Product Review: The System Jo Naughty or Nice Flavored Personal Lubricant Gift Set

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (and if you say otherwise then it’s be threatening you with a non-body safe candy cane placed in a questionable area). As I type this I’m listening to Spotify’s Christmas Peaceful Piano playlist and thoroughly getting in the Christmas mood. For me, Christmas is a magical time of year and I plan to enjoy every moment.

Speaking of Christmas enjoyment, it’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas too, thanks to the LoveYourSelf and the System Jo Naughty of Nice Flavored Personal Lubricant Gift Set. The moment I saw this gift set I knew I had to make it part of my Christmas routine and I couldn’t be happier for my self-imposed Christmas zealotry because these two lubricants are absolutely delicious!

System Jo seem to be rather divisive in the adult community but I seem to have a sweet tooth reserved just for them, and if you’re wanting a sugary treat this Christmas then this oral gift set is a must-grab stocking filler.

The System Jo Naughty or Nice Flavored Personal Lubricant Gift Set

The System Jo Naughty or Nice Flavored Personal Lubricant Gift Set features two 30ml bottles or lubricant specifically designed to provide a delicious flavour experience during the act or oral sex. Of course, there is also a practical element to such lubricants, and the System Jo Naughty or Nice Gift Set promises to keep any oral action nice and slick during use (provided you don’t lap it all up with extreme enthusiasm).

This lubricant is well packaged in seasonal cheer.

Seeing as this is a gift set, it’s worth mentioning the packaging for this product, which is suitably festive yet not too overstated. The result is a practical cardboard box with stores and displays the two tiny bottles of lube with festive cheer. Candy canes decorate the top section of the packaging whereas ginger bread treats adorn the bottom half, and these are reflective of the flavors included—Hook Me In Candy Cane and Spice Me Up Gingerbread.

Naturally, if you dislike these flavors then there’s an immediate clash of interest on your part, but there’s no denying how brilliantly appropriate and yet nicely different these two flavors are. System Jo clearly didn’t want to provide their customers with what they viewed to be too similar a flavour sensation and have done a good job at adding to variation to the mix.

The back of this lubricant pack has a lovely little gift-tag-ish section which has a ‘To’, ‘From’, and ‘Message’ section, adding to its potential as a lovely little Christmas gift.

Both lubricants are water-based, making them safe to use with latex condoms and pretty much all sex toys. Consistency is an important aspect of any lubricant, though perhaps not much of an issue for strictly oral use. These lubricants had a thin consistency, akin in some ways to a massage oil in terms of consistency, and spread across the genitals with complete and utter ease.

Because of this runny aspect, I did, on more that one occasion, find that this lubricant spilled out of the bottle when I tried to extract a fair helping, but this was of no issue—it just meant I got to lap up my mess.

When I used this lubricant on myself I found it to be wonderfully smooth and not too sticky. It didn’t cause an adverse reaction and gave a familiar sense of confident lubrication. It also spread and stayed very well on my B.J. Dildo throughout use, which is a brilliant bonus.

The consistency of this lube is rather thin and slippery.

When spreading it on Mr Peaches’ shaft I found that it reacted very well (spillage aside) and made for a very smooth ride sensation-wise. That being said this lubricant did seem to become dryer and non-existent faster than some other oral lubes I have used, and it also felt rather sticky if we went for a hand job too—so it’s fair to say that duration may vary on this lube before you need to reapply and it’s best to stick to oral use only (which may be a deal-breaker for those looking for a more comprehensive lubricant).

Scent-wise these lubricants have a rather mild aroma, which I personally think is brilliant. No one wants to be overwhelmed with artificial scent when going down on someone, after all, especially when breathing through the nose is such an important aspect of the action at times. But these lubricants aren’t completely absent of fragrance and there is just enough to entice the recipient as they lean down to engage in some oral action.

Flavor-wise these must be some of my favorite high-street oral lubes of all time.

Coming up tops is the Spice Me Up Gingerbread, which is super sugary sweet but with that richly roasted undertone of baked goods made to perfection in a traditional wood fire. I admit, to me this mixture tastes much more like banana bread with a hint of ginger than it does pure ginger bread, but this sublime ginger offering is okay in my books and manages to deliver a gorgeous treat that only tastes better as it warms to body temperature.

Its flavor also stays nice and prominent, even when spread across the skin, and there is no compromise in quality or deliciousness. This lube certainly gets me in the mood to bake some banana and ginger bread, and a I probably would if not for the fact that it’s so much more satisfying to give oral instead.

Both of these lubes taste suitably seasonal.

Whereas the Gingerbread lube is a bit of a variation, the Hook Me In Candy Cane is 100% accurate with its flavor. This lubricant tastes of nothing but candy cane. No metallic tang, no questionable aftertaste, just pure and simple candy cane goodness. As soon as I lapped the first drippy bit of it after my finger I was sold on the authenticity of this flavoring, and upon getting Mr Peaches to suck my fingers I was greeted with “Mmm, yeah. Okay. That’s candy cane”. Mr Peaches has a nasty habit of stealing and consuming all of the candy canes off the Christmas tree before the day, too, so if anyone would know it’d be him.

This particular lubricant may not be my favorite flavor of all time but it is definitely my favorite mint flavored lubricant of all time, so hats off for that achievement. This lubricant isn’t too sugar either, so balances out well compared to the gingerbread lube.

So are there any downsides to these lubricants? Yes. One big, glaring downside, and a few bugbears (which I have already mentioned).

I’ll get the little niggles out of the way first, as they’re the easiest and most minor of issues. If you prefer a thick gel-like lubricant then the runny concoction that this lube has to offer is not for you. As this kit comes as a duo you might also find yourself frustrated if you like one flavor but not the other.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth or prefer mild flavors then you may also find this lubricant to be a bit too sweet or intense to be truly enjoyable, which is perfectly understandable.

These points are valid but won’t affect many people. The bigger downside, on the other hand, is a point of more concern for some.

So, what is this glaring downside? The ingredients.

As much as I love these lubes, I lament at the inclusion of both methylparaben and propylparaben in the ingredients lists. Parabens have been linked to potential cancer and infertility risks and are restricted in some household items.

Most lubricants now proudly try to avoid parabens. Even System Jo has their own organic range where they take this approach, so it’s disheartening to see them keep parabens in these lubricants, especially as they’re ingested.

Because of this the decision to use these lubricants becomes much more of a personal health & safety consideration as well as a question of where you draw the line in terms of personal and company ethics. Just how much do we hold companies accountable? What level of exposure to potentially harmful items is suitable for you? We certainly come in to contact with quite a few potentially damaging materials and substances every day. Where do we draw our personal lines?

I’ll leave these questions up to you and it’s fair to say that I’m mulling them over myself. But, in the meantime I personally enjoy the allure of a gingerbread phallus a bit too much for my own good.

Final Thoughts

If ingredients don’t fuss you too much then I can think of no better oral lube to use at Christmas and highly recommend this gift set. The lubricants included are well-considered, practical, and delicious.

I’ve never been a very big dessert person but I’ll happily indulge my sweet tooth when oral lubricants are involved, and there is certainly room in my life for such festive fellatio.

Recommend to:

People who want an oral Christmas gift.

People who like festive flavors.

People who like thin/slippery lubes.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thick/goopy lubes.

People who dislike seasonal samples.

People who avoid parabens.

The System Jo Naughty or Nice Flavored Personal Lubricant Gift Set was provided to me by LoveYourSelf in exchange for an honest review.