Product Review: The ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel

I still only have a single other pinwheel review on my entire site and I maintain that this is one of my most regrettable oversights. Pinwheels are an absolutely brilliant tool for BDSM, sensation play, or even simpler trust exercises. The dangerous aesthetic of the pinwheel can only ever be met if the person wielding it so chooses, otherwise most pinwheels are actually a rather gentle introduction to a little bit of pleasure through pain.

I regularly use pinwheels as part of my own sexual preference and absolutely adore how they feel running against my skin. A mixture between a tickle and that moment just before a pin pricks, the sensation of a pinwheel leaves me in giggle fits on most occasions. That is, unless Mr Peaches begins to trail the pins closer to my inner thigh, then the reception is generally much more intense (in a very positive way, I can assure you).

So why so few reviews? Well partly it’s because no companies ever really send me pinwheels. I’ve offered to review them multiple times but I suppose the daunting aesthetics of a row of pins doesn’t make for the most marketable product on first sight. But part of me has also requested them less than other items because, to be frank, pinwheels are pretty universally great. As long as a pinwheel is body safe I’m pretty much of the opinion that you pretty much know what you’re getting from the product itself.

In short pinwheels are like the chicken of the kink community—possessing a flavor that is broad and easily recognizable.

But, as we all know, even the generic flavor of chicken can be given a revitalizing new flavor sensation when fried.

Enter the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel: The hypothetical sex toy equivalent of if a Michelin star restaurant had your favorite specialty friend chicken cooked by Gordon Ramsay for an extraordinarily exciting explosion of sensation (ending with a bit of a kick and a massive “FUCK!”).

Yeah…I like this pinwheel…I like it a lot.

The ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel

The ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel is one of two pinwheels offered by ElectraStim. The other pinwheel on offer is a single wheel, but as this is a uni-polar toy you need to use another ElectraStim uni-polar product alongside it and so I stuck to the double pinwheel for simplicity’s sake. Plus who can really resist an extra row of pins anyway?

Who could honestly resist this?
Who could honestly resist this?

Logistically this does add more to how this toy is handled. For anyone who is used to a single-handled pinwheel—where it can be easily gripped in one hand and rolled across the skin with gentle precision—there is a bit more art to the dual-shafted design. Thankfully ElectraStim have considered this well and added a solid plastic handle that most will be able to familiarize themselves with soon enough.

But, wait: What are these ‘uni-polar’ and ‘bi-polar’ things that I’m mentioning?

Well, the major caveat of the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel (or any ElectraStim toy, really) is that it is essentially an add-on or accessory to an ElectraStim Stimulator—which is where the juice comes from to power these toys. You can find my review of one such stimulator here and, let me just say, it’s an essential purchase if you’re seriously interesting in exploring electricity sexually. I’ve tried a few electro-sex products now and none of them are as versatile nor as effective as my ElectraStim range. It’s simply the best on the market.

This initial investment is pricey, though, and does involve some planning in terms of what you want not just from your pinwheel but also from electro-stimulation in general. Thankfully ElectraStim provide a lot of information about their products in addition to various bundles, so you should be able to find the one that best suits you.

The ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel itself is exquisitely constructed and has a wonderful stainless steel sheen to it (although the wheels themselves are actually plated brass) which provokes a sense of delighted dread upon even the briefest of glimpses. In my foolishness I may have underestimated these pins when I first got them and ran its 0.25 inch spikes across my skin with a bit too much pressure. Yeowch! This is definitely the most effective and potent pinwheel that I own (and I have a few with 12 rows of pins).

These pins are mean!
These pins are mean!

The ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel measures 7 inches in total, with the length distributed sensibly between acrylic handle and shaft.

This pinwheel is incredibly easy to plug in and get ready to go but, as a word of warning, is restricted by the nature of electricity. If you want to be sensible and safe then E-Stimulation should only really be attempted from the waist down. This means that if you want to shock your partner with this pinwheel you’re restricted to the legs for the most part. Not that there’s a problem with this, but it’s something to realistically consider before making your purchase.

If ever you did want to explore your partner’s arms and torso with the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel then you still have the option of turning the electricity off and doing so. It may not be quite the same but the sharper sensations of the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel compared to other pinwheel I’ve tried certainly did leave an impression for me.

As for combining electro-stimulation and the fine points of a pinwheel? Whoever brought this idea in to the world is a genius. Alone electricity on the surface of the skin can be sharp, prickly, and heighten sensation. Equally a pinwheel is sharp, prickly, and enhances sensation. Together the two become a concentrated force—embodying these three qualities in a manner so succinct that it paradoxically could make someone ramble for days about just how great it feels.

I’d be lying if I said it was gentle, though, because it’s not. The sharp prickles elicited from electricity running through fine pins packs one heck of a sting and the body automatically flinches and tenses when confronted with such sensations. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to being ‘hurt’ by a pinwheel and yet at no point did I ever reach my limit. It’s the sort of pain that is extreme but also very safe and highly addictive.

Taking this toy up in your hands is an incredibly empowering act.
Taking this toy up in your hands is an incredibly empowering act.

Remember when I mentioned how much I loved Mr Peaches running a pinwheel across my upper thighs? Yeah, well he can do that any day of the week with this set of pins.

Speaking of Mr Peaches his reaction was just as intense as mine and, from a dominant’s perspective, there’s something so completely and utterly invigorating at watching your sub writhe with renewed vigor when greeted with a relatively familiar looking device. It certainly created a new way to use the pinwheel for us and I’ve never heard him scream so much (nor seem him squirm with such vulnerability).

Conductive gel can be purchased separately and is advised to add extra conductivity to the edge of the needles.

Points like these are probably the biggest downsides to the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel. As an ElectraStim add-on it’s fantastic but as a solo device it really isn’t viable.

This is much more of an item for those who know, have experienced, and love what ElectraStim have to offer (and you can certainly count me in this category).

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel and found them to be the most thrilling pinwheel I own. Considering my adoration of the pinwheel as a whole that’s saying something too!

However I am very aware that the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel is an acquired taste. If you’re wanting tame pain then a normal pinwheel should more than suffice. Equally if you dislike the prickly feeling of electricity on the skin (even if you love how it feels internally) then this product may be too biting for your preferences.

But for the right owner the ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel takes everything great about pinwheels and turns it up a notch. I can’t recommend it enough for ardent pinwheel fans or doms who are feeling particularly cruel and want to catch their unsuspecting sub off guard.

Recommend to:

People who love electro-stimulation.

People who want an intense pinwheel.

People who like sharp sensations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike external electro-stimulation.

People who prefer gentle pinwheels.

People who want waist-up play.

The ElectraStim Double Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel was provided to me by ElectraStim in exchange for an honest review.