Product Review: Sh! Pure Lube 250ml

There are some products that I wish I had more time to use, and some I would rather never think about again. Then there are the rare few that I use every damned day, no matter what other products are on the tester agenda for that day.

The Sh! Pure Lube falls firmly in to the latter category and I think it’s about time I let y’all know why.

Sh! Pure Lube

The Sh! Pure Lube is Sh!’s very own lubricant brand made as a body-safe choice for anyone who wants to add a bit of slide ‘n ride to their bedroom activities. If you find that to be a bit of a cheesy descriptions for a lubricant—or a bit tongue-in-cheek—then I must apologize. But, you see, the lovely people over at Sh! are so friendly, so unashamedly enthusiastic about sex, and so bubbly that I can’t help but feel a bit playful just thinking about the Sh! Store and the wonderful people who founded it and work there.

Every time I go in to Sh! I’m greeted with incredible warmth and offered a cup of tea while I browse. Advice is readily given without judgement or shame by staff that truly care about their customer’s sexual health and satisfaction. This translates in to the Sh! Pure Lube, which is completely in keeping with the overall ethos and ambiance of Sh! This is my friendly lube—my at-ease lube. If this lube had a personality then I’ve no doubt it would also be offering me a cup of tea, as I lay myself down to enjoy my next masturbation session.

The Sh! Pure Lube is a water-based lubricant, making it suitable for use with condoms and pretty much all sex toys. This particular formula is made for general usage, but if you want to explore anal-play then Sh! also offer a Pure Plus option, which is more suited to such activities. That being said, I have personally used this lubricant for anal on multiple occasions without issue, so I consider this lubricant diverse enough for pretty much any sexual situation.

In terms of ingredients the Sh! Pure Lube is made from the following:

Aqua, Glycerin, Propyleneglycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

Granted, this isn’t the most ‘natural’ looking list of ingredients (and some can raise concern for those who are prone to skin irritation) but I have never had a bad reaction with the Sh! Pure Lube despite having very sensitive skin. But we’ll get back to ingredients further in to this review.

One of the things I adore most about the Sh! Pure Lube is its bottle. Or, to be more specific, its dispenser. Going for a pump-top design, the Sh! Pure Lube is incredibly easy to squirt out at any given moment, distributing a near-perfect amount of lube. It doesn’t matter if you’re hands are already a bit slippery. It doesn’t matter if you’re rushing a tad more than you should. The Sh! Pure Lube has your back and will allow you to decide just how many squirts is right for you.

The Sh! Pure Lube itself is a wonderfully thick formula that isn’t quite gel-like but neither is it thin or runny. It holds a certain amount of dignity which allows it to sit comfortably on the skin and spread with relative ease. This lubricant has that ‘hydrating’ sensation that some water-based lubricants possess and I always feel confident that the Sh! Pure Lube with keep my sex friction-free and my sex toys refined with a slight layer of lube to buffer their contact with my skin.

Sh! Pure Lube does have a slight chemical aroma to it, but this is only apparent when held very close to the nose. In terms of taste the Sh! Pure Lube has a subtle, almost fruity undertone to it which makes it suitable for oral sex (though not specifically intended for it). If you require absolutely no odor or taste from your lubricant whatsoever then these gentle offerings might irritate you, but I’ve yet to encounter a water-based lubricant which was devoid of all scent and flavor.

Although I do use this lubricant for sex on some occasions its daily use is actually reserved to sexual health and wellness practices, for which this lubricant is a perfect complement. Taking up residence on my bathroom shelf, this is the lubricant that I reach for when inserting my Kegel8 System. It’s the lube that I squirt onto my folded menstrual cup before sliding it in to my body. And, when I’m feeling bold, it’s handy to have to hand for some anal adventures.

Why is this lube so well-catered to these particular activities? Well firstly this lubricant retails at a ridiculously affordable £10 per bottle and lasts for absolutely ages. I do have to wonder if the ladies at Sh! aren’t practicing some form of sorcery to keep my lube a’flowing for so long before I need to make another purchase.

The pump-cap tends to distribute the perfect amount for something like a menstrual cup or kegel trainer, making the whole application process quick and easy, and the fact that I can just pump the cap while holding a folded cup or prong with my other hand is, again, very convenient. And, of course, because of its design this lubricant looks incredibly at home in a bathroom. Remove the label and someone could easily confuse this lube for a bottle of liquid soap (though, for the love of god, don’t let them use it as such!).

These elements combine to make one amazing lubricant which happily accommodates most people’s sexual activities with ease. I can’t imagine using a different daily lube any time soon and highly value the inclusion of Sh! Pure Lube in my life.

Despite this, the ingredients in the Sh! Pure Lube do bother me a tad.

…Okay, a lot.

The most worrying by far has to be Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, which is linked to reduced fertility and skin irritation, and that’s putting things mildly. For a more extensive look at Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate please see this article.

If Sh! could change this ingredient in particular then I’d be a much happier Peach and generally feel safer about what I’m applying to my body.

Final Thoughts

The Sh! Pure Lube may not be for everyone (given its ingredients) but its consistency, convenience, and comprehensiveness make it a top pick for daily use as far as I’m concerned.

If you like the sound of the Sh! Pure Lube then I can certainly recommend it, safe in the knowledge that it will most likely serve you well.

Recommend to:

People who like thicker lubes.

People who like that hydrating sensation.

People looking for a ‘lube of all trades’.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thin lubes.

People with concerns over the ingredients.

People who prefer silicone lubricant.