Product Review: Icon Brands Jack Boot Print Over the Knee Paddle

What does it mean to bring someone to heel? Sure, there is a pre-existing definition but what does it really mean? To you?

Psychologically there are many ways that a person might chose to dominate someone—capture their will and bring them to a point of eager submission. For me bringing someone to heel is partially found in that moment where your submissive’s eyes get that glint of excitement in them and you know, without hesitation that they are eager for you to act upon them.

But such an act of domination is also highly self-dependent too. It’s that special mindset where words of subjection flow as easily as wine at a bacchanal and a sense of complete confidence and personal assurance settle in. I believe the professional term is ‘feeling like a fucking badass’ (though don’t quote me on that.

And what can make someone feel more badass then a size 12 boot sole literally bringing someone to heel? Oh yes, you can practically smell the rubber.

 The Jack Boot Print Over the Knee Paddle

The Jack Boot Print Over the Knee Paddle is exactly what it says—a wooden BDSM paddle with the rubber sole of a boot on it. The paddle itself is made of pine and oak and has a faux leather handle for added aesthetic appeal. At first I thought this handle might have been real when I received my paddle from Uberkinky. I even double checked the product page to make sure I hadn’t made a bit of a vegan slip-up. Thankfully it is artificial, but what a testament to just how realistic it can feel, smell, and look. Icon Brands certainly haven’t skimped when it comes to the finer details of this paddle.

This paddle certainly looks like it means business.

This can be seen in the actual sole used for this paddle too—which is a real jack book sole, ready and raring to slam down firmly on a submissive’s posterior. Icon Brands seem fairly confident that this paddle leaves a mark—the kind that is unmistakeably induced by a session of hard spanking and deep moans. The very thought of this was enough to appeal to Mr Peaches and when I pulled this paddle out I could tell that it had a very strong visual impact.

Physical impact is what really matters with paddles, though, and the Jack Boot offers two different sides for users. Of course, there is the boot side—which gives a highly-textured rubber surface to swing firmly with—but there’s also the smooth wooden side, which offers a brilliant contrast.

There are two sides to this paddle. Choose your weapon wisely.

When using this paddle, I often start with the smooth wooden end and gently stroke Mr Peaches’ rear end before slamming down with some firm hits. This side has a swift and punishing thump to it but is mostly stingy, sharp, and to the point. Its main benefit, from my perspective, is to act as a gentle, cooling stroking device after using the boot side before then going in for a few hard hits. It’s wonderfully versatile in this manner.

The boot side is less diverse, but that’s kind of the point. At 18.75 inches in total and with a max width of 4.8 inches a good amount of this paddle is occupied by its size 12 boot sole, but there’s still more than enough handle room to comfortably thump down with the boot. I say ‘thump’ but what this side provides is much sharper and much more prone to sting than you’d necessarily expect. Granted, there is a clearly noticeable thump upon impact but the main sensation is a biting sting that persists very nicely after impact.

This side is a real stinger.

To me this sensation is akin to the sharp burning pain that you get when you knock your elbow combined with what you’d imagine the tactile sensation of cracking a belt to feel like. Part conceptual, part painfully physical. Naturally the intensity of this depends on just how hard you hit (and on the gentler taps there is hardly anything at all to the boot) but give it some welly and this paddle can convey a brilliant redness that looks as shiny as a business shoe.

Disappointingly you do have to put quite a lot of effort in to this paddle to even come close to some sub’s limits. I never got out of Mr Peaches with it and, while I wasn’t going whole hog with my swing, silicone paddles have perhaps spoilt me with just how quickly the intensity can be varied. Wood is much less co-operative in some ways, and this paddle particularly so.

Even more of a let-down was the lack of a noticeably boot-like mark come the end of my play sessions with this paddle. If you look at the product page for this paddle it promises a certain degree of pain with a print on the posterior as proof. And there was redness, lots of redness, but very little definition. This redness faded quickly too, leaving Mr Peaches pouting more than anything else.

If there’s one thing worse than being disappointed as a Domme it’s the visible disappointment of your Sub. Any dominants reading this will know just how important our submissive’s pleasure is. To promise something so delectable as a good beating with the heel of a boot and then only being able to deliver a half-hearted skip of the heel is underwhelming for everyone involved. To see your sub go to the mirror to eagerly examine their marks only to see their heart visibly sink at the results leaves more of a sting than this paddle can ever provide.

It seems that someone else over at Uberkinky also had their Jack Boot paddle break on them, which is even more concerning and underwhelming.

Ultimately the biggest downside of this paddle is that fact through its branding and its visual appeal it promises an experience far greater than it can easily provide. Some BDSM paddles are effortless to use. Given time and practice the sensations that you can convey with it are as intuitive as breathing. This is not one of these paddles and is instead a grappling match between expectation vs. reality. Sadly reality hits harder than the Jack Boot Print Over the Knee Paddle.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Jack Boot Print Over the Knee Paddle isn’t dreadful, it’s just not as formidable as it looks. Mr Peaches and I still enjoyed using this paddle. We love how it looks, and like how it feels, but the disconnect between these two different degrees of enthusiasm is what makes this paddle more of an aesthetic treat than a physical one.

Would I reinvest in this paddle if I lost it? Probably.

Sensations aside I do love how it looks and the ambiance that it can create. I can use it easily as a starting paddle that primes the mind and body of my sub and then, when I want stronger sensations, I can simply move on to something that has more of an impact (literally).

However, if it was a choice between a paddle that looked amazing but felt lackluster or a paddle that seemed visually unassuming but then caught you off-guard with just how effective it is I’d pick the latter any day.

Recommend to:

People who go for visual appeal.

People who like sharp sensations.

People who like to go full-throttle without causing too much damage.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer practical pain.

People who like thumpy sensations.

People who want maximum pain for minimal effort.

The Jack Boot Print Over the Knee Paddle was provided to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review, then please do check Uberkinky out. They provide an exceptional range of very niche kink gear along with some more standard products. They also do their own how to guide including a Beginner’s Guide to Paddling. Well worth checking out!