Product Review: Good Clean Love CaraGold Premium Personal Lubricant

A little bit of Emmeline trivia: I’ve never tried cannabis. Not even when I was in Amsterdam at New Year. Not once.

This isn’t due to some form of as-of-yet unspoken anti-drug agenda. I just haven’t felt any strong preference towards trying cannabis really. I’ve only ever smoked once and don’t drink either. Go on, call me a bore, I can take it!

So, it perhaps caught me a bit off guard when I realized that my vagina was going to sample the benefits of the cannabis plant before I did. Or, to be specific, CBD help-oil. What is it about Good Clean Love that persuades me to try all sorts of unusual mixtures?

Good Clean Love CaraGold Premium Personal Lubricant

I say ‘unusual’ but it makes perfect sense of include CBD oil in a lubricant. Hemp oil has been attributes with a reduction in anxiety, pain, and inflammation. It’s an antioxidant, moisturizes the skin, and can even help treat eczema. It’s also gentle enough so as not to provoke many skin reactions, even those with incredibly sensitive skin. The CBD oil that Good Clean Love uses has even more assurance—as their CBD oil is European-certified organic, making it good for the planet as well as your skin.

There are actually many benefits to a lubricant such as this if you delve in to the research.

Good Clean Love’s CaraGold Premium Personal Lubricant is water-based and infused with carrageenan in addition to CBD oil. Carrageenan is a form of red algae and is typically used to add a beautiful slickness to products. It’s also shown some promise as an inhibitor to HPV, which certainly doesn’t go amiss in a lubricant (though lubricants alone should not be relied upon for safer sex practices). I’ve typically found carrageenan in lubricants to provide a very nice sensation and the CaraGold Personal Lubricant follows suit in this regard.

The CaraGold Personal Lubricant is beautifully thick and almost gel-like. It’s not at all weighty but has the thickness required to create a brilliant buffer regardless. The CaraGold Personal Lubricant is presented as a silicone alternative, and it is in some regards, but this product is undeniably water-based—a fact I think it should be proud of. Water-based lubricant can be used with many more sex toys, after all, which is a definite bonus for anyone who likes to play in the bedroom.

There’s no denying that this lubricant is long-lasting—which is perhaps where its ‘silicone’ properties come from. There’s a wonderful slipperiness to this lubricant which is highly enduring and lasts even through vigorous sex sessions. A little also seems to go a long way, which is also reminiscent of silicone lubricants. But, whereas most silicone lubricants are thin and powdery, the thick consistency of the CaraGold Personal Lubricant is wonderfully, unmistakeably aqua and has a beautifully hydrating sensation to it. I don’t know if this is in part due to the CBD oil, but I certainly felt like this lubricant was nurturing my vulva and vagina when applied.

Taste and odor-wise the CaraGold Personal Lubricant is completely inert—hardly tasting or smelling of anything, If samples very, very closely one may detect the watery element of this lubricant but this is so minor that it hardly bears dwelling on. This does make the CaraGold Lubricant suitable for oral use, but it seems like somewhat of a waste to do so, especially when this lubricant works so well for long-term penetration sessions.

This lubricant has thickness to it without feeling too heavy.

Equally the CaraGold Lubricant is pretty great for anal use too. Lubricant is a must-have during anal sex, and the CaraGold Lubricant takes its anal benefits up a notch by having CBD as an ingredient. The anus can be rather prone to damage, after all, so knowing that you’re using a lubricant that not only provides slick insertion but also fights inflammation and pain is invaluable.

Equally this appeal towards pain reduction may make this lubricant perfect for anyone who suffers from Vaginismus, vulvodynia, or similar sexual dysfunctions linked to pain. And, even if the oil doesn’t provide a massive benefit physically, the mental reassurance of using an organic, all-natural lubricant may be just what is needed to put the mind at ease.

Being all-natural is very important to Good Clean Love, after all, and they’ve done their utmost finest in making sure that this lubricant is devoid of parabens, petrochemicals or anything else that might cause irritation. This seems to have worked in their favour, as I had no adverse reaction when testing this lubricant at all.

Instead I was just able to enjoy the luscious and glossy benefits of this lubricant as it hydrated my vulva and enabled an easy glide in every instance. This lubricant isn’t the kind that makes me want to actively grab for it due to its sensation but I do consider it a bedroom essential due to just how body-safe and beneficial it is. If you want to support a lubricant company, then Good Clean Love is a very good choice and this lubricant stands as an example as to why.

This lubricant comes in various different sizes.

Of course, no lubricant is perfect and I think some people may find themselves disappointed if their genitals don’t get a ‘buzz’ from using this lube. I’d argue that such people are missing the point, but it’s still worth observing.

Some people may have moral concerns about using CBD in any capacity and I can appreciate and respect this stance. If this is where you stand then Good Clean Love offers multiple lubricants that don’t contain this oil, which may be more to your preference. Heck, I certainly didn’t expect to lose my cannabis virginity in such an apt manner, but there you go.

And, finally, if you are looking for a silicone alternative that feels exactly like silicone the this lubricant isn’t for you at all. What the CaraGold Personal Lubricant does very well is mimic the benefits of silicone lubricant but not the sensation. Consider what you want from your lube and keep this in mind when deciding not to purchase the CaraGold Personal Lubricant.

Final Thoughts

For the right individual, the CaraGold Premium Personal Lubricant will be a brilliant match—able to assist in smoother sexual actions and perhaps even some sexual healing. Good Clean Love have does us all a great service by making this lubricant and I’m so happy that it exists and an option in the adult product community. Whether or not it’s essential (especially with its price tag) I’m not sure, but I do think it has massive appeal and gets everything it sets out to do right.

I can certainly recommend the CaraGold Premium Personal Lubricant and hope that it is of great use to many readers. This lubricant may have wowed me more conceptually than it did practically but it still serves its purpose and does so in a highly commendable manner.

Recommend to:

People who want to try CBD oil.

People who want a silicone alternative (in terms of longevity)

People who like feeling hydrated.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want to avoid CBD oil.

People looking for something that feel like silicone lube.

People who know they have an adverse reaction to CBD oil or carrageenan.

The Good Clean Love CaraGold Premium Personal Lubricant was provided to me by Good Clean Love in exchange for an honest review.