Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 029 (The Standard)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

There are some shapes among sex toys that are utterly and totally iconic. This is one of them.

Look familiar? I’m not at all surprised.

The Standard is named so because it is exactly that. In all ways possible this is what most people will think of when they first imagine a non-representative dildo. The bullet-like design and smooth surface of the Standard is something we’ve all seen at some point in our lives to the point where it is immediately recognized as erotic.

How ironic, as the Standard’s shape is also one of the most non-targeted in terms of internal stimulation. There is no curve for the G-Spot. No bulb or texture. All reliance is put on the straight shaft’s material and girth.

The Standard isn’t alone in this. After all, it wouldn’t be so well-recognized if not for its prevalence in the industry. Which is perhaps a bit perplexing…that is until you thrust with it.

G-Spot toys are great, but so many of the really curved ones tend to hook upon or clash with the pubic bone if vigorous thrusting is attempted. There’s no such issue with the Standard, which can be smoothly and effortlessly thrusted with extreme enthusiasm.

The brilliantly glossy finish of ceramic also means that minimal lubricant is needed to use this toy (if you choose to use any at all), making it great for those who like a smooth ride.

I often champion lubricant—I actually consider it to be one of the greatest sex essentials available (right next to condoms, of course)—but this can also cause a certain blindness on my part. Not everyone likes lubricant and this dislike isn’t always attached to stigma and uncertainty. Some people have simply tried lube and decided against it. Others have psychological or physical points that need to be considered, and more still have issues that I have yet to encounter. As such toys like the Standard cater to the needs of those who crave toys that are easy to use with one’s natural lubrication. Lacking any drag, this is a dildo that seeks to accommodate through its universally recognizable form and pristine finish.

This is a beautiful creation.

Once again, I find myself marveling at the beauty in Ceramic Pleasure’s glaze; The speckles and flecks of color that sit atop its wonderful undercoat and tempts the user to look at their dildo with a sense of adoration and awe. Each Ceramic Pleasure is handmade, being completely unique, and this really shows in the glaze. I could stare at the Standard for hours—meticulously scrutinizing its every subtlety—and yet I’d still see it in a different light come my next approach.

The Standard is also another dildo that reminds me of just how much potential there is for these toys to act as aids for sexual dysfunction. More than any other Ceramic Pleasure creation I’ve tested, the Standard looks, feels, and functions like a dilator, and a perfect one at that. Yes, it is a bit weighty compared to a hollow plastic shaft (which is how many conventional dilators are designed), but the extra weight of the Standard seems, to me, to add an additional layer of challenge and achievement to this toy.

I can imagine myself being presented with this dildo back when I was still using dilators. Its rigid form would no doubt intimidate me at first. Its heft wouldn’t feel unreasonable but would still have me second guessing my chances. But its familiarity would ultimately reassure me. The Standard is doable in every sense of the word and do it many dilating individuals would.

I’m almost always left smiling with these brilliant creations.

The temperature retentive prospect of this toy also makes the Standard very alluring. Far from just being a straight-shafted thrusting toy, the Standard can be heated or cooled to add even more sensation, and this gives it an increased sense of diversity and adaptability.

I didn’t know how my own body would react to the Standard but I must confess a certain amount of desire as I began using it to experiment with different paces of thrusting. It didn’t take me long to realize just how great the Standard is for rapid thrusts either and it was certainly my preferred method of using this dildo.

I wouldn’t say that my orgasms with this toy were anything beyond standard, but this dildos ability to prep me for using different toys (or a session of hard penetration) with its brilliant thrusting design made this dildo a wonderful asset to have. In fact, I’m almost tempted to say that anyone with a vagina should own at least one toy like the Standard in their life and that this is perhaps one of the best options on the market.

If one is going to dabble in the Standard shape, after all, then why not make it wholly unique too? Give the right care and treatment the Standard will last a lifetime. It’s affordable, customisable, and accommodating in every way.