Toy Review: The Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager (Multi-Mode)

I may be a vegan as of this year but mention wands and I suddenly become Cruella de Vil.

Wands, darling! I live for wands! I worship wands. After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t?

Of course at that point logical Emmeline is there in my brain to remind me that, yes, many woman may dislike wands, and many men or non-binary individuals may love or hate them. People have different preferences and, outside of that, not all wands are created equal. Some are exceptional. Some are truly terrible.

The wand itself may be an iconic as a sex toy but there can still be some duds along the way, after all.

The Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager (Multi-Mode) is not a dud. Far from it, this wand is actually pretty damned awesome.

I wouldn’t call it my favourite wand, but it certainly holds its own as wands go and I can’t wait to tell y’all more about it.

So let’s dive right in to this review!

The Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager (Multi-Mode)

The Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager (Multi-Mode) is a traditional mains powered wand massager with more than enough oomph to keep most people satisfied.

This wand is simply super!

What makes wands so special? Well, as external massagers wands appeal to most people’s natural method of orgasm. I mean, just think about it—as much as 80% of vagina-owners struggle to reach orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Clitoral stimulation for any of these individuals is a must. Meanwhile those with a penis are naturally dabbling in external play most of the time (with some joyfully added anal excursions, of course). Wands, therefore, manage to appeal to those areas that tend to get us most hot and bothered (in the best way possible, of course).

Wands such as the Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager also have a design element to them which is incredibly appealing for some. It’s the hefty visage of the wand and its practically broad head which manages to penetrate deeply into the body without ever needing to actually be inserted in to the body.

The Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager’s head has a circumference of 7.8 inches, giving it an impressive amount of surface area for really disseminating its vibrations across whatever area it is placed upon. For me that area was the vulva and I have to say that the dimensions of the Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager felt very accommodating. Not so large that I couldn’t insert a dildo during use, but large enough to provide generous coverage, this wand provided a degree of comfort which made using it near-effortless in terms of head placement.

A broad head should appeal to a broad amount of people.

The head of this wand is made of ultra-smooth silicone, which is matte in its finish and feels wonderfully smooth. Never has this toy retained any dust or lint and that is incredibly reassuring—especially as this mains powered toy is (lamentably) not waterproof. This is mildly concerning, because there are small open vent-like areas near the bottom of the head, but I’m confident enough in the design of this toy and my personal cleaning abilities to trust that it is hygienic.

Meanwhile the firm handle of this toy is made from ABS plastic and helps to make up the 13 inches of this wand. Both ABS plastic and silicone are non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe, making them a great material for wand use.

In terms of the mains power for this wand I personally had to use an adapter (having received mine from the wonderful Australian company, JouJou) but it is possible to get different plugs for this product too. I don’t feel like this detracted from the power of my product at all but if it did then, ho boy, this toy may have even more of a kick to it.

As it stands the Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager has great vibrations, easy-to-use controls and a nice variety of patterns and intensity combinations.

To be more specific the +,-, and pattern buttons that make up the controls for this vibrator give access to eight different power and intensity levels for 64 different combinations in total. This certainly isn’t something to sniff at, especially if you’re a pattern junkie. As most of you know I’m certainly not, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate the option being available to me, nor the control I had over the continual vibrations.

Speaking of the continual vibrations, they really are a brilliant example of a wand done right. While not the rumbliest vibrations that I’ve ever experienced, the vibrations from the Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager are deep, powerful, and rarely need to be on the highest setting to provide intense climaxes.

I have never once been let down by this wand—never had an orgasm that was anything short of wholly satisfying and entirely what I expect (and want) from a good wand. The rumble of this wand is nice and thumpy, providing an almost juddering sensation. And, yes, this does get more rapid and buzzy as the intensity goes up, but it never loses that undertone of judder that gives it the kick needed to allow it to truly earn its status as an ‘Original’ wand.

I personally found the controls very easy to use during my play sessions and would tend to stay on the 3-4 setting, which is testament to just how satisfying the vibrations can be. For those who like things gentler then you may also be relieved to know that the milder settings on this wand are perhaps some of the nicest in terms of rumble while still respecting some people’s desire to keep things at a lighter level of play.

When it comes to downsides this wand has very few too.

As I mentioned before, perhaps one of the biggest downsides of a wand like this is that it’s not waterproof and therefore needs to be reliably wiped clean. Call me a spoilt sex toy brat but I am faaar too used to the assurance of waterproof toys to ever be 100% okay with this drawback nowadays. I simply expect more.

In her best Tommy Wiseau voice: Why, Bodywand, WHY!?

Mr Peaches and I also found that the handle of this wand could be awkward to position if we were lying close, though this could be said of all straight-shafted wands.

Then, of course, you have the fact that this toy is mains powered to begin with. Like it or not, some people simply cannot get along with having a cord interject in their sex sessions, even if that cord is 3 meters long. If you know you’re one such person then it might be worth looking at a different Bodywand product. Having now experienced the power that this brand are capable of multiple times I feel confident in sending people their way.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve probably guessed by now I recommend this product, but where exactly does it sit for me?

Well, in terms of wands overall there are still a few that I rate higher. But when it comes to standard-sized, mains powered wands then the Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager would probably pop into my head as one of the best ones on the market.

This is a wand that I strongly believe is worth investing in and I feel like it delivers on every single piece of currency invested in it. If you want to spoil yourself to a mains powered wand then let this be it and celebrate it style.

Recommend to:

People who like rumbly vibrations.

Power queens.

Pattern lovers.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer cordless vibes.

People who like pin-point stimulation.

People who dislike any buzz.

The Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager was provided to me by JouJou in exchange for an honest review.