Toy Review: The Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug

I was going to start this review by asking if you were fans of handmade sex toys but then I suddenly realized ‘Wait…who isn’t?’

Really, though, who doesn’t want to own a sex toy that is expertly designed, brilliantly executed, and entirely, wholly one of a kind? It’s the stuff of sex toy dreams—some of the most erotic sounding objects that a sex toy connoisseur can own.

But what if you could go further than just having a handmade toy? What if your handmade toy could also come with hand painted, 24k liquid gold decorative features? Well then, you’ve just purchased a Persian Palm.

About Persian Palm

Persian Palm are an Italian pleasure company specializing in one-of-a-kind ceramic creations. Each Persian Palm sex toy is made, glazed, and hand painted in Italy and keeps a Tuscan aesthetic to honor these origins. To own a Persian Palm is to own a unique piece of Italianate pleasure. Such works of erotic art hold the kind of romanticism that I would expect to hear one procure as part of an 18th century Grand Tour and yet here it is, for our own delights in the modern day.

While Persian Palm certainly isn’t the only company to use ceramic as part of their process, they certainly have taken their own approach to it, and seem to value its material qualities highly.

Persian Palm have gone to great lengths to make sure that their products are body safe and well designed to cater for most people’s anatomy. Handcrafted pleasure with a distinct high culture appeal.

 The Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug

Thankfully for us Brits, one no longer needs to take a Grand Tour in order to procure the worldly pleasures that lie across the pond. In fact you don’t even need to face high shipping charges in order to procure your own erotic Italian masterpiece. Velvet Fleurs has you covered—stocking the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug and the Persian Palm Ceramic Dildo too. Kindly, Velvet Fleurs sent the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug my way for review and it is why I feel justified in speaking so highly of this brand—because I know from first-hand experience that these toys are good.

The height of luxury is here and it’s ceramic with 24K gold detailing.

But, before we get in to the particulars, just what makes ceramic such a great (yet woefully underused) sex toy material? Lots of things, if you’d believe it.

While we all have a certain degree of fear when it comes to breaking an elderly relative’s fine ceramic statuette, ceramic is actually a rather sturdy and durable material if handled with the right amount of care and respect. This butt plug is not going to break on you during use and, as long as it’s well-maintained, will last a very long time. Heck, as long as you don’t start lobbing it at walls or marble flooring for fun then this butt plug could very well be with you your entire life. You could even pass it down the line as some sort of bizarre-yet-affectionate family tradition.

“I love your hand-painted golden ceramic butt plug”

“Thanks. It was grandmama’s”

…Doing such a thing might be an acquired taste…but it is an option, and that’s what matters.

If you were to do such a thing (or just share your butt plug generally) you can also be assured with the fact that ceramic dildos, when glazed properly, are non-porous, phthalate and chemical-free, and completely body-safe. Nothing is going to penetrate the pristine surface of your Persian Palm Butt Plug upon purchase, and the golden paint used is non-toxic by default.

Another brilliant benefit to ceramic as a material (especially for anal play) is just how smooth and firm it is. The Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug is unwavering in its firmness and brilliantly glossy sheen and needs very little lubricant to slide in to the body. And, because it’s not silicone, this ceramic butt plug can be used with any lubricant. Just make sure you’re careful if you’re using a vibrator or any other toys with it too.

Ceramic also has a natural heft to it, and the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug plays around with this element of the material by having a rather large and bulbous flared base. This base provides a brilliant counter balance to the main heft of the plug itself and works to distribute the sensations of heaviness in interesting and unprecedented ways. I mean this—I’ve yet to encounter a metal, glass, or ceramic plug that was quite so invested in providing heft from two different places. Only one toy even comes close, and this was through sheer element of aesthetic design.

This toy balances itself out with brilliant form and function.

Not to say that the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug isn’t aesthetically-focused, because it clearly is. The beautiful gold leaf features of my particular plug stand in luxurious contrast to its black surface and have been ornately painted with meticulous attention to detail. If I had a sex toy cabinet this toy would be in it, illuminated by the kind of light that is used to enshrine valuable sculptures in dimly lit gallery rooms. Visually it looks like an object of erotic veneration—like some ritualistic sex sculpture whose mere name can provoke orgasms in those who utter it with enough conviction. As you can probably tell I’m a fan of how it looks.

But what about how it performs?

Well, as soon as I got this toy Mr Peaches practically grappled it out of my possession and kept it close to him for a while. He knew it was a butt plug and, therefore, for him to be the chief tester on and I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic at the prospect of testing something so large. The Persian Pleasure Ceramic Butt Plug comes in at about 7.8 inches and has a maximum insertable circumference of 5.75. Not a toy for the complete beginner, especially considering just how firm and uncompromising ceramic is as a material.

Yet part of what Mr Peaches really loved about the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug is that, to him, it looked like a challenge but an ‘achievable challenge’. This is probably due to the wonderful way in which this butt plug tapers, allowing for an assured sense that you will be able to ease your way in to using it. When using it Mr Peaches definitely did feel the ‘challenge’—as he recounted that the firmness of the ceramic meant that you can really feel it stretching you as you insert it. This he considered to be either a pro or a con depending on your preference. For him it was a clear pro.

In the end he considered it to actually be ‘far less of a shock’ than some of the similarly sized silicone sex toys that he has inserted over the years. The smoothness was a real assistance for him and (much to both of our shock) he could actually feel the subtle difference between ceramic and gold paint when inserted, giving him an additional layer of sensation and a wonderful degree of psychological arousal (the notion of having 24k gold noticeably caressing your insides is a definite turn-on).

Climaxes with the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug were very strong and incredibly enjoyable for Mr Peaches. Part of this, he told me, was due to the sense of reward you got when finally inserting this toy fully—as intermediate users, such as himself, will have to take things slower and thus there is a longer build-up of pleasure.

The only big downside can also be an upside depending on your desires and anatomy.

His only real downsides with the toy were that the base, due to its design, is faaar too big to be comfortably worn out and about and certainly isn’t subtle in any way. This is a toy that rightfully declares its presence in every way possible, and users simply have to respect that or find a different plug more suited for discretion.

I also tried this plug vaginally and found it to be nice but not mind blowing. This toy certainly stretched me out upon insertion but, once in, felt incredibly comfortable and nicely secure for some hands-free fun. The base rubbed gently on my vulva whereas internally I felt the broader section in the area of my G-Spot. It didn’t exactly add pressure to my G-Spot but its presence was enough that, when I did orgasm clitorally, my insides were more than satisfied with the result and my orgasm was heightened and prolonged by the presence of the plug.

We’ll forgive this toy for not being the best dildo ever, though, as that was never really its purpose and yet it still performs admirably. Sharing really is caring it seems.

Final Thoughts

Typically I’d list more downsides, but I really didn’t have any with the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug and Mr Peaches covered my main objective concern (the heft of the flared base).

Of course personal preference will dictate whether you like this toy, and price is something to consider. But I consider £100 to be pretty damned reasonable for and intermediate-sized butt plug, made from ceramics with custom painted 24k gold designs on the shaft. Your personal price marker may vary and that’s fine.

Overall both Mr Peaches and I highly recommend to Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug, especially if you’re looking for a toy that you can take your time with and really enjoy inserting and exploring. This toy is a work of art and using it feels like you’re creating your own form of performative poetry. Sometimes sex is all passion, sometimes it’s a luxury. With the Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug it’s both, and we can certainly appreciate that sentiment.

Recommend to:

People who like unique toys.

People who like feeling stretched.

Intermediate plug users.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike high price tags.

People who like softer materials.

Those who are new to plugs.

The Persian Palm Ceramic Butt Plug was provided to me by Velvet Fleurs in exchange for an honest review. Please do check out their amazing selection of finely crafted sex toys. You won’t find many online UK adult retailers with such a wonderfully curated collection of finely crafted sexual pleasure items.