Toy Review: The IMTOY Zoo Giraffe

Following my successful interactions with the Gazelle I was ready to return to the sex toy safari and sample IMTOY’s Giraffe too.

Fun Fact: Giraffe is actually Mr Peaches’ animal parallel. At least it was when we were teens. Tall and lanky, I would call him a giraffe and he would give me cuddly toys of giraffes to remind me of him.

When we went to see his grandparents together for the very first time he took me in to a Build-A-Bear Factory and we made a custom giraffe plush together. We kissed the heart that gets placed inside the stuffing and he recorded a personal “Looove you” that would play whenever I pressed its hoof.

Aaaaand, that’s probably the most sappy/embarrassing thing I’ve ever shared with you. Apologies.

The point I’m trying to convey is that I have an extreme bias when it comes to anything giraffe related, which is why it surprises me that I’m rather indifferent when it comes to the IMTOY Zoo Giraffe.

The IMTOY Zoo Giraffe

Allow me to start this review by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Giraffe. In fact as luxury G-Spot vibrators go this toy is a very good choice.

Want a good, gentle gift for your partner? This is probably it.
Want a good, gentle gift for your partner? This is probably it.

The IMTOY Zoo Giraffe is part of the Zoo line and is in keeping with its beautiful animal-based aesthetic. The box for the Giraffe is brilliantly constructed and makes for the perfect gift. If you have a partner and you know they like slim, slightly curved G-Spot vibrators, have a fondness of patterns, and like their vibrations to be mid-to-strong with some depth then the Giraffe should be your Christmas gift of choice. It will most likely tick all of your boxes while itself coming in a box that is undeniably compelling.

Wrapped up in beautiful craft paper (and accompanied with a very good instruction manual) the Giraffe is completely waterproof, is USB rechargeable, has 16 different vibration patterns and can be controlled either via a single button on the lower section of the toy or through the Zoo app.

I’ve already reviewed the Zoo app but, suffice to say, it provides an incredibly amount of versatility and is part of the reason that this is the luxury vibe worth investing in if you’re looking at G-Spotting toys in this price range and have the above criteria.

Some of the best aspects of the vibe are the ability to turn music or videos in to real time vibration patterns, an orgasm button, and the ability to draw your own vibrations too. The most useful aspects of this app by far is the ease through which is allows you to access its various patterns. This is particularly noteworthy because otherwise you have to rely on a single button in order to sift through the vibrations, which is the only big bugbear of mine when it comes to the Giraffe.

There is very little to dislike about this toy.
There is very little to dislike about this toy.

The majority of the Giraffe is made from beautiful, body-safe silicone—which is phthalate-free, non-porous, and latex friendly. This silicone has a matte exterior and is nicely smooth with just the right amount of grip to hug against the vaginal walls and add a bit of extra sensation. Because this toy has no flared base it is not anal friendly at all and should only ever be used vaginally or as an impromptu external vibe (but if you’re going for external toys then I highly recommend the Gazelle instead).

Something I really like about the Giraffe is that, despite being named after a rather towering animal, the Giraffe is a gentle and petite vibrator in terms of dimensions. It has a max insertible diameter of 1.1 inches and a total length of only 6.3 inches, which makes it great for those who prefer smaller toys, beginners to penetration, or those who are making the transition from dilator kits to sex toys.

If you have Vaginismus and you want to try a vibe then I feel rather confident guiding you towards the Giraffe. Not just because of its gentle curve and slim form but because the app gives so much control that it acts as a beautiful safety net—allowing you to explore a wide variety of sensations on your own terms.

When it comes to the vibrations from the Giraffe, they’re good. Not the strongest for their price range, but not the weakest either, the Giraffe strikes the happy medium in terms of strength while also bringing some distinct vibrations to the table. These vibrations are kind of like a weird hybrid between buzz, rumble, and a quivering flicker where the three types of vibration are on a road trip and have decided to take turns driving. All of them are present (and are good company during the ride) but some shine through more than others as you ramp up the speed.

The curve is so subtle on the Giraffe that it's almost non-existent.
The curve is so subtle on the Giraffe that it’s almost non-existent.

In terms of dominance the vibrations start off predominantly gentle and rumbly, then they become more of a quiver, followed by the buzz kicking in full force on the highest setting. These vibrations do very well when used externally and I even found myself enjoying one of the patterns—which acted like a juddering of sorts.

The curve of the Giraffe is gentle enough that it won’t put too much pressure on the G-Spot for those craving a softer touch. However thanks to the firmness of its shaft this vibrator can be angled to apply more pressure and used with more persistence.

Despite this there’s no getting around just how petite this vibrator is, and if you crave girth then the Giraffe will most likely leave you disappointed.

For me the Giraffe provided me with orgasms but they were very much what I would consider to be ‘standard’ orgasms. Still pleasant. Still welcome. But slightly diminished in terms of duration and hindered by just how slim this toy was.

I can’t help it: Nowadays I’m just a complete sucker for girth, texture, and power, and the Giraffe isn’t really aiming for any of these things.

Of course this is not an issue with the Giraffe—rather, just a personal preference which led to a sense of indifference—but it is something to keep in mind if you consider yourself to be more like myself.

Much more irritating is the fact that a 2 hour charge time will give you only 45 minutes of play time, which is rather weak as rechargeable toys go.

But, beyond this, I really don’t have anything to say for or against this vibrator. It has a lot going for it—and I hope I’ve effectively conveyed this point through my review—but, equally, I feel like the main draws of this vibrator are its size, its aesthetic, and its app, and those are either going to appeal to you or not.

Final Thoughts

Overall I can recommend the Giraffe and feel like it has a very clear target audience in mind.

As a pro-tip the Giraffe’s app is also fantastic for a little bit of kinky couples’ play too. Just blindfold the user, allow them to use the Giraffe, and dictate the vibrations yourself on a whim via the app while they pleasure themselves for you (or vice versa). But, outside of its niche there’s really not too much more to be said either for or against this toy.

To steal from a solid Disney movie to some extent; The Giraffe is good and that’s not bad. It will never be exceptional but that’s okay. It knows exactly what it’s meant to be and that simply doesn’t appeal to me. But that doesn’t mean that this toy can’t stand out in the crowd for you.

Recommend to:

People looking for a petite toy.

People who like unusual vibrations.

People who like app-based toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like girth.

People who like texture.

People who dislike app-based toys.

The IMTOY Zoo Giraffe was provided to me by IMTOY in exchange for an honest review.

  • Fox200

    ” 2 hour charge time will give you only 45 minutes of play time ” , hah i was thinking to buy it,but 45 mins … idk, my vibrator from edenfantasys works 2 h for 3h of charging. I prefer to wait one more hour but to still playing more :33