Update: Who Won The Crowned Jewels Marylebone?

Hello my lovely readers,

My gosh! Another giveaway has come and gone and, yet again, I am blown away by the level of participation involved. You’re all so amazing and I hope you had fun with my little trivia quiz.

Sadly there can only be one winner but, before I announce who it is, let’s give a HUGE thanks to Crowned Jewels for offering such a fantastic prize. Companies like Crowned Jewels are well worth supporting and I highly recommend that you check them out. I can promise with 100% confidence that there is nothing else like their products on the market (accept no substitutes!).


And now, to put you all out of your misery, the winner iiiiiiisssss…..


Congratulations to you! I’ll be in touch soon with regards to getting your prize to you.

For everyone who didn’t win: Please don’t fret too much! I love you soo much that I’ve already got another giveaway planned. If all goes well then December, January, and February will be very merry months indeed.

Until the next review!