Product Review: The New York Toy Collective Pierre Packer

Although I’ve dabbled with packers in the past I have never truly felt like I owned one, in the sense that it felt like mine or an extension of me. Whether because of thickness, or material, or even just the fact that it was circumcised the few packers that I have tried have been more of a work-in-progress for my personal gender exploration rather than something that I felt truly embodied my needs.

This has all changed with the Pierre.

I must admit, I had heard good things about the New York Toy Collective Pierre Packer. Whispers on the wind of its comfortable form, it’s squishable bulge, but feeling really is believing in most cases and I now have a lot of feels surrounding this particular packer. God bless Uberkinky for stocking this amazing piece of kit because this was the packer that I final felt comfortable wearing out and about and I now feel more legitimized as both Emmeline Peaches and Emmanuel Plum than ever before.

The New York Toy Collective Pierre Packer

The New York Collective Pierre Packer is one of the few affordable uncircumcised soft FTM Packers on the market. At £54.99 this does still make this a rather pricey investment but for the quality and longevity of the product itself I’d say it’s money well spent.

The Pierre is my perfect packer. No doubt in my mind.
The Pierre is my perfect packer. No doubt in my mind.

After all, the packer itself is made of a brilliantly squishy silicone which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe yet so cush that it actually resembles TPR or ‘real skin’ in terms of squish. This makes the Pierre incredibly comfortable for long term use. Even when wearing tight underwear (which actually keeps the Pierre in place), this toy never feels like it’s adding too much pressure. On the contrary, its plush nature allows it to add pressure to the vulva pillowing it and making it feel as if it’s being constantly cupped. This packer-pressure-hug is incredibly comforting and more than a little arousing.

In fact this sense of cushioned pressure is one of the best parts of the Pierre for me. I can happily slide the Pierre in to my RodeOH Harness (also available at Uberkinky), perfectly position it for the day, and then go about my business with an ever-present pressure teasing my limits and reminding me that I’ve got a bulging package in my pants.

‘A bulging package’. Just saying that makes my heart flutter, and the Pierre does provide quite the bulge. It’s clearly noticeable when I wear regular trousers and even my baggiest jeans struggle to contain it. I’m going to need some clothing that specifically accommodates this wonderful new penis of mine and the prospect of that is almost enough to make me giggle like a school girl.

It's rare to find such a great daily packer at such an affordable rate, let alone an uncircumcised ones.
It’s rare to find such a great daily packer at such an affordable rate, let alone an uncircumcised ones.

Y’see, while some people may find packers completely baffling I’ve always found them to be an incredibly empowering and euphoric notion. I’ve always loved the idea of having a penis and generally playing around with a more masculine persona. It’s fair to say it’s not just my sexuality that’s queer and so wearing a packer fulfills a strong desire deep in my mind and allows me to feel more at home in my body on days where I’m craving a cock of my own.

The sense of self that comes with wearing a packer that feels just right is an incredibly self-affirming sensation for anyone who has similar desires and is arguably essential for some trans individuals.

And, let me just say, I will never forget the first time that Mr Peaches strode up to me, eyes up my bulge and then grabbed my crotch and squeezed. Not only was it an amazing mental high but the added pressure also rubbed against my vulva and clit causing heightened arousal. This helped the Pierre feel like a natural extension of my body, as it almost felt as if my cock really were being grabbed (or, at least, how my mind imagines it might feel).

The balls on the Peirre and comfortable and look great.
The balls on the Pierre and comfortable and look great.

There was no ‘Oh, Mr Peaches is grabbing my packer’, or ‘Mr Peaches is squishing my Pierre so tight right now’. It was literally ‘Damn, Mr Peaches really knows his way around my crotch’. The Pierre was mine. No disconnect.

Because this packer is silicone it’s incredibly easy to clean in between uses. All you need is a good toy cleaner or some soap and water and you’re good to go.

However, because this packer is made from a very squishy silicone (similar to a VixSkin but not quite Mr Limpy levels of softness) it does need cornstartch to be in the best shape possible. It also doesn’t like very harsh material so its best protected if you think that any of your clothes could rub at it during use.

Despite this softness the Pierre never feels unsubstantial either, and has a nice amount of weightiness to it. This plays in to its constant presence and helps reinforce its prominent inclusion in your underwear even more.

Aesthetically the Pierre comes in a variety of shades (though Uberkinky sadly only stocks a few right now) and has a wonderful asymmetry to it, which helps add to its realism. It really is one handsome looking phallus and its comfortably hanging balls and 6.5 inch length from base to tip is more than enough for my personal size aspirations.

Admittedly, Mr Peaches did confess to feeling a tad insecure and/or worried that my penis was now bigger than his but I reassured him that part of the reason I loved the Pierre was because, to me, it looks very similar to him. While this is true for me I imagine the Pierre’s wonderfully flaccid visuals would look familiar to many wearers and that its form could easily project itself on a variety of different preferences.

If there is a downside to the Pierre it’s that it can grab up dust and lint very easily (which isn’t ideal for something grabbing against hair and clothing for most of the day) but as the Pierre is very easy to clean this is not an issue at all. I personally have encountered no other issues with the Pierre which has easily become my favourite packer to date and the only one so far that I have felt comfortable and confident enough to wear out and about. My gosh has that been exquisite!

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly happy with the Pierre and count it as one of the best FTM Packers on the market. It’s perfectly plus, wonderfully shaped, and brilliantly body-safe, all while being made from a material which warms well to body temperature and will provide a lot of long-term use if properly cared for.

The gorgeous softness of the Pierre’s material stimulates the body with ease, without ever feeling overwhelming and its cushy heft is just right to make you feel like you’re packing something very substantial.

My Pierre is my Pierre and that’s what makes it stand out from all the other packers in my mind. It combines everything I’ve ever wanted from a packer and puts it all together in one neat package. Pun definitely included.

Recommend to:

People looking for a comfortable soft packer.

People looking for an affordable FTM Packer.

People who want an uncircumcised packer.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a Pack ‘n Play.

People looking for a firmer packer.

People looking for a smaller/larger packer.

The New York Toy Collective Pierre Packer was provided to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review.