Toy Review: The IMTOY Zoo Gazelle

It takes a lot for sex toy to surprise me nowadays. And, no, not in that ‘scream in sheer horror’ kind of way (that, sadly, still happens quite a lot), I’m talking more about pleasantly surprising me or catching me joyously off guard.

But when a sex toy comes to me complete with its own little gazelle fridge magnet how can I be anything but these two things?

The IMTOY Zoo range has gone with a safari-animal theme which you will either find weirdly off-putting or irresistibly cute depending on your preference. I fall in to the latter and was immediately compelled when I saw the range.

I mean a sex toy named after Mr Peaches’ animal counterpart? Sign me up! And, hot damn, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a rabbit toy more than when it’s been labelled and marketed as a rhino instead (rhinos are kind of the vegan equivalent of a majestic unicorn mascot, don’t cha know).

Still, I’m a wand girl first a foremost and so, of course, I requested the Gazelle—a toy that I felt obligated to review not just for myself but for y’all as well. Together we will fill this site with wonderful wand reviews and I will become known as the magical dame or dude of the sex blogging community (depending on how I feel on the day). But I digress.

Having already tried a relatively extensive range of wands I wasn’t sure how the Gazelle would compare. It’s mid-range size, but what about power? And is it worth the price? Read on to find out!

The IMTOY Zoo Gazelle

What do you think of when you think ‘Gazelle’? Grace? Elegance? Majesty? Perhaps a delicate creature that can still deliver a strong kick if needed?

The IMTOYS Gazelle embodies all these traits and more.

This toy knows how to act like an animal.
This toy knows how to act like an animal.

Before diving whole hog (warthog?) in to the specs of this toy I would be remiss if I didn’t mention its packaging. It’s beautiful, beautiful packaging—so sturdy and well-considered that it wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket stationary store. In fact there is no way that I won’t re-purpose this box in some way. It’s the very definition of ‘a keeper’.

A beautifully simplistic, pastel cream box accentuated by a stylistic gazelle adorns the front of this box, which then slides out like a drawer to reveal the Gazelle all wrapped and secured in a layer of craft paper and with some more decorative cardboard padding inside.

Look at how pretty!!!
Look at how pretty!!!

The instruction manual for the Gazelle shares its absolutely inspired aesthetic and humorously tells the owner to have a ‘bucking good time’. Such punderful packaging & product information is enough to give me a massive sex toy crush on IMTOY and immediately endeared me to what lied beneath the gorgeous gift wrapping.

Needless to say, this product is a perfect stocking filler.

This wand looks familiar but also has its own minimalist flare.
This wand looks familiar but also has its own minimalist flare.

The Gazelle itself is what I would call a ‘traditionally cute’ sex toy but with a highly sophisticated approach. It’s beautiful pastel pink exterior and smooth curves is minimalist and somewhat abstract, making it perfect for anyone who dreads the jelly dildos and tacky vibes that are often lobbied about as ‘the best sex toy ever’.

With a luxury toy like this I’m sure you’re expecting it to be made of no less than the finest premium silicone and you’d be right. This makes the Gazelle phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. The Gazelle’s silicone is the high-quality matte silicone that you’d expect for its price range. Urging you to embrace it and rub it passionately against your skin. As of yet I’ve had no problems with link or dust and the Gazelle’s waterproof body makes cleaning it an absolute breeze. This is one Gazelle with no fear of going near the water (nature can be harsh y’all).

One thing I will say is that the silicone sleeve coating this toy is noticeably a little lose and flexible when being pressed up against the body, but this doesn’t detract from the performance of the toy.

The Gazelle is USB rechargeable and the magnetic charging system for the Gazelle is in keeping with the design choices of the toy and equally practical and adorable. A little light allows you to know how your charge is going and I’ve never had any issues with the magnetic clip being even remotely loose.

The Gazelle’s 16 different modes can be accessed via a single button on the toy and, although this is functional, IMTOY are really betting on you using the Zoo App for full control and exploration.

The Zoo App

So, what is the Zoo App like? Well, to be frank, pretty damned awesome.

I’ll be the first to admit that I almost never use apps to control my app-based sex toys—not just because I don’t want to get lube on my phone but also because I find the process a bit bothersome and not worth the access it gives me to patterns that I rarely care about anyway. I just want to turn my toy on and have it turn me on!


But I’ll admit that the Zoo App’s aesthetic and easy interface already made me more willing to work with it. On top of this the Zoo App affords users a lot of additional features which are just fun to play around with (if only when you get bored mid-masturbation and want to do something else but don’t want to stop).

There are the previously mentioned 16 modes, but also the option to filter through 4 of those modes at a time. There’s also an orgasm-inducing button (Max power. Shaped like a rocket. Obviously) interactive video and music syncing, adjustable vibrations via the mic, and a shake feature. On top of all of this you also have a good old fashioned customisable mode for those moments where you want full control.

Typically patterns bore me. Typically. But the patterns provided in the Gazelle are (for the most part) rather compelling and feel like they’re actually trying to get me to orgasm (as opposed to attempting the cha-cha).

One mode in particular took the continued vibrations and replaced them with rapid flutterings—like the swift trotting of a gazelle in the wild—and these vibrations were very well received. It’s when whimsy and reason combine that you get some of the most exceptional things in life and it feels like IMTOY understands this.

As for the fun little bonus modes, they’re all pretty fun in their own way.

An example of the patterns.

You’d think that the ‘orgasm-inducing’ button would be my favourite one but, as it happens, I actually found this to be the most uninspired of the bunch. It’s just full power, which is useful but not exactly a testament to all the that Gazelle has to offer.

The shake mode is a good bit of fun and I feel like there’s a way it could be rigged up to provide additional vibration during a simulated handjob for prosthetic cocks (or actual ones) but that could get messy.

Long being a fan of music-based vibrations, I was naturally drawn to the music mode but…boo to prudishness…the Spotify app does not sync up with the Zoo App. When will my smutty sensations and my geeky music preferences meet?

Confined to my mp3s I had only two choices. One was the Kink Craft podcast. The other was the Dildorks.

…Well, shit, how could I resist?

Who could resist the allure of these amazing individuals?
Who could resist the allure of these amazing individuals?

After making sure that Girly Juice and Bex Talks Sex were a-okay with me masturbating to the dulcet tones of their adorable sex-based discussions I tried to load up the cunnilingus episode aaaaand…the app crashed. Multiple times.

I’m going to take this as a sign that the Dildorks talking oral is an awesomeness overload that modern sex-based technology is just not ready to truly comprehend. That or the duration was an issue…I’m pretty sure it’s the first option, though.

Selecting the first episode from the podcast series instead (a considerably shorter episode) the Dildorks began without issue and I started a masturbation session fueled by the voices of my fellow sex bloggers.

I learned a few things that day. Firstly I Want You In My Bedroom by Protodome makes for some incredibly awesome vibrations. Secondly the word ‘Kink’ is always strong, deep, and swift—a rush of sensation forcefully asserted in to the world. And, thirdly, I never ever want Girly Juice and Bex to stop having giggle sessions. Like, ever.

So, yeah, I ended up having the Dildorks consensually please me in a rather abstract way and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. But, ultimately, the sporadic nature of audio-based vibrations isn’t really right for my body, so while I enjoyed myself I didn’t reach orgasm during this experience. I’d apologize if not for the fact that I know Girly Juice and Bex wouldn’t judge me based on my ability (or lack thereof) to orgasm. Love you my fellow sex dorks!

But, anyway, back to the Zoo App, which is probably my new favourite sex-based app out there (ranking close to the Remoji and the We Vibe App). It manages to find the perfect balance between style, functionality, and fun. So FUNctional I suppose?…I’ll see myself out.

Back To The Gazelle

While an effective sex app is no small feat it all counts for naught if the toy itself can’t live up to the selection of modes on offer. So what are the vibrations from the Gazelle like? Different.

As opposed to high pitched buzzy vibrations, or quivering rumbly ones, or even the ever more frequent smooth buzz/rumble combo that a lot of luxury toys use nowadays, the Gazelle judders, stutters, and generally quakes out its vibrations.

I feel like these vibrations are the kind you would get from a herd of galloping gazelle—the deep, stammering shudder that you would feel building under your feet, echoing through the earth…only your body is the earth, and the Gazelle is cantering over you.

These vibrations do become a tad more rapid and ‘buzzy’ on the higher settings, but it never loses its own unique vibrations—the closest comparison for which would probably be Je Joue’s vibrations if the quake of them was more pronounced.

These vibrations aren’t the strongest available—in fact I’d say they were mid-to-lower-level-high at the very most—but because they are so distinct it does still seem to do it for my vulva, especially internally.

I don’t know what possessed me to try the Gazelle—and external wand vibrator—inside my vagina but that’s exactly what occurred (and what I did frequently afterwards). There was just something about its gentle pink colouration, its relatively petite form, and its sleek silicone exterior which compelled me to try and explore it in new ways.

When I first inserted the Gazelle internally I was immediately made aware of the benefits. The head of this wand, perfectly circular, pops into the vagina like a large kegel orb, creating a beautiful popping sensation which was then revisited upon removal. The bulb itself rubs brilliantly against the G-Spot, providing consistent stimulation, whereas its firmness and vibrations echo throughout the body to deliver a strong, resonant finish.

But, no, I didn't insert it 'horns on'.
But, no, I didn’t insert it ‘horns on’.

I feel like I’ve been missing out on a whole world of alternative wand use that the Gazelle has now opened up for me and I highly recommend it.

As if the clitoral efficiency and internal perks of the Gazelle weren’t enough it also comes with some add on ‘horns’ (think rabbit ears) and is compatible with users who have a penis.

Turning it on Mr Peaches I immediately knew that the Gazelle’s different vibrations caught his attention and, as it happens, they’re incredibly effective for him. The wand is also the perfect size for me to have him hold while cuffed to pleasure himself for certain BDSM scenes, which I’m sure helps. On the shaft, perineum, and balls, this vibrator is proficient at stimulation and Mr Peaches has requested this as my main wand to use on him should ever I desire. I think that speaks volumes really.

As for the attachable horns, they’re also pretty stellar. Not something I personally feel the need to use a lot, the transfer vibration well regardless and have even got me exploring some nipple play. Me. The girl who runs a mile from anything resembling nipple clamps.

These horns were better than expected.
These horns were better than expected.

Yeah. This gentle-looking doe really was bucking full of surprises.

That being said the Gazelle also has its fair share of cons and they’re worth considering.

The biggest one has to be that damned button. It’s near impossible to find and press without stopping to check it, especially in the heat of the moment and especially when lubricant is involved. It sincerely detracts from the toy for me.

This toy also really doesn’t deliver in terms of strength, even when placed side-by-side with other medium sized wands. It’s just lacking that extra bit of kick which would make it a contender among its peers for strength, which is a shame.

For a 2 hr charge you also only get 45 minutes of play from the Gazelle, which isn’t a lot if you plan on playing around with the app too.

If you don’t have the right phone then you could find yourself missing out on pp control altogether, which is another bugbear of mine. A toy shouldn’t deprive you from its full experience just because you don’t have the privilege of the right mobile phone. I mean I know that if you’re the type of person who buys a luxury vibrator then chances are you also have a pricey phone, but still…

I also feel as if the Gazelle is missing a trick by not coming in different colours. An exclusive Gazelle using actual gazelle colours, while perhaps tacky in the eyes of some, would certainly get its supporters (I know I’d be a fan).

Oh, and also Spotify, please; work with these apps. There is a glorious collaboration to be had here.

Final Thoughts

Overall I found myself very happy with the Gazelle which, much like a day at the zoo, provided a fun, varied, and memorable experience full a few surprises and couple of detours.

Would I recommend this wand to die-hard power queens? No, not at all. Would I recommend it to people who like mid-level vibrations (or quirky vibrations) and would like a wand that matched their needs? Yes, especially if they like playing with patterns.

Ultimately the Gazelle does offer something to the adult market which fills a gap I didn’t even notice until I felt its vibrations for the first time. This one a toy to try and, as long as it’s approached with measured expectations, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

Recommend to:

People who like mid-level vibrations.

App and pattern lovers.

People who like quirky vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike off-kilter vibrations.

People who need very strong (wand-level) vibrations.

People who don’t want/use app-based toys.

The IMTOY Zoo Gazelle was provided to me by IMTOY in exchange for an honest review.