Update: Lelo Celebrates Black Friday With Up to 70% Sale

Hello my lovely readers,

Black Friday is finally upon us! And although I’m currently running a conference as you read this I still wanted to make time to get you some of the best deals available.

Chief among those deals is the Black Friday sale over at Lelo, where up to a whooping 70% has been discounted on some items. Clicking through any of the affiliate links below will automatically reflect this offer (to my knowledge) and will allow you to reap the benefits of the Black Friday hype.


So, in order to mark the occasion, I thought I’d highlight some of my top picks from the current Black Friday sale and give you a little recap on why I think these toys are well worth splurging out on.

The Lelo Gigi 2 (25% Off)

What with my experience with the Lelo Liv 2, I was skeptical when presented with the Lelo Gigi 2. Thankfully this toy soon wiped out any doubt I had and secured a place as one of my go to recommendations for an introductory G-Spotting vibrator.


At 25% off now is the perfect time to try the Lelo Gigi 2 yourself, especially if you’re beginning your exploration in to luxury G-Spotting toys. I can think of no better product for individuals in such a position.

My favourite part of my Lelo Gigi 2 review has to be my friend’s reaction to this product, which says it all really:

“when I put the Lelo Gigi 2 on full power and proceeded to hand it to a friend (our dear resident Clementine) she literally jumped at the sensation. Her eyes then widened a bit as the potency of the Gigi 2 dawned on her and I saw a glint of desire emerge within them”.

The Lelo Ina Wave (25% Off)

lelo_femme-homme_ina-wave_packaging_cerise_2x_0The Lelo Ina Wave did not work well with my body, but the Lelo Mona Wave did and I’m very aware that the Ina Wave provides a popular alternative to the Mona Wave for those who adore rabbit-vibrators.

In terms of objective quality the Lelo Ina Wave is outstanding. It’s the type of toy I can advise upon favourably even if I don’t personally mesh well with it.

There are very few toys that make me feel comfortable in doing so, so the Lelo Ina Wave gets a tip of the hat from me.

“It also feels divine; like stroking a delicate petal on a pleasant summer day. That language may be a bit flowery (literally) but, trust me, the silicone feels great”.

The Lelo Lily 2 (25% Off)

lelo_packaging_shot_lily_2_plum I love both the Lelo Lily 2 and the Lelo Nea 2, but it’s the Lily 2 that’s on sale right now and so it gets my attention.

This is a powerful, quiet, and smooth little clitoral vibrator capable of creating some very pleasant sensations indeed. Its pebble-like form contours very well against the vulva but can also be used for more general exploration.

What makes the Lily 2 stand out compared to the Nea 2 is its scent-infused surface, which releases a very delicate aroma. Is this addition worth the extra money? It depends on whether or not you’re in to subtle sensation play in my opinion, but it certainly didn’t detract from the toy for me.

“have some fun blindfolding your lover and, after a while, running the Lily 2 under their nose. Upon detecting the scent they will be aware of what is to come and then the anticipation builds up as they wonder when the vibration will follow”.

The Lelo Luna Beads (25% Off)

lelo_femme-homme_luna-beads_packaging_1 These beads are the most iconic jiggle balls available on the adult market, and with good reason. The Lelo Luna Beads are damned effective. They’re easy to interchange, a breeze to insert, and feel noticeable arousing during use.

I consider the Lelo Luna Beads to provide the best in personal motivation and positive reinforcement when it comes to kegel exercisers. They’re the beads I refer all my friends to and still remain the contested champions of the jiggle bead market.

“The very first time I used these beads I almost had an orgasm. Me—the woman whose choice of toy is usually something with strength akin to a power tool—and yet I was still teetering delightfully on the edge of climax at the very first insertion of these beads. They really are that good.”

The Lelo Bridal Pleasure Set (70% Off)

lelo_accessories_bridal_packaging_2x At 70% off the Lelo Bridal Pleasure Set is a sensible purchase for anyone right now who wants to try the Lelo Noa (which is £85.00 on its own, as opposed to £50.70 for this entire kit!).

The Lelo Bridal Pleasure Set is one of those products that works well as a gift but also as a beautiful personal treat. It’s huge discount makes it incredible value for money at the moment and everything included is of the highest standard.

This real is the pinnacle of Black Friday deals from Lelo and I highly recommend nabbing this if you’re a couple with an interest in use-during-PiV-intercourse vibrators.

“The Lelo Bridal Pleasure Set is a glorious compilation of items that are carefully curated to perfectly embody the spirit of a marriage”.

And that’s all for now my lovely readers! Please do make sure to check out my general Black Friday roundup and stay up to date with me on Twitter, where i’ll be posting all of the latest deals.

A huge thanks to Lelo, who sponsored this showcase. It’s always a pleasure to get support for curating an online selection that I sincerely love.

If you want to show your approval of my site please do make your purchases through the affiliate links included here too. Doing so comes at no extra cost to you and helps facilitate the ongoing success of my site.

I look forward to sharing more Black Friday deals with you as they occur. In the meantime enjoy the holiday spirit!

Until the next review,