Toy Review: The Svakom Tyler

I have strong feelings about the Svakom Tyler and these feelings fluctuate wildly from experience to experience. Sometimes when I use the Tyler I am 100% enthralled by its engrossing texture and very effective design, other times it’s all just too much and I can’t have the Tyler anywhere near my vulva.

Because of this you may think that the Tyler is an inconsistent toy, but this isn’t the case at all. As vibrating cock rings go the Tyler is right up there with the best of them, but its extreme texture does mean that this toy works well with my body on some days more than others.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s dive in to some specs!

The Svakom Tyler

The Svakom Tyler is a rechargeable cock ring designed to wrap comfortably around the user’s penis while stimulating the genitals of whoever happens to be riding it at the time.

It’s fair to say that such cock rings are typically designed with cisgendered, heteronormative couples in mind but this doesn’t stop the Tyler from providing some much-appreciated vibration for people who don’t match these criteria (although it does require a bit more improvisation depending on your personal needs). That being said I tested the Svakom Tyler as part of PiV intercourse so my review will mainly be talking from this perspective.

This cock ring knows how to cover its bases.
This cock ring knows how to cover its bases.

The Svakom Tyler has two main components to it—a standard silicone cock ring and a bulbous clitoral vibrator which seamlessly protrudes out of the top end of the toy. This clitoral section is where Svakom seem to have put most of their focus, as it has been adorned with spirals of teeny tiny nodules designed to provide some incredibly intense texture.

This clitoral section has also been given a fair bit of bulk and just the right angle to provide near-continual contact with the vulva, which is actually pretty damned exceptional. I cannot tell you how many vibrating cock rings suffer from the blight of intermittent vibrations (due to travelling away from the vulva with each thrust). Meanwhile I can barely count effective continual contact cock rings on a single hand. It feels pretty damned good (figuratively and literally) to add the Svakom Tyler to this count.

The Svakom Tyler is coated in a layer of luxurious silicone and has a silver ABS cap on the side that doesn’t make direct clitoral contact. Both of these materials are non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. The matte silicone used for the Svakom Tyler doesn’t collect excess dust or fluids and unlike some cock rings (which aim too high only to fall short of the mark) the Svakom Tyler’s silicone is flexible enough and stretchy enough to be able to wrap around most cocks. It would not fare well aa a cock-and-ball ring though.

The ring itself is nothing exceptional but it is easy to apply and sits comfortably and firmly in place. Mr. Peaches found this ring gave him increased firmness and pleasure but no more so than an average cock ring.  It’s level of firmness was useful but I wouldn’t say that it was a viable cock ring for prolonging an erection beyond the norm, so this cock ring is perhaps more for recreational use rather than serious sexual well being (not that a sex toy ever need be too serious).

Material-wise you can't fault the Tyler.
Material-wise you can’t fault the Tyler.

Considering this the benefit of the Svakom Tyler for Mr. Peaches was mainly the clitoral vibrator, which he could feel was making consistent contact with my body (thus adding a psychological element to his enjoyment).

The Svakom Tyler is a true luxury sex toy and comes with all the expected perks. This includes beautiful packaging (which is great for gift-giving), a storage bag, a warranty, and luxury features such as being 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable. A single charge of 1 hour will get you 1 hour worth of play time, which is a rather fair conversion rate. Because this toy is waterproof it’s also an absolute breeze to clean, which is a relief because otherwise those tiny nodules would have been a nightmare to tackle.

Let’s talk about those nodules for a moment, shall we? Incredibly tiny and stout, these nodules remind me of bristles in some ways and can feel just as grating if you are too sensitive or don’t apply enough water based lubricant.

The first time I tried this cock ring was directly after an orgasm and ho boy did my clit ever hate me. These nodules are definitely intended for the build up towards climax and not a post-climax fumble and on that occasion I ended up trying to slide the Svakom Tyler to one side. On that occasion I also learnt that the Svakom Tyler isn’t top heavy enough to slip and tends to stay firmly in place, even when being wiggled and thrust about. There’s a clear positive there, but I struggled to see it in the heat of the moment.

Nuzzle up to these bad boys with care.
Nuzzle up to these bad boys with care.

When I’m more sensible with the Svakom Tyler it actually becomes one of my best allies for augmented pleasure during positions such a cowgirl or good ‘ol fashioned missionary—mixing even the most commonplace of sex positions up a bit. While the Svakom Tyler was pretty much always in contact with my vulva it was Mr. Peaches’ thrusts which added additional pressure, moving the nodules into my clitoris in a rhythmic motion. This is texture (and cock rings) as it should be done, even if the specific design of the Tyler is too overwhelming for some.

As for the vibrations from the Svakom Tyler, they’re nice. Strong, rumbly, and easy to control from a single button on the side of the clitoral section, these vibrations have a slightly buzzy hum but this is easily overtaken by their predominant quiver, which steals the show. These vibrations start off at an incredibly gentle shudder before becoming more vigorous and buzz-infused with each new intensity. There are 5 different intensities and 5 different modes in the Svakom Tyler. As it stands I personally stick to the continual intensity but pattern lovers may find switching the modes a bit irksome (I know I did).

In terms of downsides the Svakom Tyler really is a polarizing product. If not for those nodules this cock ring would be a very accessible sex toy for many users. With those nodules the texture can become so sharp and so overpowering at times that those who dislike texture or direct clitoral contact may be better off giving this toy a miss.

Final Thoughts

The Svakom Tyler is a product that refuses to work in half-measures and covers all of its basis with an extremely precise design. Because of this some people may find the Svakom Tyler to be too intense, or simply incompatible with their personal needs, but that’s not necessarily a poor reflection on the toy itself.

Objectively the Svakom Tyler is a very proficient cock ring and manages to hit many of the spots that other cock rings can only dream of touching. I personally really love the Svakom Tyler when I’m craving a rough session, but always make sure I’ve got lots of lube handy just in case.

I recommend you do the same if you decide to buy this toy.

Recommend to:

Texture lovers.

People who like continual clit stimulation.

People looking for a secure cock ring.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who prefer intermittent clitoral stimulation.

People who prefer cock-and-ball rings.

The Svakom Tyler was provided to me by Svakom in exchange for an honest review.