Product Review: Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant

I’ve been incredibly lucky when it comes to lubricants recently. None of them have tried to burn my genitals with their biting wrath and each one has had its own unique slant which made it stand out.

Admittedly this hasn’t always worked to my advantage but for the most part I’ve found myself testing some very enjoyable lubes.

The Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant follows this trend in providing yet another exceptional product with striking appeal.

Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant

The Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant is a water-based lubricant by the same people who make my favorite condoms, Skyn Elite. This lubricant is designed to give a ‘premium’ feel while also being good for sensitive skin. This means that Skyn have gone to great pains to make sure that this lubricant is fragrance-free and paraben-free. It has also been enthused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for their additional nourishing effect.

This lube is so good that I've already purchased two more bottles of it.
This lube is so good that I’ve already purchased two more bottles of it.

Aloe Vera is considered to be very good for the skin—and is often used in skincare products and to counter the effects of sunburn or skin irritation. Vitamin E, on the other hand, blocks free radicals from the body which helps keep skin protected in addition to having basic antioxidant properties. At least in theory.

In general Skyn have done their best to go for a ‘Natural Feel’ (as the product name suggests) which comes with some other perks too. This lubricant is odorless and fragrance-free, doesn’t have an oily or sticky consistency to it (thank god) and lacks any flavor or additional sensation.

The bottle that this lubricant comes in is what I affectionately refer to as a ‘squirty cap’ and I believe that is the official term (100%). Semiotics aside the bottle lets out a reasonable ‘dab’ of lubricant which I thought would be too little at first, but which turned out to be near-perfect.

It’s just the right amount to squirt in to a condom for added sensation or to give someone’s genitals an adequate layer of lubrication without being too sparse or too overbearing. If ever it is too little then there’s an easy option to squirt out more and each additional portion feels reasonable rather than an accidental step too far.

In general I don’t tend to think too much about the bottle that my lubricant comes in but on this occasion I was suitably impressed.

The lubricant itself is what I would consider to be a ‘gel-type’ lubricant and probably the best gel-type lubricant I’ve tried in a while. Wonderfully hydrating and lacking in any clumpiness, this lubricant spreads evenly across the skin and feels thick but not creamy.

This lubricant is thick but not clumpy. A perfect drop of hydration.
This lubricant is thick but not clumpy. A perfect drop of hydration.

It has a fresh hydrating sensation to it which doesn’t feel natural (at least not to me) but does put me at ease. When I use this lubricant I definitely know it’s there—I feel its thickness—but that’s part of the appeal for me. It provides a brilliant buffer for sex toys, makes inserting kegel exercisers and menstrual cups a breeze, and is generally long-lasting and slippery during penetration. I even consider it thick enough for anal use, which is not something that can be said of every ‘general’ lubricant.

I feel enthusiastic about this lubricant in the same way that I do about Skyn Condoms. I don’t just use it as a standard water-based lube to grab for. I want to use it specifically for what it provides. I adore its consistency. I appreciate its durability. It’s the type of lubricant that I miss when it’s absent (and, trust me, I know because I lost this lubricant for a while and legitimately lamented its absence for more than a few days).

Lubricants that give more than their practical function in an enhancing and enthusiastic manner (as opposed to the whole ‘makes your vagina tighter and more youthful’ bullshit that some companies have been trying to pull) are invaluable.

And, in addition to having its own goopy brilliance, the Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant excites me because of how sincerely accessible it is. This is the type of lubricant which I could and do see at pharmaceutical stores and other mainstream outlets. This is the type of lubricant which I wish was on the shelves when I was a teen.

Too many times people have purchased an over-the-counter lube and found that it stung or that it caused some other issues which made them write off lubricant entirely and that’s a damned shame (for more reasons than one). Conversely I feel like this is the type of lubricant which will meet users needs and then some, allowing for a very positive experience with lubricants. Any lube that has the potential to possibly undo or mitigate any further stigma against lube in general is alright in my books.

Sooo, downsides?

I’m at a bit of a loss.

Obviously there’s personal preference. If you prefer a silkier lubricant or something that feels light or slick then the dense, gel-like consistency of the Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant will contrast with your proclivities.

While the ingredients for this lubricant aren’t terrible they may also still irritate some people. And, of course, if you’re an ethical consumer or want vegan labeling on your products then this lubricant is lacking in this too (perhaps Sliquid instead?).

But in terms of gel-like, water-based lubricants I personally favor this lubricant over many others, Sliquid included. Heresy I know.

Final Thoughts

I think it’s pretty apparent by now that I had very positive experiences with this lubricant and would certainly recommend it.

I feel like this lubricant brings something truly enjoyable to sexual experiences and it’s squirt-distribution and thickness allow it to be rather diverse in terms of use.

Ironically the only time when I wouldn’t recommend this lubricant is if you’re looking for a truly undetectable or natural-feeling lubricant, because the sensations that this products provide are only possible with a really good lube, and the Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant is noticeable for all the right reasons.

Recommend to:

People who like gel-like lubricants.
People who want a thick buffer.
People who enjoy tactile experiences.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thinner lubricants.
People who want an unnoticeable lube.
People who want a sensation/flavors lube.

The Skyn Natural Feel Lubricant was provided by Skyn in exchange for an honest review.