Product Review: The Skyn Intense Feel Condoms

Traditionally I’ve never been the biggest fan of textured condoms. At least that’s been the official party line for a few years now.

I remember using them as a late teen (primarily because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do) and finding them to be completely intolerable. The texture scraped against my vaginal walls and rubbed horribly, providing unwanted friction rather than enjoyable sensations. I was, of course, still struggling with vaginismus at the time too, so it was all a rather dreadful combination in hindsight.

But since then a lot has changed in my life. Not only can I take a semi-large dildo like a champ but I also find myself craving more and more texture from my toys. Extremely textured toys such as the Tantus Bound are my favourite bedfellows and sometimes my vagina will find non-textured toys downright boring.

Given this I’ve been interested in trying textured condoms again for quite some time. You’ve no doubt read about the recent flop I had with what Poundland had to offer (passable condoms but hardly textured, even by tame standards), I actually received and texted the Skyn Intense Feel condoms before my foray in to Poundland’s products. The Skyn Intense Feel Condoms can this be considered as my reintroduction to textured condoms, and I would have had it no other way.

Skyn produce not only my favourite thin condom of all time, but also my favourite go-to condoms, and a really pleasurable water-based lubricant. So, naturally, I wanted my reintroduction to textured condoms to come at the polyisoprene sheath of a Skyn’s condom too.

The results? Read on to find out.

The Skyn Intense Feel Condoms

The Skyn Intense Feel Condoms are Skyn’s attempt at providing textured toys for the pleasure of its users. These condoms actually hold the achievement of being the first textured condom made from polyisoprene.

How did my favourite condom brandhandle my least favourite type of condom?
How did my favourite condom brandhandle my least favourite type of condom?

Polyisoprene itself is an alternative condom material for those who have a latex allergy. Created as a more affordable alternative to polyurethane condoms, polyisoprene condoms only received FDA approval in 2008, and so are still a relatively new venture when it comes to condoms. The material is stretchy, form-fitting and transfers heat incredibly well.

Interestingly polyisoprene is actually made from the same latex as rubber if we’re looking at their chemical composition. What sets them apart is the lack of natural proteins in polyisoprene, which are usually found in latex. These proteins are the real source of most people’s latex allergies, which is why polyisoprene condoms work as a viable alternative. That being said if you know your latex allergy is incredibly sensitive or linked to the material itself rather than its protein then you may still want to steer clear of Skyn’s condoms (or at least do a cautionary test before going full throttle into a sexual activity).

Textured condoms come in many varieties but Skyn Intense Feel have opted a classic—studs. Raised nodules decorate the shaft of the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms to provide a wonderfully bumpy sensation during use.

Tiny nodules are dotted on this condom's surface.
Tiny nodules are dotted on this condom’s surface.

The Skyn Intense Feel Condoms do come pre-lubricated but it’s generally good practice to use additional lubricant when using a condom. A squirt of silicone lube inside of a condom can drastically enhance the grip and sensation of penetration for those with a penis whereas water-based lubricant is ideal for covering the outside of a condom.

Because the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms aren’t necessarily latex in the conventional sense these condoms also lack any latex odour, which is a bonus for those who find the scent of latex to be off putting. In fact the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms are generally pretty neutral in terms of fragrance.

While these condoms are lacking in any nasty flavour that would make them unsuitable for oral it’s fair to say that this isn’t the primary purpose of the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms, so you might be better off investing in the Elite or Standard Skyn Conoms if you’re looking for a barrier for oral sex.

Naturally I was excited but also apprehensive when trying out the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms for the first time. But, really, I should never have doubted my favourite brand. These condoms felt just as thin as a regular Skyn Condom (providing a sense of increased intimacy) while also having the added bonus of a really nice, grabbing but not grating texture. This made my vaginal wall incredibly sensitive to each thrust and definitely made things more exciting from my perspective.

And yet, at the same time, these condoms almost felt as if they weren’t there at all.

It is perhaps hard to describe (and I’m sure I won’t do these condoms justice) but it was almost as if Mr Peaches was not wearing a condom but had his own slick, textured shaft, augmented with small-yet-firm bumps which acted as a natural extension of his penis.

Overall you could say I was pretty impressed by the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms.

Mr Peaches wasn't as enthused, but neither was he dissuaded.
Mr Peaches wasn’t as enthused, but neither was he dissuaded.

Thankfully the sensation never felt like too much or came across as too noticeable either, which really did help make using these condoms a blended experience between added sensation and that ‘invisible’ sensation that most condom users are hoping for.

I think this is a great balance for the average user, with the only downside being that those who consider themselves to be texture whores may find that the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms are far too tame for their liking.

But user experience can vary and it’s worth noting that Mr Peaches was nowhere near as enthused with these condoms.

The Skyn Intense Feel Condoms never cause soreness, irritation or friction for me but the same could not be said for Mr. Peaches, who found that additional lubricant was essential in order to avoid a rubbing sensation while using these condoms.

Once lubed up he described the experience as ‘just like any other Skyn Condom’—meaning great by condom standards but pretty average when it comes to the high expectations we both place on Skyn.

The added texture did very little to stimulate him and while he was always aware that it was there its presence was a neutral part of his use.
Others may also find this when using the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms, but as sensation is very subjective it’s hard to dissuade use on this fact alone.

My recommendation would be that if you know you have very sensitive skin (like using softer fabrics, always use lube during sex/masturbation sessions, find textured sleeves abrasive, etc.) then these condoms probably aren’t going to be for you.

Equally if you choose to forsake lubricant altogether then the lubricant applied to these condoms might not be enough to keep the condom slick and non-irritating for long periods of time.

In terms of safer sex (the most important part of a condom) the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms definitely performed their duty—as there were no holes or tears in any of the condoms we used come the end and the condoms always felt like a very comfortable fit.

Final Thoughts

My experience with these condoms may have been much more enthusiastic than Mr Peaches but overall we can both agree that the Skyn Intense Feel Condoms are a great investment which have to potential to provide additional stimulation during use.

How your body reacts to this stimulation is much more about your own personal preferences and your reaction may even surprise you at first. And, when it comes to finding the perfect condom to start your textured explorations with, I can honestly thing of no better baseline than Skyns.

Recommend to:

People who like studded textures.
People who like subtle texture.
People with latex allergies.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike studded textures.
People who dislike thin condoms.
People who want to use oil-based lubricant (stick to polyurethane).

The Skyn Intense Feel Condoms were provided to me by Skyn in exchange for an honest review.