Toy Review: The JimmyJane Iconic Wand Review

This review comes with two dedications.

One to PeepShowToys, my affiliates, who (after many rejections from other companies) were kind enough to supply me with the JimmyJane Iconic Wand. This company is absolutely amazing and even offer 10% off of your purchase with the exclusive code PEACHES.

The other to FormidableFemme for her brilliant appraisal of the Iconic Wand, which brought my attention to it. I must admit, after a few hit and misses with JimmyJane I was incredibly skeptical of their ability to pull of one of my favourite toy types—the truly iconic wand vibrator. But FormidableFemme is someone I hold in very high regard and so my desire for this wand grew stronger over time, spurred on by her own.

If there’s one thing to be taken from this review it’s to trust the wisdom of good companies and good sex writers, because the JimmyJane Iconic Wand really is a wand worth owning.

I’m incredibly shocked to find that my Lelo Smart Wand Large has actually now been tucked in my top drawer for a while, whereas the Iconic Wand has taken pride of place at my bedside. Granted, I’ll probably have both out over time but that’s not the point. The point is that the JimmyJane Iconic Wand is one of the best wands I personally own. Event with competition it manages to strike out with its own style and stand out as an example of what JimmyJane can really do when they put their mind to it.

The JimmyJane Iconic Wand

One of the things that immediately makes the JimmyJane Iconic Wand stand out is its minimalistic, almost Mod-vibe to it. If this wand had been around in the 1960’s then Twiggy would have proudly owned one, I’m sure.

This wand has stolen my affection away (at least for now).

Compared to many other wands the JimmyJane Iconic Wand also comes in at a peculiar 10.25 inches and is 2 inches at its widest point. This may not seem very odd at first but the way that the Iconic Wand presents itself is very top-heavy. Its handle is slender and ergonomic—only widening out when it comes closer to the head of the wand itself. This wand’s head is then brilliantly broad and similar in size to most larger-sized wands, but still teetering at the very edge of the ‘medium-wand’ category.

The Iconic Wand is a bit on an anomaly in this way—neither fully-fledged in size nor compact enough to be considered petite. Many have considered it to be reminiscent of certain sci-fi designs, and I can certainly see that too, so perhaps the sheer aesthetic brilliant of this toy is the simplicity of its potential rather than the need for set definitions.

…That may be a bit too post-modernist for a sex toy review, but the Iconic Wand engages my academic side, goddammit!

Perhaps one of the most practical features of the Iconic Wand’s design is its slender and flexible neck—which isn’t wholly rigid but which avoids being altogether too bendy too. This allows for the Iconic Wand to be comfortably placed against the body in most instances, all the while feeling very intuitive to hold in place. The shape of the handle certainly helps with this, too, and the dedication that JimmyJane put in to the practicalities of this design are to be commended.

The broad head of the Iconic Wand is aptly complemented with a smooth silicone coating, whereas ABS plastic is partially included on the handle of this wand. Both materials are non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. The silicone of the Iconic Wand has a matte finish and just enough grip to it to make its application (even on the handle) a non-issue in terms of slipperiness. This silicone also serves to stroke up wonderfully against the skin, especially when coupled with water-based lubrication.

There is some ABS plastic on the back of this toy.

I’ll admit a soft spot of the Iconic Wand’s controls, too. Two simple buttons—one to turn the toy on and off, one to filter through its patterns. Usually I’m not a huge fan of single-button pattern controls but with wands I generally feel like there is some leeway and, besides, the quick-kill switch is invaluable with a wand if you share your accommodation with anyone.

When it comes to patters the Iconic Wand has a practical 7: 3 continual vibrations of varying intensities, 3 pulsating patterns (one of which I actually rather liked), and a single ‘escalating mode’.

But, let’s get real here, we all know that the continual vibrations are where it’s at, and this is where the Iconic Wand really blew me away.

The vibrations for the Iconic Wand and powerful—like ‘I’m-happy-on-the-second-setting’ powerful, and oh so rumbly. This wand’s resonant quiver is enough to make my vulva swoon, as it welcome the broad and proliferating embrace of the Iconic Wand’s large head and allows its intensity to harden and stimulate my clit.

Admittedly not quite as rumbly as the Lelo Smart Wand Large, the Iconic Wand makes up for this with an impressive power-to-size ratio and a slight judder which also makes me think back to the stereotype of people sitting on top of tumble dryers to get their vibrational fix. I’d tumble with the Iconic Wand’s refined jiggle any day of the week

And I have.

Any day. Every day. For as long as I’ve owned it the Iconic Wand has graced my vulva at least once a day. I’m as true convert and I really value its slightly slimmer size for when it comes to testing multiple products at once.

Orgasms with the Iconic Wand are striking in their excellence. I never have to worry about reaching a strong finish with the Iconic Wand. Even if an internal toy disappoints the Iconic Wand is always there to console me—giving me the bombastic orgasm that I so sorely crave from it.

Despite having an open charging port this toy is waterproof.

The orgasms from the Iconic Wand are so inspiring I actually went looking through Victorian love poems to see if I could find one to best describe them. Alas, no sonnets could truly encapsulate what this wand provides me with.

But, of course, most things in life are at least somewhat bittersweet and the Iconic Wand is not perfect.

The Iconic Wand is USB Rechargeable and completely submersible for ease of cleaning and use. Although both of these things would usually be a good thing this is the kind of toy that I feel sorely betrayed by when it dies mid-use, and it’s happened to me a few times now, so part of me almost wishes that this toy was mains powered.

This is just indecisiveness. I would be equally disgruntled if I felt confined by the tug of a cord—but I suppose there’s no pleasing some picky sex bloggers.

Of a bit more sadness for all is the fact that the Iconic Wand does begin to feel more objectively high-pitched and buzzy on its strongest intensity, which is a damned shame. I feel like this is, perhaps, the biggest thing to be said against the Iconic Wand because, outside of this, there’s really not much at fault with this toy.

Yes, it’s pricey, but all good wands are, and the Iconic Wand certainly joins the other wand greats as ‘one worth saving up for’.

Final Thoughts

The Iconic Wand has been everything I wanted and more and my dedication to it is something that can only be matched by the heartfelt dedication I gave to PeepShowToys and FormidableFemme. This is a wand that is perfectly sized, beautifully broad, and capable of teasing out rumbles, buzzes, and quivers in a glorious display of the full vibrational spectrum.

This may not appeal to everyone but I can’t imagine not owning the Iconic Wand now and if it broke I would replace it without hesitation. If I saw one on sale I’d probably nab myself a back-up. So far the only other wand that has earned that honour is my Lelo Smart Wand Large, so…yeah…I think my feeling about this wand are very apparent.

Buy it. Try it. (Hopefully) Love it.

I wholeheartedly endorse this wand and think that every lover of such toys should definitely save to add the Iconic Wand to their collection.

Recommend to:

Wand lovers.

Power Queens.

People who like broad-headed toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike any form of buzz.

People who want a larger wand.

People who value pin-point stimulation.

The JimmyJane Iconic Wand was provided to me by PeepShowToys in exchange for an honest review. Don’t forget to reap the benefits of reading my blog by using the code PEACHES to get 10% over any purchase there and check out my favourites here. If you want to support my site please do consider using the affiliate links in this post to make your purchase.

  • If Formidable Femme hadn’t convinced me I wanted to try this toy, I’m definitely sold on it now! I just need to get my hands on one ;).