Product Review: The Skyn Maximum Performance Silicone Lubricant

Silicone lubricants aren’t my default. This is mainly due to the huge array of sex toys that I use and my intense paranoia when it comes to mixing silicone lubricant with silicone toys. Some companies have now come out saying that pure silicone toys should be compatible with pure silicone lube but old habits are hard to shake. I still salute solo magpies too.

But sometimes Mr Peaches and I want to go at it for the long haul. Alternatively we might be going for a firm session and seeking some extra buffer. In those instances it’s hard to justify constantly grabbing for a water-based top-up (especially when most toys are usually either gone or securely inserted by that point).

It’s in such instances that a good silicone lubricant really does come in handy and, surprise, surprise, this lubricant certainly meets this description.

The Skyn Maximum Performance Silicone Lubricant

The Skyn Maximum Performance Silicone Lubricant does exactly what you’d hope it would do. Over time I have come to expect high standards from Skyn and they have always been met, so this is perhaps no surprise in this case either. But this doesn’t detract from the effectiveness of this lubricant, which is certainly worth acknowledgement.

This lubricant performs well.

One of the truly great things about silicone lubricant is that those with sensitive skin have the option to keep things simple when it comes to silicone. This lubricant is fragrance-free, preservative-free, lacks parabens, and is non-sticky. There are only 2 ingredients in this lubricant, making it about as minimal as you can get and therefore pretty compatible with most bodies. I’ve personally never had an issue with this lubricant (and the same goes for most silicone lubes).

The Skyn Maximum Performance Lube is completely flavor free, although it does have a natural warmth to it that exists independent of any sensation ingredients or specific effect. It’s simply my impression of the lubricant as I taste it—the natural lukewarm temperature that this lube likes to take on, if you will. This does make the Skyn Maximum Performance Lube suitable for oral use, though using it specifically for such a task would be a bit redundant.

When it comes to consistency the Skyn Maximum Performance Lube isn’t your average slick and thin silicone lubricant. Oh no. Instead it goes for the wonderful thick and almost creamy consistency which is rarer among silicone lubes. This makes the Skyn Maximum Performance Lube feel particularly heavy and decadent during use. You definitely know it’s there and its presence acts as somewhat of an aphrodisiac as it mentally tempts you with what lies ahead—with the thought of what you applied it for it the first place.

This does work extraordinarily well for particularly vigorous sessions, although it doesn’t feel quite as efficient and lightweight for longer sessions. I say ‘feel’ here because it is just a feeling. When actually applied for the long haul this lubricant more than performs, it simply gives the initial impression that it may not be because of its density. Then again this could be due to my familiarity with thinner silicone lubricants. Other users may find the Skyn Maximum Performance Lube much more inviting and mentally geared towards swift and long motions.

You can barely see this lube when applied to a surface but its thickness in person is undeniable.

In terms of sensation the Skyn Maximum Performance Lube provides a lovely, delicately powdered sensation which feels utterly luxurious. When applying it the sensation is almost like stroking a richly nourishing oil in your skin—something you might find in a private bath house or on the shelves of Harrods. Thankfully this lubricant is much less opulent in terms of pricing, typically coming in under £10 at most supermarkets. And, yes, this is one of those rare awesome lubricants which has managed to secure a place in high street supermarkets here in the UK. I could almost swoon with appreciation when I see it in my local stores.

As of yet this lubricant hasn’t let me down. It is easy to distribute (thanks to its cap design), easy to spread, lasts a very long time, and comes with its own sensation which managed to carve out its own niche in an over-saturated market. I haven’t seen any substantial stains occur from using this lube and it’s easy enough to wipe away without leaving an itchy or sticky area of skin. What more could you want?

Well some people might want a thinner silicone lube, in which case the Skyn Maximum Performance Lube is not going to suit their preferences. The same can be said for those who prefer water or oil-based lubricants, or those seeking a lubricant which feels lightweight, despite having a gel-like consistency. The Skyn Maximum Performance Lube can’t really deliver in any of these elements of personal preference.

But in terms of objective downsides there really aren’t many that I can lobby against the Skyn Maximum Performance Lube. I suppose depending on how much lubricant you use the thickness of this product can, at times, feel like it detracts a tiny amount from the finer details of each other’s natural form, but this is very, very mild.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed this lubricant. It’s not necessarily anything special, nor has it converted me to using silicone lubricants more frequently (outside of testing, that is) but it has helped expand my notion of why some people do prefer silicone lube.

Ultimately I reach for this lube when I know that the toys have gone away and Mr Peaches has something planned, but it’s not a go-to by any means.

This perhaps makes it the most ‘disappointing’ of the Skyn products on my list but that’s kind of like saying of all the precious gemstones in my collection this one is placed slightly in the back. It’s still precious. It’s still good. And it’s still worth displaying as something to recommend. So feel free to check this lube out when dabbling with silicone lubricants. I can imagine that it at least provides an affordable and accessible option for those exploring what’s on the market.

Recommend to:

People who like thick lubricants.

People who like silicone lube.

People who like long sex sessions.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who use a lot of toys.

People who like lightweight lubes.

People who like feeling every touch.

The Skyn Maximum Performance Lubricant was provided to me by Skyn in exchange for an honest review.