Product Review: Revisiting Slube (Courtesy of Planet Earth Wholesale)

Some experiences are so commonplace that they can happen almost daily. Others are practically once in a lifetime. Although I wouldn’t rank my Slube experience as quite so illustrious, I did feel like I’d missed out on a golden opportunity when I messed up my first encounter with Slube.

Emerald green and fragrances with glorious juniper, my Slube mixture was sadly doomed to mediocrity due to the undiluted state through which I mixed it.

I still maintain that Slube could benefit from some better instructions re. measurements and a bit of reassurance on how to get the slimy concoction just right, but I also accept I was at fault for being too overambitious with my estimations. Still, with Slube’s price tag it is rather hard to justify purchasing another bundle with the fear of failure looming.

Thankfully Planet Earth threw me a lifeline…

Excuse me while I dork out for a while. X3

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Oh yes! Thanks to Planet Earth I got myself a brand-new bundle of Slube and, this time, I was determined to make it a special occasion.

So I employed the help of one of the best artists I know to not only make this a special occasion but also to make one of my all-time-fantasies a semi-reality.



With such brilliant motivation I knew I couldn’t fail with the second batch.

Still, precautions did need to be taken and one of them was using a smaller tub. Large, grandiose tubs may seem luxurious when you want to fuck in a giant pool of green goo but they’re not as conductive for literally achieving that goal.

No—after some careful deliberation I have decided that the best set-up is a standard (or slightly smaller) sized bath tub with a shower head attached to the tap. This allows you to better mix your Slube concoction before easily and effortlessly cleaning it all off come the end.

Mixing my Slube in these conditions proved to be a lot easier. It wasn’t totally seamless and there were still some gunky clusters which needed to be squished in to submission, but this became a large part of the fun for me.

Don’t judge me!

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THIS IS HAPPENING! @tantusinc #Slube

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Today I refuse to be a professional. @ceramicpleasure #Slube

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I’ll be one of the first to admit to being a huge dork, and I may have relinquished all professionalism in these Instagram posts, but I hope you’ll forgive me regardless.

Some things in life are not meant to be taken seriously, and sploshing is one of them. In fact, the only ‘serious’ part of any slippery sensation play—in my humble opinion—should be the body-safety of your materials, and this is exactly what Slube is so important for. As I mentioned in my previous review, Slube is perhaps one of the most convenient, purpose-made, body-safe play slime options on the market, and this makes it a valuable asset.

One thing that remains consistent with Slube, though, is just how damned slippery it makes the bath. Always scotch in to your tub with care once it’s been filled with Slube. I personally cock one leg over the tub at the time and get in on my knees for a Slube bath (which isn’t the most elegant thing but it does do the trick) and I’d advise you to develop your own method too instead of assuming you’ll be able to hop in to your bath unhindered.

The most brilliant thing about Slube is that, although it is so safe, practical, and, yes, even frustrating at times, it also brings out this extreme sense of playfulness which is almost effortless. Once you hear what Slube is all about you want to dive in to its warm gunky depths. Once you feel it between your fingers you want to scoop it up and let it dribble as you watch mesmerized.

I typically don’t use sex toys in the bath. It’s just too dry and too much hassle. But with Slube I could not only use various different toys with ease but I also found myself playing with the toys like a young girl again with her favourite rubber ducky. It was a brilliantly goofy experience (and great for age play too).

This stands in contrast to my previous assertion that Slube is not appropriate as a lubricant and, in fact, I think I would consider using Slube as the *only* way I’d consider sex in the bath tub. Granted positioning would be harder, but the actual act of penetration would suddenly be possible, whereas before it was completely out of bounds.

This really does go to show just how important it is getting the mixture right and the extent to which it can transform the Slube experience. Which brings me back to that price tag. It’s a sticking point (pun intended) that may offset some. And (full disclosure) even when I got closer to Slube perfection I still never achieved it. I still got to a point where gelatinous granules were visible but I was simply too apprehensive to continue diluting the batch. Rather too gunky a Slube bath than too watery one, after all.

This may detract from the experience for anyone who wants a seamless and slick experience. But, I have to say, this is the closest I’ve ever got to reliving the pure joy of playtime in the tub and, much like a fine wine, it’s just got better with maturity and experience.

As with last time I found that my Slube was very easy to wash out of the tub and I think it actually left it cleaner than when I started. It certainly left me feeling thoroughly refreshed and smelling like a juniper goddess.

Some thoughts to leave you with x #Slube @ceramicpleasure

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Final Thoughts

Overall I find myself extremely indebted to Planet Earth for allowing me to revisit Slube. Having prepped myself with custom smut and proceeded with a bit more caution during the mixing process I feel much more confident recommending Slube.

I hope that my experimental Instagram videos helped express the carefree playfulness that Slube inspired in me. I also hope that you can find equal pleasure in Slube’s slippery embrace.

This batch of Slube was provided to me by my sponsors, Planet Earth Wholesale, In exchange for an honest review. Please do check them out (because anyone who allows me to be a goof on the internet is the type of person I want to endorse).

Please also give all the love in the world to the ever-talented Delidah, who drew the featured artwork for me and has been very patiently waiting for me to reveal it to you all. Go and check out their comic and Patreon. Decide what smutty things their characters do next. Get a sketch drawn. Nab a commission. The sky is the limit! (Okay, so maybe expendable income is the real limit, but you get the point)