giveaway feedback will be immensely helpful).

On a personal note I want to engage more with the adult community and with you, my lovely readers. This will involve more time on social media and some huge upcoming projects.

Equally it will also involve being honest with myself when it comes to my mental and physical well-being and my own limits. As part of this I’ve decided to join Adriene Mischler’s own #YogaRevolution and invite you to do the same.

On a blogging note I’ve decided that each month from now on will have its own underlying theme that ties in with this overarching notion of authenticity. For January the theme is Self Acceptance: The ability to accept where your mind and body are in the moment and to accept who you are.

I’ll be getting involved with this myself thanks to Shop Naughty, who have provided me with this amazing Heart For Yourself 100 day motivational set. I’ve been posting my daily progress with this on Twitter and Instagram so do follow along with me. Expect a review of the product soon too!

I’ll be doing daily self care as part of a very unique review for Shop Naughty.

A photo posted by Emmeline Peaches (@emmelinepeaches) on

I also want to do more articles, more interviews, and generally be more completely and utterly out there for you. Oh, and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. I have taken getting there up as my 2017 quest.

So here were are at the start of the year.

Expect a new review very soon and, in the meantime, enter my latest giveaway, visit all of the wonderful sites included, comment on this post, let me know if you’d be interested in a monthly newsletter. I’m open to anything this year! As long as I move forward with authenticity I’m hoping that I will end 2017 on a high and I encourage all of you to do the same.

Until the next review!


Svakom Giveaway Terms & Conditions

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