Toy Review: The Pipedream Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Perfect Plug

There was something about the Pipedream Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Perfect Plug which drew me to it. I’m willing to bet it was its shape. There’s no denying that even at a glance this toy looks like it can deliver some very impressive P-Spot stimulation.

Still, when I gave the Pipedream Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Perfect Plug to Mr. Peaches for review I had no idea just how well received it would be. And I do mean very well received.

If I like a toy I often can’t contain my enthusiasm and will gush about it endlessly—boring my friends with my peppy demeanor as I waggle it in front of their faces (Sorry J. You know who you are). Conversely it’s fair to say that Mr. Peaches is much more reserved and conventionally ‘British’ in his feedback.

So when Mr. Peaches uses the L-word for a toy I know that things are serious.

Yes: Mr. Peaches loves this butt plug.

The Pipedream Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Perfect Plug

The Pipedream Vibrating Perfect Plug is part of the Pipedream Anal Fantasy Collection and, although I’m not personally a huge fan of Pipedream, it’s fair to say that this collection has some impressive offerings (as least if this plug is a baseline).

This plug has done the near impossible.

The Perfect Plug itself is pretty self-explanatory in terms of design. An insertable length of 3.5 inches is paired with a 1.25 diameter insertable length, making the Perfect Plug a great product, even for beginners. Granted, it’s on the larger scale of what I’d consider to be ‘beginner friendly’ but there’s no reason as to why someone interested in anal play (and especially P-Spot stimulation) couldn’t start by trying out this toy.

The Perfect Plug has a pretty straight-shafted design, which usually wouldn’t lend itself to hitting the P-Spot very well, but it makes up for this with a bulbous curvature on one end, which is literally almost perfect. Mr. Peaches said it sat very comfortably in place and provided all the stimulation he could hope for without a single moment of discomfort. Sometimes the best designs are the most straightforward and Pipedream have nailed it with the design of this plug.

Thankfully the base of the Perfect Plug is also very well thought out, with an ergonomic curvature which sits comfortably between the butt cheeks. This makes the Perfect Plug easy to insert, easy to remove, and very comfy during use.

The base of this plug is very well executed.

At the bottom of the base is a bullet vibrator, which runs throughout the length of this butt plug to provide additional stimulation. This bullet sadly only has one setting and it’s high pitched and buzzy, but Mr. Peaches really didn’t seem to mind much. He lamented that it wasn’t removable (as he would have happily slid a Tango in there if he could) but personally found the vibrations fit for purpose during use. Not too strong, not too weak. Generally pleasant.

What really stood out for both of us is that this plug comes with a 5-piece prep kit. This includes a tiny tube of toy cleaner, some desensitising cream, some anal lube, and two little rubber finger covers so that you can pre-lubricate your anus without having to use your finger directly.

While I would always encourage people to avoid desensitising creams (especially when using anal toys) Mr. Peaches and I were huge fans of the lube, cleaner, and finger gloves—which would definitely make the whole process feel a lot less intimidating for someone new to anal play. The kit also acts as a nice demonstration of the basic products needed when engaging in anal play, a good toy cleaner and anal lubricant being chief among them.

Thankfully the Perfect Plug is made out of silicone and is waterproof, making it incredibly easy to clean. The silicone used for this toy is matte smooth and very soft to the touch. Because of this it has just enough drag to provide additional stimulation during insertion sand use without ever feeling too glossy or too grainy. It’s the happy medium that I so often endorse.

There’s a lot to praise this plug for.

When using this toy Mr. Peaches was particularly enthusiastic about the persistent manner in which it stimulated his P-Spot, but I also want to highlight the narrow neck of this plug—which does more than its part in making this toy comfortable and providing the delicious curve needed to achieve that amazing P-Spot stimulation.

Mr. Peaches has never quite been able to contain his enthusiasm when using this toy, and so I already had an inkling to how much he liked it prior to this review, but I still couldn’t have quite anticipated the extent of his high praise. According to Mr. Peaches every time he uses this plug his orgasms are noticeably stronger than normal and extremely enjoyable.

I’ll personally admit to feeling some of the buzz from this plug in Mr. Peaches’ shaft during use and reveling in the additional firmness that it provides. A strong orgasm is something that can be felt by everyone involved too, and to feel just how powerful Mr. Peaches’ muscle clenches were at times was a true delight which certainly added to my pleasure too.

So, is this toy perfect? Well, no.

To quote Mr. Peaches (and so many other wise individuals) ‘I don’t believe in perfection’ and so it’s worth noting that the Perfect Plug has some flaws.

The biggest of these does have to be the bullet, which really could have benefited from being removable or, at the very least, having a few more intensities and patterns. I don’t often ask for patterns but I feel like even in a £9.99 bullet these come as standard nowadays so this should have been no problem with the Perfect Plug.

Mr. Peaches also personally disliked the fact that this plug is battery powered, remarking that it made him feel like we were in the 90s again. As it just so happens I’ve been testing a lot of battery powered toys recently, so this didn’t faze me as much but I appreciate that it’s a valid concern. In order to make this toy rechargeable, though, you’d need to bump up the retail price, and I personally feel like the current retail range for this plug is about right for it.

And, lastly, the fact that this plug is produced by Pipedream may be an issue for some ethical consumers. If you want to know why then please do visit this page and decide for yourself.

Final Thoughts

While the Perfect Plug is not anal perfection it’s certainly close enough to have earned a spot in Mr. Peaches’ personal drawer of sex toys, in addition to his open and unabashed enthusiasm. This is a rarity which I think speaks for itself and acts as high praise for the prowess of this product.

If you prefer curved plugs, beads, rumbly vibrations or generally dislike Pipedream then I can understand why this plug would be even less of a perfect offering. However as it stands we both really like (Dare I say it? Love) this plug and I can see us using it regularly in future.

Recommend to:

People who like P-Spot stimulation.

Anal beginners.

People who like buzzy vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer larger/smaller toys.

People who like a more precise curve.

People who fundamentally dislike Pipedream.

The Pipedream Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Perfect Plug was provided to me by Planet Earth in exchange for an honest review. If you’re looking for a reliable and friendly wholesaler then I wholeheartedly endorse this professional company (who work with reputable businesses such as Lovehoney) and don’t have a single word to say against them.