Product Review: The System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Feminine Spray

I would like it put on the record from the very start of this review that I don’t think anyone should have to ‘beautify’ their genitals or douse them with an artificial odour to feel attractive or self-confident.

Everyone’s genitals have their own personal scent which is normal, natural, and absolutely shame-free.

The way our genitals smell can also often tell us a lot about our body and keep us in tune with what’s what, so that if anything does go wrong we’ve got an early warning sign.

In short: Natural odours FTW!

That being said I am a huge fan of bodily autonomy and a person’s right to express themselves however they wish. It is with this in mind that I decided to review the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray . A decision that I don’t regret.

The System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Feminine Spray

Contrary to what its erotic connotations might suggest the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray actually isn’t just a vulva spray but, rather, an all-around body spritzer. This little tube of fragrance can be used to ‘pamper, prepare & clean everywhere’, as its packaging puts it, including on your arm pits, on your neck, or (yes) on the vulva.

Use it wherever you want, however you want.

This actually makes the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray a rather convenient little transportable spray for anyone who wants a little boost while out and about. I personally took it to London with me—where long days of travel meant that I appreciated the portable refresher.

With a proudly displayed organic certification, the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray is also a really good option for anyone who considers themselves an ethical consumer and have also been looking for a fresh little spritzer. Being organic means that this spray does not endorse nor participate in many practices that are harmful to our health and the environment, something which brings me a huge amount of relief. Granted this certification won’t make a difference to some but for others it will be invaluable.

In terms of ingredients the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray keeps it light and simple, with the following combination:

(Aqua), Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract*, Flavor (Aroma)*, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Extract*, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract*, Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract*

While none of these ingredient are what I would consider to be extremely nourishing for the skin they are all very gentle and so shouldn’t cause any irritation. The chamomile is also detectable and an after-scent when using this spray and is very evocative of rich, smooth amber to me or a delicate nectar.

As for the main scent…well, this point is subjective but I personally like it a lot. A fresh hit of intensely rich berries, which lingers subtly on the body but smells prominently when samples up close, the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray reminds me of spring and sunshine. It has a very concentrated berry scent to it which has to be described as ‘juicy’—because no other word truly does it justice. The most prominent aroma for me has to be the juniper berry, followed by the potency of the grapefruit and a zesty citrus hit right at the end. In general these scents blend very well together and I happily apply this fragrance to my body.

I can’t really comment of whether this scent is ‘feminine’ but it certainly does appeal to my personal sensibilities.

This product is compact and easy to spray.
This product is compact and easy to spray.

Although it is generally inadvisable to go around tasting body spray, it’s worth noting that the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray does not have a bad flavour to it at all. In fact it’s rather sweet and a little bit tangy (that’d be the citrus, I suppose) with just a hint of the chamomile coming through. Still, don’t consume your System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray. It’s not for applying to/in *every* body part.

And, in fact, the term ‘in’ is an important one—as the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray is for external use only. Please do not try spraying this product in to your vagina. Your vagina has got you covered, I promise.

Having said that I personally found applying this spray to my genitals to be one of the most dull and infrequent ways to use it. As System Jo personally encourage using this product everywhere I took personal licence to get creative and found other ways to apply this product.

Perhaps my favourite use of it (outside of a general spritzer) is as an accompaniment for sensation play. Spraying it on the body and then encouraging your partner to find and kiss or caress the scented area while blindfolded it a true treat. Because this spray is so light and isn’t overpowering I works really well for this sort of localized sensation play and allows the blindfolded individual to linger in the area without finding the scent too much. And (as mentioned above) this spray handily tastes okay, meaning kisses don’t end with a nasty surprise.

If I were to say anything against the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray it’s that not everyone will want or like the berry scent and it’s a shame that they haven’t introduced more options. Vanilla would make a lovely offering, I imagine, and considering how extensive the System Jo oral range is I kind of hope that they’re equally ambitious with their feminine sprays.

And, of course, there is an argument to be made that this product buys in to a culture that shames women for their natural odour, but I think that the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray is what you make of it. System Jo isn’t personally endorsing this stance so I find this product to be a rather neutral, safe, and positive product for anyone who wants to explore scent in a more sexual manner.

Beyond this there’s not much to say about this convenient little spray.

Final Thoughts

The System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray is a great example of a product that can (but doesn’t have to) be used for intimate hygiene done right.

System Jo have managed to provide a lovely little offering of fruity berries, concentrated into a convenient bottle for hassle-free, everyday use.

I appreciate the fact that I now own a body spray which I know I can use safely on my genitals, even if it’s not an option that I personally take often. Just the mere knowledge that this avenue is now open to me is almost as refreshing as the System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray itself.

Recommend to:

People who like body sprays.

People who like berry scents.

People who like portable body sprays.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike berry scents.

People with specific allergies.

People who object to this product on principle (respect).

The System Jo Naturalove Feminine Spray was provided to me by System Jo in exchange for an honest review.