Toy Review: The Sex Wooden Toys Eos

Rosy-fingered and adorned with saffron-colored robes, Eos is presented in mythology as a timeless beauty, crowned with a tiara and bearing the brilliant feathered wings of a bird. When she rose over the edge of her Oceanus home the dawn would come with her, when she shed her tears morning dew was brought forth in to the world. Her romantic exploits were known well by her fellow deities and she was said to have been cursed by Aphrodite with insatiable sexual desire.

Thankfully Sex Wooden Toys rendition of the Eos comes with no such curse—instead capable of bringing fourth some very gratifying and filling orgasms. When using the Eos it is easy to see why Sex Wooden Toys chose the mythological figure, too; as the Eos definitely leaves me rosy in the cheeks and, although satisfied, admittedly wanting for more.

As with this toys mythological inspiration, the Eos is only one of many in the pantheon of dildos that can bring me to such certain gratification, but that does not diminish its effectiveness, nor undermine its obvious beauty.

Plus any chance to talk about Greek mythology is a bonus in my books.

About Sex Wooden Toys

Sex Wooden Toys are an Italian company specializing in the conception and creation of wooden dildos, vibrators, and anal toys. The company itself has over twenty years of experience with wood.

It is this experience which has inspired Sex Wooden Toys to turn to erotic endeavors. After getting to know their material so intimately, Sex Wooden Toy began to realize that this intimacy was inherent in the wood itself and that the material could be used to provide immense pleasure to their customers. This pleasure comes with the high quality and aesthetic professionalism that you’d expect from such a well-versed company, but also utilizes the practicality of design to make a line of rather standard-looking but, nonetheless, effective sex toys.


I must admit, I initially glanced over Sex Wooden Toys with some disinterest. The site itself utilizes the female for in a way that I consider to be unimaginative and cliché. The products themselves are mostly straight shafted and the company’s background outside of the adult industry is immediately apparent from the texture that they have selected.

However, looking past the exterior I have come to realize that these sex toys don’t need to look like conventional dildos in order to work really well. In fact, I’ve even come to admire the wood-working designs of the Sex Wooden Toys line—as it can, at times, look and feel like I’m daring to explore every day furniture in more depth than anyone would typically condone.

Sex Wooden Toys was the first Italian company to produce sex toys as they do (using wood that is fit and finished for completely body-safe sexual purposes) and in my experience their service is impeccable. My item arrives beautifully packaged and in very good time. The company is easy to contact

The Sex Wooden Toys Eos

The Sex Wooden Toys Eos (SWT Eos for short) comes in two different sizes and is designed to ‘light you up with pleasure’ (hence the rather poetic name). I honestly can’t make much sense of the site’s description beyond that—which makes for an entertaining read, if nothing else—so allow me to describe this dildo in my own words.

Sex Wooden Toys have some rather nice packaging (and come with a storage bag).
Sex Wooden Toys have some rather nice packaging (and come with a storage bag).

The SWT Eos is a bold and beautiful, straight-shafted exploration into the potential of three wooden bulges, which create a gently rippling silhouette. The Eos would look just as welcome as a decorative feature on the frame of a bed or a lovingly crafted chair as it would in its current erotic embodiment and this gives the SWT Eos a slightly innocuous allure. This makes the Eos look at the same time both incredibly conventional and entirely peculiar. As I said before, I don’t normally fuck my furniture but when I make an exception it’s for Sex Wooden Toys.

In terms of specs. the SWT Eos medium is 7.8 inches in length, and has a 1.5 inch diameter. The large is 9.0 inches in length and a 2 inch diameter. Both are available in a variety of woods, which are carefully selected by SWT and quality assured. The only thing SWT doesn’t seem to mention is just how sustainable their wood suppliers are, so do be aware of this when making a purchase.

Wood is one of those materials which can make for a great sex toy but only if treated correctly. A good wooden toy needs to be designed, sanded down, and polished with complete care and attention, and given the treatment necessary to make it completely non-porous. When done correctly you get a high-quality, semi-weighted, firm dildo which doesn’t feel as cold as metal or glass and has its own sense of softness about it. I’d go so far to say that wood almost has a warmth to it which feels just a bit more forgiving then its other solid companion materials.

Wood is still incredibly easy to lubricate, but it tends to have a bit more drag than glass or metal, making it personally more satisfying for me. It can be used with water-based or silicone lubricant and cleans up with the expected amount of ease.

This toy offers a subtle but satisfying ride.
This toy offers a subtle but satisfying ride.

It is worth intermittently checking your wooden dildo before and after each use, though, just to make sure that no imperfections have emerged on the surface which may compromise its body-safe status.

Perhaps the biggest downside of wood is that, compared to other firm materials, it’s not as good for temperature play (being much more akin to silicone in terms of heat reception than metal or glass). That being said, wood does have the uncanny ability to merge its temperature with that of the body and create a wonderful sensation of shared heat which adds to its appeal in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong—sometimes I crave the crisp chill of metal, but other times I would rather be greeted with the welcoming warmth of wood.

Texture-wise the Eos is a delight to use. It’s three bulbous forms start with a tapered tip and cascade out in to inviting undulations. These can definitely be felt when entering my vagina and have a noticeable but subtle sense to them when my vaginal muscles clench around the Eos’ surface.

The Eos is an inviting dildo.
The Eos is an inviting dildo.

Thrusting or clenching are the methods that I have found work best with the Eos (with clenching being my preferred method). Even though I have the medium Eos, this toy’s surface and firm form make it feel larger than it is and this creates a highly arousing sensation.

Just like the rising sun expands across the once starry-sky, the Eos illuminates my insides with size and a subtle swooning that manages to be impressively forceful while also having a gentle balance to it. My orgasms with the Eos aren’t enough to make me muster my own morning dew, but they are profound enough that I typically enjoy using this dildo.

Still, I’m a sucker for a curve and, although the filling sensation of the Eos is pleasant, it’s not my regular preference. When I do want a straight shaft, I’m like to reach for the Eos (or Vamp) in order to meet my desires, but the Eos does not compel me to try it on a daily basis, nor to make it a regular part of my own masturbation roster.

That’s not to say that the Eos is bad. In fact, I find this toy to be an exceptional demonstration of just what hand-crafted pleasure items can provide, but exceptional quality does not always mean complete compatibility.

If I had purchased the Eos myself I would have been completely satisfied with my purchase, but I think if I was eyeing it up in preparation to make a purpose then I’d probably pass it over for something with more of a curve and a little less girth.

Make of this what you will, but I personally can’t see much objectively wrong with the Eos and think it will appeal to those who want a straight-shafted induction into just what wood has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Overall I found the Eos to be perfectly fit for purchase and highly recommendable. Though not my ride of choice, this dildo does have a beauty and effectiveness about it which will no doubt call me back as I indulge in fleeting cravings for its enhancing form.

Outside of my own preferences I can see this dildo appealing to anyone who likes dildos that feel deceptively girthy, appreciators of subtle texture/ridges, and those who already admire the material-qualities of wood.

If this sounds like you then the Eos is a worthy exception which may just bring you a rising orgasm as pleasant as the dawn itself.

Recommend to:

People who like wood.

People who like straight-shafts.

People who like gentle texture.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm toys.

People who want to dabble in temperature play.

People who need a curve.

The SWT Eos was provided to me by Sex Wooden Toys in exchange for an honest review.

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