Toy Review: The Semenette POP

Antidepressants can be a fickle mistress. On the one hand, many people find them to be essential for living. In darker times—where therapy and support systems alone are simply not an option—antidepressants can provide the chemical balance needed to stabilize individuals who are struggling through extremely difficult times, helping them find reasons to live again.

Yet antidepressants can also rob us of some of the things we might consider as fundamental to our identity or daily existence. Sex, for example, though often overlooked by medical professionals is an incredibly important part of our physical and emotional well-being, and antidepressants can all too often rob people of the climax that they have known and loved over the years.

To go from someone who had no problems reaching climax to an individual that struggles and strains to even get a glimpse at an orgasm can be incredibly demoralizing. I know because I’ve watched Mr Peaches go through such a struggle and have experienced the knock-on effect myself.

When it comes to sex and antidepressants Mr Peaches has his own story to tell (as do I), so I will not step on his toes in this review. But what I will say is that, whether we wish it were the case or not, climaxes matter. They are the perceived end goal of so many sexual interactions, a visually potent display of sexual release, and a wonderful physical rush which very view would voluntarily deprive themselves off. When such a significant aspect of sex is missing, the effects can be devastating for everyone involved.

But they don’t have to be.

Products such as the Semenette POP are few and far between—in fact I feel confident in saying that there is no other toy on the market exactly like the POP—but when they are released in to the world their effect is profound and reaches multiple communities. Semenette’s founder, Stephanie Berman created the POP out of her own desire to conceived with her partner on her terms, but upon wider release she soon found that the POP resonated with thousands of individuals and couples for a myriad of different reasons.

This was certainly the case for Mr Peaches and I too—and there is an immense emotional rush that comes with giving someone back their power to ejaculate upon demand (even if the method to do so is somewhat unconventional).

The Semenette POP

The Semenette POP is (in essence) a dildo which can retain fluid and then ‘ejaculate’ on demand—either at your own hands or on the whims of a trusted lover or other sexual partner.

This dildo is potential perfectly executed.

If the concept of this sounds strange to you then I have something to ask you—something that I want you to really sit and consider for a moment:

What does ‘ejaculation’ mean to you?

Is it a simple biological act—a (semi) practical method for sperm to enter the body and get down to some baby making—or is there something more to it? Where in your personal sessions does ejaculation rank? Is it an end point? An intermission?…Is it even present? What does the absence of ejaculation mean to you?

Grapple with some of these questions and you’ll probably notice that there’s more to the act of ejaculation than the biological element.

An ejaculating dildo has many uses. So many, in fact, that I couldn’t honestly cover them all here, but let’s look at just a few. The most obvious use is as a tool for same sex individuals who wish to have the experience of ejaculation in a more realistic manner and on their own terms. This can also include actual sperm (taken from an officially screened donor or sperm bank), allowing couples to recreate the intimate moment of conception if they wish to do so.

This dildo is the only option when it comes to an effective, body-safe ejaculating dildo.
This dildo is the only option when it comes to an effective, body-safe ejaculating dildo.

For BDSM and Kink there’s something incredibly powerful about rocking a cock that can come on demand. This can either be worn as a sub and used as part of an ejaculation-denial roleplay or it can adorn the crotch of a formidable dominant who is keen to ejaculate on their partner’s body.

Then, of course, there are those who have HIV and wish to engage in safer sex practices when it comes to ejaculation. When personal health and/or the health of your partner can be improved by the use of an adult product you know that product is doing some good in the world.

Beyond this there’s also trans individuals, polyamorous individuals, those interested in pegging, those who like gender play, and sploshers (just to name a few).

And, of course, there are those who struggle with erectile dysfunction or an inability to reach climax (such as Mr Peaches).

In terms of design the POP isn’t wholly representational but neither is it entirely abstract. It’s main body is a wonderfully firm dildo with an effective curve, allowing it to arch its way towards the G- or P-Spot once inserted. Because the POP has a flared base it is harness compatible and can be used anally—though I advise that you take care when it comes to the inner tubing of this toy.

Ah, yes; the inner tubing. This is, in many ways, what gives the POP the edge among other ejaculating sex toys. Whereas many ejaculating dildos may use a reuseable inner tube (or one that can’t be fully removed and cleaned) the POP uses disposable inner tubes which should be binned after a single use. This allows the POP to remain hygienic after each use—especially since it’s made from silicone (non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe).

The POP provides an instruction manual letting its users know how to apply the tubes, how to suck up fluids, how to secure the pipe, and how to clean the dildo afterwards and all of it is conveyed in a clear and concise manner. I’ll hold my hands up and say that I’m terrible with instruction manuals, so I did have to pause and think for a while with the POP, but once I saw its key components I found it to be rather straightforward.

In terms of dimensions the POP has a total length of 7 inches, and insertable length of 6.5 inches and a maximum diameter of 1.65 inches.

This may not seem like much but, since the POP is a collaboration between Semenette and Fun Factory, the silicone used for this toy is uncompromisingly firm and has a fair amount of drag to it. This makes the POP seem girthier than it is (and it’s already rather girthy).

This coronal ridge is divine but the girth of this dildo may detract from its effectiveness for some.
This coronal ridge is divine but the girth of this dildo may detract from its effectiveness for some.

For me this completely worked. The prominent arching curve of the POP’s head worked wonderfully to mimic the coronal ridge and caused strong orgasms as an after effect. Mr Peaches and I always use a condom, so I cannot vouch for just how similar this toy’s ejaculation is to ‘the real deal’ but I will say that I highly enjoyed making Mr Peaches come on my demand. It was definitely a good bit of fun, in addition to a very healing experience for the both of us.

I also have to take a moment to praise Semenette for just how much they care about user safety and the quality o the lubricant that you use. Mr Peaches and I used Bad Dragon Cum Lube (to varying degrees of success) but Semenette’s main recommendation is high quality, rather thin water-based lubricant. A lot of emphasis is put on making sure that the fluids that you’re squirting in to your body is safe, and that degree of caring is something I always appreciate.

Although the ejaculation effect didn’t actually feel as powerful as Mr Peaches and I envisioned we were both rather impressed with just how much fluid the POP could contain and found that it made our proceeding PiV and pegging a lot easier too.

A flared base makes pegging possible.
A flared base makes pegging possible.

In terms of downsides I have two major concerns with the POP.

The first has to be the design of the toy. Yes—this toy is a fantastic step forward in terms of ejaculating dildos. But it is also rather firm, rather girthy, and very draggy. These things combined mean that it’s not great for thrusting, which is one of this toy’s major applications!

This incompatibility is especially the case if you dislike thicker or firmer toys, or have tried and loathed Fun Factory’s silicone in the past. I mean, usually with Fun Factory toys that felt too rough there was the option of sliding a condom over the top of it, but that kind of defeats the point when it comes to the POP.

Mr Peaches and I also personally struggle with the idea of a toy where even a single aspect of it is one-use only. The replacement tubes aren’t cheap, either, making the POP a toy for environmental and financial concern.

Don’t get me wrong—using the POP as a method to get pregnant would make every tube worth the investment, but what about the longevity and sustainability of this you for those who just want an ejaculating dildo? I can’t honestly say that the disposable aspect of the POP is worth it for regular activities.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr Peaches and I found a place of personal growth and exploration with the POP, making it a hard toy to dismiss (especially given its significant impact overall).

This is a toy that stands firm and erect, not just for pleasure but for a purpose too. Its firm, ejaculation-ready shaft is strongly defiant of outdated and narrow notions of what constitutes sex and the role of ejaculation in sex while also acting as a practical solution for those in need of one.

This firmness of both character and material may not be for everyone, but if you’re craving the POP then chances are you have a use for the POP and I can honestly say that no other product will suffice in comparison.

Recommend to:

People who want an ejaculation dildo.

People who struggle with ejaculation.

People who like the idea of prompted ejaculation.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want to ejaculate dangerous fluids.

People who dislike firm/draggy silicone.

People who are eco-conscious.

The POP was provided to me by Semenette in exchange for an honest review. HUGE thanks go to Kelly Shibari, who organised this exchange, in addition to Stephanie herself, who has impacted the lives of more people than she will every truly know.