Product Review: The Liberator Ramp

I may consider myself an avid yogini but flexibility and balance have never been my forte. In terms of balance I have all the grace of a tree-climbing anteater (which, apparently, are notoriously clumsy) and I’m about as flexible as a stone dildo. Having also lived many years as a big beautiful woman (happily, I might add) I’ve also had my fair share of logistical challenges when it comes to space and positioning, and all of this naturally translates in to the bedroom.

Perhaps modern media has been cruel to us. We’re often greeted in movies and shows with the effortless fuck, where everyone’s genitalia perfectly align and where being pinned up against the wall or bent over backwards all is completely achievable and without hindrance. The fantasy element of media is highly present in the depiction of sex, with penetration achieving an unwarranted amount of unimpeded depictions.

How bland that we have been shames with such a cookie-cutter depiction of love-making.

While it’s certainly a bonus is two people’s bodies match together like puzzle pieces, the truth is that body compatibility is often not determined until intimacy becomes a factor and that’s not a bad thing. Part of the fun of sex is that it’s messy, dynamic, vibrant. Sex is two people mashing their bodies together in a playful attempt to fulfill a desire (be it sexual, romantic, or both) and there’s a joy to be had in figuring out how to wedge two quirky shapes together.

In such endeavors, any assistance available is a godsend—a brilliant addition to an already exciting situation. This is where sex furniture comes in.

Facilitating ease of insertion and making previously impossible positions literally do-able, sex furniture is a specifically-designed invitation to embrace the thrill of sexual exploration from all different angles.

Chief among the sex furniture experts are Liberator and perhaps most iconic in their range is the Liberator Ramp. Slotting wonderfully in to almost anyone’s play sessions,

The Liberator Ramp

When I think Liberator, I think Liberator Ramp (or, more specifically, the Ramp/Wedge Combo). There really is no other piece of sex furniture that so eloquently captures in my mind the effective brilliance of such a sexual apparatus.

The Ramp is absolutely gorgeous. But it's also a pain to photograph, so my apologies.
The Ramp is absolutely gorgeous. But it’s also a pain to photograph, so my apologies.

The Liberator Ramp is one of the mid-sized offerings from Liberator and can be considered as ‘large but manageable’. Coming in at 34x24x12 in terms of dimensions, the Liberator Ramp is at home even on a single bed, and leaves ample room for play on a double. It’s tall enough for someone to prop themselves up over it while standing, but short enough so that even my 5ft 5 inch frame can do so without relying too much on tippy toes.

The Liberator Ramp is designed to be the perfect angle and height for doggy style, but the possibilities with the Ramp really are as expansive as your imagination. For Mr Peaches and I, it also makes a great facilitator for anal sex and gives oral and brand new angle. When Mr Peaches or I grab for the Ramp, we’re not necessarily asking for a familiar sex position (which can happen with something like the Wedge, where we have our obvious favourites set by now). Instead we’re visually signalling each other—What should we explore today? How do you want to be taken? What haven’t we tried?

The Wedge offers familiarity. The Ramp offers excitement.
The Wedge offers reliability. The Ramp offers excitement.

The size, shape and form of the Liberator Ramp may seem straightforward at first but a significant amount of work goes in to making the Ramp and exceptional piece of sex furniture which acts as a catalyst for trying something new and for experiencing familiar positions in a new manner.

Some may think that this is easy to achieve with a bit of DIY propping but I can assure you this isn’t the case. Back before we had the Wedge and the Ramp in our lives Mr Peaches and I were pretty much the champions of strategic pillow placement and furniture repurposing, but the moment we tried a Liberator product we immediately became sex furniture devotees.

Of course, there is always a place for a bit of makeshift shenanigans in the bedroom (safely, of course) but Liberator are the experts and the Ramp is made from high-density foam that has been specifically selected for supporting the body during sexual activities. When something is made to purpose it usually shows, and this is the case with the Liberator Ramp. This toy can be used on the floor, on the bed, by larger individuals, by those with mobility issues (or other physical concerns), and pretty much anyone or everyone who fancies trying sex from a different angle.

It’s soft microfiber cover is easy to apply and remove and can be easily washed in a washing machine—making it completely and utterly hassle-free. And, let’s face it, most people aren’t going to immediately know what the Liberator Ramp is, and you could easily pass it off as another form of support pillow or back support.

Despite being rather large, the Liberator Ramp is also relatively light-weight and can be easily grabbed and positioned around in the heat of the moment. It’s high-density foam form offers a lot of support but is not completely rigid either, making it incredibly comfortable to use.

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At this point I do have to hold my hands up and say that the Liberator Ramp did not entirely eliminate my anteater ways. There have been moments where I’ve lobbed myself eagerly on to the Ramp only to bounce back off in comical ways. I’ve also found the Ramp to be a bit of a tall wibble-wobble at times, and it does take me some time to get completely secure on it. But this has all been part of the fun of the Ramp. As I said before—what’s sex without an element of comedy—and I’ve laughed with glee on more than one occasion as Mr Peaches has grabbed my thighs and slid me up the Ramp’s surface to inelegantly reposition me.

In terms of access, the Ramp offers all the options I had hoped for and more. The downside of this is that I’ve perhaps gotten a bit lazy—as Mr Peaches is now able to take me in doggy while I comfortably lay myself down on the Ramp’s gloriously velvety microfiber cover. The angle when using the Ramp is almost always augmented compared to when no sexual aid is included and even when we do experience a hiccup it’s very easy to reposition.

You can always trust Liberator for quality.
You can always trust Liberator for quality.

I’ve head the Ramp for a fair amount of time and yet I still feel like there’s so much I can do with it—so much to try. The Liberator Ramp excites me. It frees me from any bodily limitations while simultaneously making me much more aware of what my body is capable of. Did I ever think I’d have sex standing up, balancing my body forward, legs precariously stretched as if forced apart by a spreader bar? Not without falling flat on my face after about 15 seconds. But with the Liberator Ramp I’ve now had that sexual experience and all I can say is ‘I approve’.

All this being said, the Ramp isn’t without its flaws and some people may find the Ramp to be too tall or too precarious to be propped up atop compared to some smaller Liberator products, such as the Wedge. Although I adore the potency of the Ramp old habits tend to die hard and I tend to find that I still grab for the Wedge more often than its larger accompaniment.

The Liberator Ramp’s dimensions also need to be taken in to account before purchase. Something so large needs to be stored and, although the Ramp comes in environmentally compressed packaging, once it’s been released from its vacuum containment it will never occupy so slim a space again (unless you routinely employ similar methods of storage).

Personally, I don’t think these hinder the benefits of the Liberator Ramp at all and, although I prefer the Wedge, I’ve also found that there’s an immense amount of potential to be had when combining the Wedge and Ramp. Having a favourite doesn’t necessarily negate the benefits of one product, especially not when the two can so naturally benefit each other, and the Liberator Ramp has proven to be a much-admired addition to our sex lives.

Final Thoughts

The Liberator Ramp is a large addition to most people’s lives, but its impact is much greater. This mighty piece of sex furniture is perfect for anyone wanting to try a variety of new positions (or revive familiar ones) and its effect on some people’s sex life will be extremely profound.

Accessibility, variety, and fun are all crucial aspects of sex, and the Liberator Ramp addresses and facilitates each of these aspects with near-effortless expertise. Some may find the Ramp to be a bit too excessive for their needs—and I strongly suggest that you take out some tape and measure out the Ramp’s dimensions before assuming they’re something you can easily accommodate—but if you have space for this sex furniture in your life then it will reveal an entirely new way to approach sex.

Recommend to:

People who like angled sex.

People wanting to try new positions.

People who struggle with getting in to position.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike the feeling of elevation.

People wanting a less drastic height.

People who don’t have the storage space for it.

The Liberator Ramp was provided to me by Liberator in exchange for an honest review. If you want your very own Ramp then you can get an exclusive 10% discount if you use the code PEACHES10 during the checkout process! This offer is valid SITEWIDE and not just on the Ramp.

Grab yourself this bargain and treat yourself (or someone else) to a brilliant red Ramp this festive season. Also, do click on that anteater link because it is adorable. Just sayin’