#TeamAmazeballs Content: Filling The Gap Sex Toy Makers Ignore

Hello my lovely readers! I am very happy to present to you the second piece of #TeamAmazeballs content for my blog. How exciting! This time the topic is something near and dear to me; sexual dysfunction and sex toys as healing aids. I do hope you enjoy.

This article is brought to you by After Dark and is part of the #TeamAmazeballs project: A sex positive community sharing project where anyone is welcome to exchange their skills. If you want to know more check out this post or venture in to the #TeamAmazeballs hashtag (if you dare!)

In this article, I want to address the importance and personal significance of finding sex toy makers who are willing to work with your very specific needs. In my case, I have hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction, and you can read more about pelvic floor dysfunctions here. I don’t want something that will “give” me an orgasm. I want something that will “help” me have one. These are opposing factions at opposite ends of the same spectrum. I had the ability to orgasm but regaining the ability will require intense and ongoing physical therapy to retrain damaged muscle tissue. Sex toy companies who mass produce don’t have many carryover items that have dual function for sexuality or therapy.

This journey started with a pretty picture on Twitter of a glass dildo. I made the comment I wished the glass and ceramic dildos came with smaller girth. What followed was a lengthy conversation with the members of #TeamAmazeballs and the #blogsquad. Recommendations for specific toys sold by specific companies, but none that would meet my specific needs. I was beginning to lose faith, yet again, until I was told Ceramic Pleasure made custom orders. You don’t say?

I have spent several hours communicating through written word and even video conferencing through Skype with the owner of Ceramic Pleasure. I explained to him what my vision was. I needed two items. I named one “The Vagina Pacifier” because I couldn’t convey my vision any other way. A small girth toy similar in appearance to an anal plug with a curved base. The curvature of the base will allow for a cold compress on my inner (minora) and outer (majora) labia. He emailed drawings to me. I watched him mold clay on Skype.

He’s also creating for me a G-Spot stimulator (that’s where a large portion of my damage and pain is located) with a very specific curvature that will have a knob surrounded by a shelf which will allow me to release trigger points when I feel like I have a Charlie horse in my vagina. He’s also making something similar to a giant ceramic knitting needle with a ball tip small enough in girth not to hurt upon insertion and long enough to reach my Inguinal Ligament. This will allow me to apply pressure high enough to release the ligament when it gets stuck between my hip joint and socket.

Ceramic Pleasure listened and heard what I needed and wanted. The creator was more than willing to step in and do something mass market sex toy companies can’t or aren’t willing to do. Individualizing an item specific to my desires and needs is customer service well above par. Mass market sex toy companies are neglecting to acknowledge a population of people that use sex toys for other than orgasms. At the same time, when they manufacture a sex toy that has a use other than orgasm, they advertise in such a way as to shame. My proving point of this opinion is the penis pump. Manufacturers and sellers of the penis pump shame the penis owner for being small. Size matters slogans are damaging to the self esteem of penis owners who are below average in length and girth. Additionally, the penis pump was invented in the late 1800s by a Dr. John King and later patented in 1913, by Dr. Otto Ledere. It was the sexual liberation, during the 1960s, before it was even used for sexual pleasure. This is not the correct way to acknowledge erectile dysfunction.

Sex toy manufacturers should, in every way, educate customers on the possibility of an alternative use of their items besides the ability to bring about an orgasm. nJoy has several items that could be used for sexual dysfunction and not simply a sex toy. They advertise the Pure Wand as a G-Spot stimulator as an item of pleasure. However, they take it one step further and include in their description both of these devices can be used for deep internal massage. Those are the things I look for when I read a description of a product I’m considering buying. However, the Pure Wand has too much curvature for my needs. This is the correct way to acknowledge a sexual dysfunction.

Sex toy companies are in a unique position to be at the forefront of more than just an orgasm. A study performed by Massachusetts General Hospital and published in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2008 reveal 4 out of every person with a vagina suffer from some sort of sexual dysfunction. John Hopkins University predicts more than 30 million owners of a penis in the United States alone suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction at one point in their life. Sexual dysfunction isn’t something you have to live with. Almost all cases are treatable with therapy, medication or a combination of both.

Since my husband and I both suffer from a sexual dysfunction, we are learning to improvise, adapt and overcome. I am excited to be able to say I will receive my custom order from Ceramic Pleasure in time for Christmas. If these items provide the relief I believe they will, it will literally change my life for the better. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with a sex toy maker about my individual needs and would welcome the opportunity to work with other companies. Look for my review on my blog sometime after the first of the year.

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