Erotic Offerings: Under the Stars

Image credit: Jonathan.vail, flickr.
Image credit: Jonathan.vail, flickr.

Stray twigs cracked under David’s boots as he carefully stepped through the woodlands, sure footed on the path. With every step he pitched down his walking stick firmly, providing a steady way forward. Katie was keeping pace but her breath was becoming increasingly labored.

‘We’re almost there’ she panted, ‘at least that’s what I can decipher from this ancient technology’.

‘Awww, someone would think you’d never used a map before’ David bantered with faux sympathy.

‘Too right! Who needs a map when SatNav exists?’

‘People like us who are crazy enough to venture in to the signal-free woods’.


In that moment David suddenly heard a tugging followed by a short, swift inhalation. Katie was falling. David knew he had to act fast. Letting go of his stick and hoping his wrist-tie would serve its purpose David swiveled round and reached out with his arms. The familiar weightiness of Katie’s body greeted them, a jolt at first but this soon settled.

‘Thanks’ Katie breathed out in relief. ‘I’m impressed’

‘Me too,’ David confessed. His heart was racing, pounding through his chest. As the heat of the moment faded David could feel his walking stick swaying on his wrist. That’s a relief, he thought.

‘Auditioning for the next Daredevil movie?’ Katie flirted, her tone of voice cheeky but coy.

‘Fuck no,’ David chuckled, ‘I think I’ll leave that train wreck role to Ben Affleck. Now Batman on the other hand…I’d happily take that role off his hands’

Katie affectionately slapped David’s arm in playful jest, letting out a hearty chuckle. It was one of her best features—the perfect display of her free-spirited warmth. David’s arms got lighter as he felt Katie move to stand. He lifted her supportively in kind.

‘Shouldn’t be long now,’ she said, dusting herself off. David firmed up his grip on the rubber handle of the walking stick and strode forward.

After a trek that was longer than promised Katie breathed out a sense of relief and victory. ‘And we’re here’ she said.

‘This is it?’

‘Yup! Apparently it’s the best place in the area for it. Trust me—I checked the Facebook group ahead of time’.

Unconvinced David paused for a moment to take everything in.

The most immediate sound was that of Katie regaining her breath, but it was underpinned by a gentle breeze blowing through the surrounding trees, disturbing their stillness. In the distance he could hear the rushing of running water. Perhaps a waterfall? It was turbulent but rhythmic. Undoubtedly soothing.

Birds let out a familiar chorus but with much more frequency and much less fear. With no need to compete with the ambient noise of the city their chirps sounded much more natural and jubilant.

Huh, whaddaya know; She was right. David thought. He felt himself smile and imagined it must have caught Katie’s eyes.

‘You approve?` she tentatively asserted.

‘I do. It’s lovely here. Thank you’ David softly praised. Sometimes the lengths Katie went to for him still left David’s heart warm and his head light. With her he felt like he was embracing life. He hoped she felt the same.

David heard Katie walk over and was greeted by the heat of her body and a kiss on the cheek. Reaching out he brought her into an affectionate hug and shared in some tender exchanges. Katie let out a gentle moan but pulled back.

‘Let me set up camp first, or I’d only be left doing it in pitch black later’.

‘Oh no. What a tragedy’ David mocked light-heartedly.

‘Hush you! I’ve packed more than just camping gear, as you well know!’ she teased.

David did know. That’s why he taunted her.

David lay back on a fleece blanket taking in the atmosphere as Katie set up camp. The woodland chatter was never the same from moment to moment and yet its soothing effect remained constant.

‘And that’s that’ Katie eventually said. ‘Okay, so let me run you through this’.

David grew slightly tense, sitting up. He could hear Katie backing away from camp as she started taking stock of the area.

‘The tent is directly on your left. Outside I’ve placed a bag, located on the right, which contains toilet roll, toothpaste, soap, a bottle of water…y’know, the essentials. The bag is tied to the tent so it won’t be going anywhere and you’ll always be reaching in the same place. On the other side of the tent there’s a different bag containing flares, a medical kit, and…’

‘Katie’ David interrupted, standing up.

‘What?’ Katie asked, her stride obviously thrown.

‘You don’t have to get so worried about everything,’ he said, walking towards where her voice had been, where her feet still made subtle movements on the ground, ‘I’ll be fine’.

Upon reaching Katie he took up her hands and kissed them softly. They were covered in thick woolly gloves. Reaching out with one hand he found her cheek as he always did and stroked the edge of her face, tracing her features.

He was comforting Katie, of course, but doing so also soothed David. The gentle curves of Katie’s face, the smoothness of her skin, the bumps and pimples of imperfection. When he traced these with his fingers he would always feel at home.

‘I just…I worry. Maybe you were right. Maybe this trip really was too ambitious. There’s a lot of things for you to memorize and…’

David took Katie’s arms and pulled her in for an affirming kiss—the kind that conveys what a person really means with the immediacy that words fail to deliver. As one kiss turned in to a tranquil trail of them David could feel the tension in Katie’s shoulders lessen. Her body relaxed and her breath slowed. Worry had given way to the moment.

This time it was David who pulled away, allowing Katie to process her new state. To take in his non-verbal reassurance.

‘Mhm…’ she purred out in a dreamy lull. ‘I still caught the beginning of nightfall. Not that that’s a bad thing…After all the stars look lovely tonight’.



‘Why don’t you show me?’

Suddenly Katie’s body tensed a bit again. This time eagerly. Her attention had piqued.


David took a risk and begun stepping back until….Perfect—he found the back of the fleece again. Slowly removing his shirt David crouched down and lay on his back. Much to his excitement he could hear Katie moving over. Her footsteps were light, like they always were when she was feeling aroused.

It wasn’t long before he could feel her standing over him. His cock began to swell, his muscles twitching at the teasing presence of Katie hovering above him.

‘I’d be honoured to’ she spoke alluringly, before slowly leaning down to sit on his crotch. His heartbeat increasing David could hear Katie slowly but firmly slide her gloves off, tugging at each finger piece in a methodical tease of his senses.

The light warmth of a finger made contact with his navel.

‘It’s kind of like….this…’ Katie said, leaning her weight up as her fingers slowly dotted over David’s body in erratic, slow, and unexpected ways. Each touch was tender but also persistent. A  marking of the stars just for him.

As Katie made his torso into their shared astrological chart David felt himself get firmer, more swollen. His glans were beginning to slide his foreskin back and he was suddenly very aware of the fabric of his underwear and of Katie’s body weighting down on him. Sat on his crotch, Katie felt it. He knew she did. He could feel her trying to resist clenching too. She was failing.

Katie’s chart became more elaborate and teasing. David knew there was only so much he could take before he’d lose the tender demeanor he wanted to maintain. Taking charge before he lost his plans to the heat of the moment, David allowed his clenching motions to become stronger. Much more noticeable. Katie returned the favor as she started moving her hips.

Rubbing against each other, David felt Katie’s fingers become more abstract as her breath deepened and tender moans flourished from her lips.

Instead of teasing dots and flickers her fingers began sweeping across his torso as if she were sweeping a brush over his skin.

First one..then two…then three.

Her hands began to stroke and caress his torso as David sat himself up and took in the richness of her lips, sampling her audible pleasure, taking in the quality of her heated breath.

With controlled rapaciousness he pulled off her shirt and moved her body in with one hand as he took the other to firmly grasp her breast. Her back arched at his touch. Her curves were exquisite. David traced them with his own hand, taking her entire person in.

Sliding a hand down to meet her back pocket he found more in there than the ass he had been going for.

With little tug out came the silken corner of his discovery. A lace blindfold.

‘Well…I have been oh so good’ Katie uttered in a baby doll tone.

Oh that’s adorable.

There was no question about it—David was upright and ready. His firmness impressed even him. He couldn’t wait until he could share himself with Katie in full force—until he was thrusting inside of her. But first there was something he knew she wanted of him.

‘Stand up. Remove your trousers and then sit back down’ he said firmly.

Katie’s weight lifted almost silently, save for a palpable sense of excitement. Pre-cum was forming at the tip of David’s cock, dampening his underwear. As cloth made impact with the ground Katie’s body slipped back down to his.

‘In this moment we are the same…’ David said, as he took great pains to elegantly slide the blindfold around her eyes and behind her head, gently looping the edges before pulling them tightly into a bow.

‘In this moment we share the same world’.

David stood up, tugging Katie along with him. His penis writhed in his trousers, trying to will itself free, but it wasn’t time yet. Instead David took Katie’s wrists and lifted them above her head, consuming her mouth with ferocious kisses. Katie began to move back and David followed. He trusted her. She had done more than just survey the positioning of the tent, he was sure.

His suspicious were soon confirmed as he felt Katie thump against a sturdy tree, its hardened bark making course impact on his own hands. Oh she’ll love this, David thought deviously as he kept on forcing her back on to the tree using the weight of his body and the mutual persistence of their kisses. Releasing one hand he loosened his trousers and finally tugged his underwear down to expose himself to the environment. The rich, dry air enhanced the natural sensitivity of his swollen glans.

Lifting one of Katie’s legs David allowed his shaft to slap against Katie’s vulva, teasing her with gentle taps and more persistent pounds. As he moved closer to her entrance he felt the familiar external lining of an internal condom. She really did think of everything, he observed fondly.

Some people hated internal condoms but David could never think why. They never seemed overly loud to him, and what noise they did add was like an audible delight—another instrument in the fanfare of fucking. Besides you could feel so much more with an internal condom and David craved Katie’s tight clenches more than anything in that moment.

Allowing Katie to prop her own leg up momentarily, David moved in to kiss her breasts, sucking on her erect nipples as he guided his firm head into her deliciously lubricated vagina. He felt the slick embrace of warm silicone lube perfectly matched with soft, plush flesh. Forcing her thigh back up against the tree David felt Katie grasping at its bark and stroking it vigorously with her own free hand.

Katie’s entire back moved into the abrasive scraping of the bark as David began ramming firmly into her. From his tight grip on her thigh he could feel the swiftness of her pulse, catch the primal moans in her deep, aching breaths. The motion of her body grinding against the tree gave its own accompanying sensation. Like partners in crime, David and the thick trunk of the tree bombarded Katie with a sensory orgy of pleasure and pain.

David was in his own bliss too. Feeling his slick cock moving in and out of Katie’s entrance, he teased his head with each sweeping thrust, teetering at her opening before ramming himself back in, hard and fast. As he began to slow for a moment David could feel Katie’s thigh twitch. Her entire body was starting to quiver, her head was getting heavy, her vaginal muscles taking him in with greater enthusiasm.

Here it comes. David thought happily, delaying himself momentarily before going for a big finish.

Surrendering to their shared moment of darkness and scratching, biting delight, David threw all caution to the wind and begun thrusting with all he had. His own forceful heart beat and rapid breaths spurred him on, like the beating of a drum.

As his thrusts grew more frantic David could feel his balls grow firm and tight as his erect shaft became more taut. One more longing clench from Katie was all he needed. Instead he was greeted with a flurry of spasms as her own body grew heavy with a powerful orgasm. Giving herself to the moment her body trembled and collapsed.

Feeling her dead weight bearing down on his cock David came too. The cum traveled through his shaft in a rush of sensation, followed by a few sputtering motions and the twitching delight that they brought with them.

Sharing a racing heart with Katie, David pulled her in for gasping half-kisses, hindered by exhaustion but alive with passion.

Laying in each others arms, a warming fire crackled nearby. It was different to that of the twigs. More immediate and in the moment.

David felt Katie move a little closer in to his chest while he twirled the frayed edges of her gorgeous hair.

‘Thank you for that’ Katie swooned, her exhale full of a gratitude that rivaled the glowing warmth of the nearby flames.

‘You won’t be thanking me tomorrow’ David chuckled. ‘What with the amount I rammed you up against that tree it’s a good thing you have a first aid kit packed. I might have to use it on you later’ he said, playfully but firmly too. There was no compromise here.

‘Will it sting?’ Katie innocently queried.

‘Most likely’ David replied.

‘….Then can I be blindfolded again for it?’

Amaurophilia, David exalted swiftly through his nose, as a small sort of chuckle. What beautiful unity it can bring between us.

On that fond thought David gently nodded. He felt Katie let out a little gasp of happiness as her grip around his torso tightened in appreciation. As David allowed himself the sensation of the moment he could picture them both lying there: Two sappy lovers about to fuck again under the stars.