Toy Review: The Nexus Glide Prostate Massager

Although both Mr Peaches and I can be firmly described as ‘opinionated’ neither one of us has ever been the type of person to dismiss something purely because it doesn’t meet our needs or notion of the world. I’m very much a ‘you do you’ kind of individual (if injustice isn’t involved) and Mr Peaches would rather have a discussion than indulge in dismissal.

I mention this right off the bat for one simple reason: The Nexus Glide Prostate Massager isn’t a bad toy, but it’s not for us either.

The Nexus Glide Prostate Massager

Although Mr Peaches is no stranger to anal play, it’s fair to term the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager as a relatively new endeavor for us both. Mr Peaches may have inserted many an object into that glorious anal zone of his but this was his first Nexus toy, his first use of a firm toy with a matte finish, and his first toy will a roller ball on it.

Yes, a roller ball.

At least that’s what I’ve chosen to term it—the moving metal ball located at the base of the Nexus Glide with the intent of massaging the perineum.

The Nexus Glide has a fairly unique design.

Multifaceted massaging seems to be the name of the game with the Nexus Glide in general. Designed to provide three points of pleasure (the internal shaft, the roller ball, and an easy-to-rock handle) the Nexus Glide doesn’t just aim to excite the male anatomy but also reinvent it. It does this with a firm insistence that the prostate be termed as the ‘male G-spot’, although I’m not too convinced by this approach.

Why is there a need to establish the ‘male’ equivalent of something that is called ‘G-Spot’ for a reason which is barely related to anatomy to start with? What’s wrong with ‘P-Spot’? After all, there will be some P-Spot owners who won’t be male and vice versa. Where is the consideration for this? I’m pretty sure the term they were going for is ‘P-Spot’.

If it ain’t broke then why try to fix it?

The Nexus Glide is marketed as a good toy for beginners and, while its 4.25 inches of insertable length and max 3.5 circumference is certainly manageable the blunter, more curvaceous head of the Nexus Glide may be off-putting and perhaps even uncomfortable for some.

Still, the Nexus Glide has many perks that will appeal to anal users both old and new. Its rigid main body is formed from a rigid plastic which is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants (most likely oil too). Such a material is also non-porous, phthalate-free, completely body-safe and an absolute breeze to clean.

Thoroughly cleaning any sex toy is incredibly important, but anal toys need to be treated with additional caution due to the increased risk of internal tears and the introduction of fecal matter that can factor in to poorly executed anal play. I must be honest and say that the stainless-steel roller ball did give me pause for thought on this point at first; Could I really sanitize this area without issue? That was something I often asked myself before we first tried the Nexus Glide. But since then I have found out just how easy the Nexus Glide is to clean first hand and have very few reservations left about the roller ball.

Even with added texture for the anal entrance this toy is easy to clean.

Another clear benefit of the rigid form of the Nexus Glide is simply that—its rigid form. Some people like their sex toys flexible and squishy. Others do not. The Nexus Glide provides an uncompromisingly firm anal toy for anyone that might crave such a sensation. This firm design is an ever-present aspect of the Nexus Glide but is particularly prominent during thrusting or rocking motions, which really serve to highlight the massaging aspect of the Nexus Glide’s perineum massager.

The Nexus Glide also manages to have what I would consider to be a slightly grainy surface which isn’t quite matte but certainly isn’t glossy either. It almost exists within its own domain of sex toy surfaces—offering ample grip and sensation during use while also feeling completely alien and somewhat counterproductive.

For lovers of gentle anal play (for example) this makes the Nexus Glide an absolute no-go toy, even with lots of lubricant (and I don’t blame anyone for coming to this conclusion). But it’s fair to say that the Nexus Glide has found its niche and is rolling with it (quite literally at times).

Mr Peaches dabbled with the Nexus Glide quite a lot and each time I felt sorry for him.

By his own admittance, the texture was nice. The base made for a secure fit and retrieval of this toy was easy. There certainly was pressure on his P-Spot but it was so firm, so alien to his conventional masturbation style that he really struggled to find the silver lining with this toy (at least when it came to this product’s firmness).

As for the roller ball, Mr Peaches sadly didn’t find it to be of much personal use. It was certainly there, which was nice (and opens up the Nexus Glide for a little bit of tame sensation play) but, for him, it just didn’t apply enough targeted pressure to provide pleasure. People who rock with their toys or grind to-and-fro may find more success with the Nexus Glide but that’s a matter of personal preference (or, in the case of complete beginners, sexual exploration).

For us this design did very little.

Indeed, the Nexus Glide is a great introduction to this type of prostate massager in that, even when Mr Peaches disliked how firm the Nexus Glide was he couldn’t deny that it can hit and stimulating his P-Spot with no issue whatsoever. The resulting erection was always incredibly firm and the subsequent orgasm very strong (at least in terms of how I perceived it). Sadly Mr Peaches did not feel these differences personally, though, and considered the Nexus Glide to be a decent, average anal toy, but not something that is made for him.

Price-wise the Nexus Glide is in a sensible range for what it is and if you take care of this toy it does have the opportunity to deliver many years of pleasure. It’s all about how your body responds to the firmness of this product.

Final Thoughts

Mr Peaches and I could never term the Nexus Glide as a personal success and I do feel like complete anal beginners should at least attempt to use softer toys before dabbling with this firmer offering.

‘Relief’ is a term that can be seen as quite critical, yet it’s simply the best objective term to describe how Mr Peaches seemed to feel when his testing time with this toy was over. No toy is made for everyone and the Nexus Glide has such a specific design and firmness that it’s not what I would consider to be an easy people pleaser.

Still, this toy may be ideal for some, and if you like or crave a firmer toy with some noticeable grip to its surface then the Nexus Glide is a winner with a roller ball base thrown in as a nice bonus. Just don’t be too dissuaded if this isn’t the case.

Recommend to:

People who like firmer toys.

People who like very grabby surfaces.

People who want to use silicone lubricant.

Do Not Recommend to:

Complete anal beginners.

People who prefer softer toys.

People who need a tapered tip.

The Nexus Glide was provided to me by LoveYourSelf in exchange for an honest review. If you’d like to show them your support then please do visit their site. If you’re looking for an anal toy and the Nexus Glide does seem like a poor fit then allow me to suggest this alternative.