Product Review: The Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant

Is it possible for a lubricant to be your favorite thing to consume?

It’s an odd situation when your answer to “What’s your favorite thing to eat?” shifts from “Lentil Ragu” to “Mr Peaches with a fair slathering of Cinnamon lube” but, hey, life works in mysterious ways. Besides, one answer is far more intriguing than the other (if not considered a bit cruder, but who wants to be completely refined anyway?)

It’s also not often that a lubricant comes along that I’m completely and utterly smitten with from the very first taste, but the Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant has earned this high status. From the moment I placed this lubricant on my tongue my senses were ignited and my body invigorated. This lubricant is addictive, effective, and utterly and completely consuming. I don’t think I’ve ever approached a flavored lube with such enthusiasm before, and I’m generally known for being an oral enthusiast. Make of that what you will.

The Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant

Intimate Earth are a brand I was mostly unaware of until recently, and what a great shame this is! Intimate Earth use the slogan ‘Love Naturally’ and provide an entire range of serums, lubricants, and massage oils with organic ingredients and a focus on zero parabens, zero bezocaine, zero animal-derived glycerine, and zero aspartame. Basically they make their products as body and environmentally friendly as possible, and I adore them for it.

This lubricant is gorgeous. The British weather right now is not (especially for photography).

Where possible their ingredients are organic, in addition to being DEA-free and Vegan. Be still my lube-loving heart.

The Melt Warming Lubricant reflects these very strong ethical values—providing a conventional warming sensation through the unconventional method of using cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract and natural plant-derived glycerin to achieve a warming sensation, in addition to being flavoured for oral exploration. A lot of sensation lubricants use menthol in order to achieve results, but this can be something that irritates the skin—something which Intimate Earth personally highlights when describing this product. By using body-friendly alternatives, Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant have essentially tried to eliminate such issues and work with the body rather than against it.

I personally have incredibly sensitive skin and yet I can personally attest to how completely and utterly accommodating this lubricant felt. Yes—accommodating. When using this lubricant it doesn’t just feel like Intimate Earth has made their product usable for sensitive skin but actively welcoming instead. It’s as if the gentle warming embrace of this lube (which is subtle but present when placed on the genitals) is inviting me to add more; to touch myself more; to explore. Some lubricants have this effect but they’re few and far between. I’m glad this lubricant is one of them.

Consistency helps here.

This lubricant is water based but has a thick and luxurious consistency to it which feels wholly unique and not at all watered down. It’s the type of consistency which provoked descriptions of decadence and slathering sensations. It clings to the body and makes its presence known, making you want to lick it off your fingers and any other area to which it’s applied. It also works incredibly well as a sex toy buffer and general lubricant, provided you don’t lap it all up, that is. Mind you, doing so is a task as this lubricant has a wonderful amount of staying power, making it brilliant for oral use.

In terms of full ingredients the Melt Lubricant has the following to boast:

Glycerin (Plant Derived), Purified Aqua (Water), Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Cinnamon Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Bark Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Fruit Extract, Alcohol.

Though surprisingly you can’t smell much from this lubricant at first. It’s only when up close and personal that the finer nuances of this lubricant can even be guessed in terms of aroma.

No, this lubricant is much more about delights brought about from the mouth rather than the nose, and how utterly exceptional it is at bringing these to light.

This lubricant provides warmth in more ways than one.

From the moment this lubricant hits your tongue it greets you with a growing warmth which immediately spreads from the point of contact and fills the mouth with incredible heat and a sense of growing passion. Cinnamon is the main flavor at play here, and it is incredibly sweet while still managing to remain rich and restrained (never sickly). A slight undertone of ginger can be detected but it is secondary to the brilliance of the cinnamon and the ever-spreading warmth that this lubricant provokes.

It really does feel as if this lubricant is melting in the mouth and it’s hard not to describe this lubricant as ‘juicy’, even though it doesn’t have a fruity flavor to it at all.

I’ve sampled apple and cinnamon steepers in high-class London eateries, indulged in cinnamon gelato from Flortentine ice cream parlors, and purchased richly infused cinnamon churros from local favorites in Mexico and yet this lubricant still owns my passions when it comes to a craving for cinnamon. What’s more, a craving for silicone lubricant is considerably cheaper and comes with the added bonus of oral sex. You really can’t complain about that.

Well, maybe you can just a little…but only in the mildest sense.

Although the Melt Lubricant is very good at warming the mouth during use it is less effective when applied straight to the genitals without and oral activity. It seems the oral element of this lubricant truly is a crucial aspect which brings everything together.

This is, however, an incredibly mild downside, as oral sex-based sensation play is kind of what this lubricant was made for, so it stands to reason that this is where it comes in to full effect.

This lubricant knows how to bring the heat and does so with flare.

People who prefer thinner or slicker lubricants may also find this lube to be a bit too clingy or dense. It is, after all, both of these things and, although it does so effectively, I feel like this could be a downside for some.

People who dislike sweet flavors may also find that this lubricant is simply too saccharine for them. Personally I don’t consider myself to have a huge tolerance for sugary sweet sweets (I only eat dark chocolate, for example) but my tastes may still differ from those of other individuals, so if you can taste test this lube before purchase then I’d advise that you do so.

And, finally, while this lubricant is a perfectly passable normal lube this isn’t where it excels and using it for such a purpose really does feel like a waste. But when that’s mainly because it’s just so well-suited for its primary role then is this really a bad thing?

Oh, I should also mention that this lube seems to last an incredibly long time. I feel like I’ve used so much of it and yet my cup still runneth over with its rich cinnamon offerings. Consider me an Intimate Earth convert.

Final Thoughts

Is there really any doubt about my feelings for this lubricant? I cherish the rich and warming embrace of the Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant in every way and consider it to be the finest example of a lavish and thick warming oral lube done right.

If you like sensation play and the flavor of cinnamon then you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least sample this fantastic offering. It is my greatest hope that you won’t be disappointed.

Recommend to:

People who like thick lube.

People who like sensation play.

People who like cinnamon.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thin lube.

People who prefer cooling/no sensation.

People who dislike cinnamon.

The Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant was kindly provided by my sponsors Peepshowtoys in exchange for an honest review. Use the code PEACHES to get 10% off your purchase and please do consider doing so via the affiliate links in this post.