Product Review: The Ultimate Lube Stimulating Lube

Hi everyone! Mr Peaches here,

As a special festive treat I’m writing this review instead of the lovely Emmeline (who, I think we can all agree is a hard act to follow but deserves a rest every now and then).

Speaking of some much needed R&R, it’s not a great time of year for it, is it? Come the festive season many of us find ourselves under huge amounts of stress. What with shopping, cooking, hosting kids off of school and a thousand other things. It is therefore no surprise that all this stress can leak into our sex lives as well. Difficulty performing or being aroused isn’t an uncommon problem. However, there are products out there to help and sensation lubricants are a great way to try something new and blow off some stress in the process.

So what might I be reviewing today, I hear you ask? Well I’ll tell you. Today I’m talking about sensation lube. The Ultimate Lube Stimulating Lube, to be more specific.

A bold name for sure, but does the product live up to it at all?

The Ultimate Lube Stimulating Lube

The Ultimate Lube is part of the Ultimate range, which is focused around male products designed to prolong erection and improve sensation during sex. From delay cream and spray, to semen boosters and enhancement pills (more on them later in a later review) the Ultimate range has something to help enhance most penis owner’s sex lives.

This is a lubricant I can recommend.

The Ultimate Lube is marketed as a sensation enhancing lubricant, which claims to boost erection size and strength thanks to its fast acting ingredients. The lubricant is water-based and condom safe and manages to provide a warming sensation when applied. Because of this the Ultimate Lube should be use externally and those with sensitive skin should test this lubricant on a less intimate area of their body before going for the gold. The instructions suggest trying the inner side of the upper arm and I can agree with this.

The lubricant itself is a little watery compared to something like Sliquid Sassy but as the goal of this lubricant is to spread all over your skin this isn’t a draw back at all. I find that it doesn’t have too strong a scent, it kind of smells like aloe vera which wouldn’t be a surprise, as its one of the ingredients.

It looks thinner in real life. I promise. (Emmeline: No. It really doesn’t)

I find that when I use this lubricant the watery nature allows it to spread evenly over my member and gets into those very sensitive areas under my head that a thick lubricant might not be able to. During sex I can feel the warming effect of the lubricant which most definitely adds to my vigor. Climaxes are slow building but very strong and fulfilling.

There’s also another thing that I think really sells this lubricant in my eyes and that is combined use with a textured toy, such as the Tenga Zen for example. The texture along with this lubricant is divine. I rarely have climaxes with toys where I’m bucking my hips but this is one of those combinations where such compulsive magic just manifests. I strongly suggest every guy give it a go.

As for taste, I would advise against trying to ingest this lubricant as it does not taste very nice at all. In fact the web page for this product states that this lubricant is not suitable for oral sex and in case you hadn’t noticed I totally agree with this. So the message here is seriously either eat up before using this lube (and no, I’m not talking about a quick pre-sex snack) or have a quick rinse off before you do anything oral because this stuff doesn’t taste good.

Speaking of ingredients there are a lot of them. If I was to compare this to another sensation lubricant like Sliquid Sizzle, which has 7 ingredients, the Ultimate Lube has 16 listed ingredients which seems like a lot to me. These ingredients are as follows:

Aqua (Purified Water), Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, PPG-1-PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Glucose, Menthol, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice, Passiflora incarnate (passionflower) flower extract, Panax ginseng root extract, Sorbitol, Nelumbo nucifera (lotus blossom) flower extract, Oenothera biennis (evening primrose) seed extract, Glucose oxidase, Lactoperoxidase.

However, this is not unexpected as the Ultimate Lube is supposed to more than just tingle during sex.

This lubricant sends a lovely warming sensation down my shaft which feels very nice and although I’m not sure it increases my size it most definitely increases the strength of my climaxes. If you’re curious as to how a lubricant can change the size of your penis, Ultimate have the following explanation:

Ultimate Lube gives men the ability to boost their erection size and strength within minutes thanks to its deeply penetrating fast-acting ingredients. This means that moments after application to the shaft and head of the penis, the proprietary stimulating ingredients absorb into the skin and begin to draw extra blood into the penis chambers, helping form an erection and boosting overall capacity.

So in short, this lubricant not only gives extra sensation during sex but helps to get and maintain an erection. However I’ve made a lot about the benefits for penis-owners in this review. The webpage for the Ultimate Lube also markets this product towards women (although this is a very tiny mention in the description section of this product). And as I don’t have the bits needed to talk about how it feels for a woman, I’ll give Emmeline a little spotlight here:

Hi y’all! Did you miss me? Even at the holidays I can’t take a rest. Not fully at least. Let’s just say I love you all too much. Now, the Ultimate Lubricant.

I’ll be honest here and say that, knowing my sensitive skin I was incredibly apprehensive about using this lubricant, and with good reason. It does verge on burning for me so I discontinued use pretty quickly.

That being said I do still have a few observations to add to Mr Peaches’ insights.  The first is that, in terms of thickness I personally considered the Ultimate Lube to be thicker than Sliquid Sassy. In fact I’d say it’s almost gel-like (although it does become a bit thinner when spread out. I do agree with Mr Peaches that it nice and easy to spread, which is a huge plus.

Now in his section Mr Peaches that this lubricant tasted foul and should be avoided. But, of course, he’s far too sensible to be taste-testing it himself in any substantial way. That’s where a lube-obsessed maniac like me comes in handy.

The Ultimate Lube starts out with a minty taste that is very similar to a menthol sweet. At this point it doesn’t seem too terrible at all, but then a sudden chemical taste comes in with a kick as strong as an aggravated mule. Then comes this horrible artificial aqua flavor. It kind of reminded me of the worst of London water (for those who have that frame of reference). In general not nice.

This is accompanied by the sensation element, which chills your mouth in a similar way to some mouth washes. This isn’t as aggravating as the taste but it’s certainly to be avoided.

Taste and my personal experiences aside I really enjoyed the way that this lubricant enhanced Mr Peaches’ sexual experiences. I could certainly tell the difference in terms of enjoyment and, yes, even firmness. Some of the experiences we’ve had with it have been truly exceptional. There may have been a lot of bodily fluids involved. Just maybe.

But, let’s face it, those ingredients are hardly user-friendly. At least not universally. As Mr Peaches said, if you have sensitive skin then avoid this lube. If you morally object to any of the ingredients included then you also have my full support too. Keep championing the safer sex cause. Y’all rock!

Thank you my sweet!

Resuming on another aside I’ve found that since using this lubricant that the skin of my penis is softer and hydrated so it’s possible this lubricant might also work as a fun moister?

Are there any down sides? Why yes. The watery nature of this lubricant can means it’s very difficult to control and gets into places it shouldn’t. This lube doesn’t work as a anal lubricant and, in my experience, you can expect a bit of burning if you try and use it as such. While on the topic of it spreading everywhere, after sex the areas that were lubricated are sensitive for a while after and remain uncomfortably sticky unless cleaned thoroughly. Now neither of these are a bad thing however if your going have to dash afterwards then these aren’t ideal situations.

Final Thoughts

So I’ll wrap this up now, do I like this lubricant? Yes. Personally I find it to be one of the best sensation-based lubricants I’ve tried.

I do find the number of ingredients a tad concerning, however they are all standard stuff (at least when it comes to what I’m okay with using).

I do honestly think this lube is great and for anyone having problems with erections (either getting or maintaining) and I would fully suggest giving this a try if this is your experience. I personally will most likely get another tube when I’m done with this one as the sensation is great. Now if only they could improve the taste…

Recommend to:

People that have erection problems.

People that like sensation lubricants.

People that want to add an extra flare to their toying sessions.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with sensitive skin.

People that don’t like external play.

People that don’t have time to shower after sex.

The Ultimate Lube was provided to us by Planet Earth Wholesale in exchange for an honest review.