Toy Review: The Svakom Emma Mini

I’m a Power Queen (with capital letters in all the right places). It’s a title I wear with pride and strongly identify with. If I tried to tally off my wand collection from memory alone I know I’d forget at least a few. I know this because I’ve tried (and failed) to recount the number in the past. Naturally I have my favorites and they’re all the ones that pack the extra oomph and rumble that you’d reasonably expect for someone who self-identifies with an insatiable appetite for vibrations.

But I’m also a sex toy reviewer (again, proudly so) and this means that I don’t always test and request toy for myself—I test and request toys for the reader. You, the person scrolling through this right now, you’re the reason I masturbate at least once every single day.

And because we’re all wonderfully weird and gloriously varied I also try not to shoebox the types of toys I pursue. For example, just because I like my vulva to question what existence even means whenever I apply a vibrator to it (an side effect of the vibrator’s sheer force) I understand that many people just want a nice gentle, or even mid-range, vibrator.

The appeal of the wand is often irresistible, though. So what do you do when you’re craving a wand but want a broad variety of sensations—that range from a mid-range quiver to a semi-shallow, but strong buzz-rumble?

You grab for the Svakom Emma Mini.

The Svakom Emma Mini

The Svakom Emma Mini is a medium-sized wand which aims to give the benefits of having a compact wand size-wise but without a compromise in power. Only a select few companies have managed to pull this off until now, but it has been done so the Svakom Emma Mini certainly isn’t attempting the impossible.

Sometimes mini can be mighty.
Sometimes mini can be mighty.

The Svakom Emma Mini looks very similar to its larger counterpart—the Svakom Emma—but lacks its signature warming feature. This is a bit of a downside but makes sense considering the size and cost of the Svakom Emma Mini. At $89 (and sometimes lower) the Svakom Emma Mini is a rather accessible mid-sized wand, though not the cheapest on the market.

Sometimes it’s quality that trumps cost, though, and the Emma Mini comes with all of the perks that you might hope to receive when buying a luxury vibrator from a luxury brand, such as Svakom. These are the people who gave us the vagina selfie cam, after all; they don’t do anything without a little bit of flare.

The Svakom Emma Mini comes well-packaged, making it a great choice for gift-giving. Strategically the Emma Mini is also a rather good gift choice overall too. It’s not too powerful and not too gentle. It offers an iconic shape without insisting on taking up too much room, and it’s pretty damned gender neutral so can appeal to a large range of individuals. These factors make the Emma Mini pretty great for the festive season—if only it didn’t limit its colours to pink and purple. Can we move on from this yet, sex toy industry? Please.

The Svakom Emma Mini is also completely USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and comes with a handy-dandy storage bag. A single charge will get you up to 2 hour’s worth of play and its waterproof properties make wonderfully easy to clean. Cleaning may not seem like a big issue but you honestly don’t recognize just how significant it can be until you go back to using ‘water-resistant’ toys. They just never feel as easy nor as hygienic and, in my opinion, just aren’t as worth it.

Of course ease of cleaning is nothing without safety of material, and the Svakom Emma Mini is made from ABS Plastic (for the base) and silky smooth silicone—making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone is what I’ve come to consider as the ‘stereotypical luxury’ type. It’s soft, smooth, matte, and addictive to stroke. This particular silicone does seem to like grabbing up dust and lint, but it’s not a magnet like some toys.

I could rub this toy against my vulva all day.
I could rub this toy against my vulva all day.

The Svakom Emma Mini can be controlled by three buttons near the end of its base. These buttons control the speed of the vibrations in addition to filtering through the toy’s different S-Modes, and the ‘S’ may as well stand for ‘sorcery’ for me because I can’t for the life of me, figure out how to use it properly. As patterns frustrate me this wasn’t a huge issue for me but I still feel a bit irritated by just how confusing the S-Mode/s(?) can be at first (as you can probably tell from my tentative assertions). To my mind the S-Mode is about as coherent as a kaleidoscope when high, so…yeah.

The vibrations from the Emma Mini themselves, while not full-wand powered, are still pretty damned impressive, and I really do commend Svakom for fitting a whole lotta juice in to this petite wand. The vibrations start off as a titillating (yet still medium powered) quiver, which has a nice amount of depth to it and can rumble my thighs a bit when pressed between them. The next setting becomes a bit buzzier, has slightly more depth, and a fair upgrade in intensity. But, sadly, the final setting (although as strong as some larger wands) becomes even buzzier and keeps a very similar level of depth to the mid-point vibrations. At least in my experience.

A flexible neck and a head measuring at just 1.5 in diameter makes it so that it’s rather intuitive to really press the mostly firm head of the Emma Mini up against the body and allow its vibrations to work their magic, but I never actually had that sorcerous explosion with the Svakom Emma Mini Wand. The vibrations simply lacked the low rumble and penetrating depth that I personally like in my wands, making the vibrations always feel a bit too shallow and surface level.

This won’t be everyone’s experience with the Emma Mini (and the toy does objectively pack a punch) but my preference for resonant vibrations means that the Emma Mini simply sits uncomfortably with my proclivities.

Of much more general irritation are the controls of the Svakom Emma Mini—which are ridiculously easy to accidentally touch and rather difficult to intentionally switch to a different mode. Both Mr Peaches and I struggled with the controls of the Emma Mini.

Let me just say that I do not care for these vibrations and leave it at that.
Let me just say that I do not care for these controls and leave it at that.

At one point, I got so fed up with constantly pressing the wrong buttons when trying to use this wand that I literally stopped what we were doing, declared ‘Fuck it’ in a rather affronted manner and proceeded to lob my Emma Mini off the bed and grab for another wand. In terms of quality build the Emma Mini fared supremely well from my bout of libido-induced rage and recklessness, but I still don’t recommend doing this at home.

The Svakom Emma Mini may also not be suitable for those who like their vibrations to be as delicate or as shallow as a kitten’s purr. I say this vibrator can cater to the needs of the many, but it still starts out strong. It is a wand-after all and it embodies that status with sufficient strength.

Outside of these downsides I really can’t see much wrong with the Emma Mini, but the ease with which the buttons could be wrongly pushed was a real deal-breaker for me. It made an already difficult toy to orgasm with an impossible one and I sadly never got to reap the full benefits of the otherwise very well-made Emma Mini.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps I am a special snowflake—whose incompetence with navigating a sex toy control panel deserves to be held up as the pinnacle of controller ineptitude—but I doubt it. See, I’ve had a few sex toys in my time, so I like to think I can at least muster up a few competent button presses, but this was never the case with the Svakom Emma Mini.

Because of this it is hard to recommend the Svakom Emma Mini, even if the vibrator itself does still have affordable mass appeal.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if the buttons would be enough of a bug-bear to hinder your enjoyment (and it could be that you have no issue at all). In which case I do think that the Emma Mini offers a nicely passable medium-sized wand experience.

But, for the most part, the Svakom Emma Mini just slots in among many other wands for me as generic and all around inspiring. When a sex toy mainly stands out because of how annoying it is to control that’s not necessarily a good sign.

Recommend to:

People who like strong buzzy vibrations.

People who like a gentle amount of depth in vibrations.

People who want a medium-sized wand.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer low and rumbly vibrations.

People who like deep vibrations.

People who struggle with easy-to-press buttons.

The Svakom Emma Mini was provided to me by Svakom in exchange for an honest review.