Product Review: The Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit

Say the word ‘pegging’ to me and chances are I’m going to bite my lip a tad and get at least a little bit wet.

As someone who has more than a few penis-based feels I love strap-on sex and the sense of empowerment that it affords me. I adore the way a harness wraps around my body. The firmness of a dildo’s base pressing against my vulva. And I am particularly smitten by the act of pegging…at least in theory.

Pegging and I

Y’see, while pegging has always been something I’ve loved the idea of I’ve never considered myself as being much good at it. Sure—I feel like a complete bad ass standing in a Wonder Woman pose and rocking my prosthetic penis of choice—but when it comes down to the actual act of pegging I wobble and fumble and generally feel like an awkward teenager trying to find my feet.

Or a Magikarp…Yeah. That’s more accurate. I’m like a floundering, cumbersome Magikarp.

Basically me.
Basically me.

Both myself and Mr. Peaches know that practice makes perfect but there’s a niggling part of me that has always felt like I let him down when I’m topping. He’s such a trooper with his thrusting, after all (lucky bugger has had years of practice though).

Really it’s not something you think about growing up as a woman either.

“Make sure to be patient with yourself when pegging your partner and get your thrusts feeling confident and comfortable”.

They never mentioned that in sex ed. As such I’ve often mused as to whether I put a lot of undue societal pressure on myself. That, as the woman, I don’t feel fully comfortable with getting the practice needed to pursue an assertive role in the bedroom when my societal position is conventionally to be the one who ‘takes it’ as the man learns how to get in to the swing of things instead.

It’s funny how bedroom politics can emerge from something as innocuous as a piece of fabric, some nylon, and a silicone dong (pardon my use of a rather objectionable word).

But why am I bringing any of this up?

Well, because, for once in my pegging lifetime, I actually felt 100% secure, confident, and in control when using the Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit. I’ve had Tantus harnesses before but it seems like simplicity really can be the key sometimes because this harness is the harness for me. I feel secure when using it, I feel like Mr. Peaches is safe, and finally, for once, I can thrust like there’s no tomorrow. Which there very well might not be because this harness just might make me die of happiness one day.

That’d be an interesting way to go…

The Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit

But for those of you who are mainly here for the review, let’s get back on track. The Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit is one of four harness & toy combo kits that Tantus provides. The first of the bunch is much the same as this one, only geared at complete beginners. The other two only come with one dildo each and are thus a bit cheaper—one having a slimmer toy with a P-Spot bulb but a smooth shaft and the other being larger with a noticeable curve and some wavy texture.


The Bend Over Intermediate Kit is the ideal purchase for those who want a comprehensive pegging package from Tantus but who know that they’ve move past the ‘beginner’s sizing’ for pegging terms.

The kit itself contains the Tantus Vibrating Velvet Harness, a Tantus Bullet, and the Tantus Silk Medium and Tantus Silk Large. For this bundle Tantus charges $133.30, which I personally think is very reasonable for a harness set that will get you ready and playing straight away while also giving options for the long term (or some switching out).

I’d say that this kit has pretty much everything you’ll need in a pegging set if not for one point of personal preference—namely the fact that the Tantus Bullet is pretty standard. But, if I’m being completely honest, when I’m pegging my partner I typically don’t pay much attention to vibrations anyway. For this reason I’m not going to say much more about the bullet in this review either, but let’s look at the other key components, shall we?

The Tantus Vibrating Velvet Harness

The Tantus Vibrating Velvet Harness is, to date, the most comfortable, controlled and generally amazing harness I have ever tried. No contest.

Part of its effectiveness no doubt comes from its simplicity. The Tantus Vibrating Velvet Harness is made from soft velvet and standard nylon straps with plastic adjustments. If purchased separately it comes with a 1.5 inch O-Ring but in the Bend Over Intermediate Kit you get a 1.45 and 1.62 O-Ring to accommodate the toys included. Tantus also has its own O-Ring Set that you can purchase separately (it’s like a mix and match fuck-a-palooza over at Tantus).

The harness itself is very easy to put on, with a simple adjustable two-strap design keeping everything nice and straightforward.

There was, I’ll admit, a few fumbles when I first tried to step in to this harness, but might I refer you back to my Magikarp comment. The actual adjustment of the harness was so easy and so wonderfully swift that it didn’t take me long to recover anyway and before I’d even started pegging I already felt very self-assured when wearing this gear.

This kit offers so much potential.
This kit offers so much potential.

The Tantus Vibrating Velvet Harness can accommodate up to 60 inch hips, making it very inclusive, and it accommodated my tinier frame well. One huge bonus of many people will be the tiny pocket at the front in which you can place your own bullet vibe. And, yes, it can accommodate a Tango.

O-Rings are put in to place with a clip system and this, too, is very easy to do. Sliding the dildo in to this toy is equally a breeze, though I suggest doing it prior to putting the harness on, or you risk fumbling more (like I did).

This harness feels incredibly comfortable up against the skin and sits very nicely on my vulva. One thing I will say is that it doesn’t provide as much of a buffer as some leather harnesses do, so sometimes you can get a bit of an aching vulva if your thrusts are too firm or vigorous.

For the most part, though, you instead get a lovely amount of pressure applied to the vulva with each thrust, adding in some clitoral stimulation and making the entire experience feel more stimulating (both physically and mentally).

Penis owners will also be happy to hear that this harness can be worn over a penis (with recommendations to wear underwear for optimal containment). I’ve yet to tell Mr. Peaches this but I’m sure his eyes will widen when I do.

The straps on this harness are super duper easy to adjust, even during a pegging session. To tighten all I would need to do was just give them a firm tug and I felt fully secure again. Not only that but the performative element of snapping a strap was often very empowering (not that I had to adjust often, because this harness stays in place very well).

Mr. Peaches definitely noticed just how liberated, sexy, and like an all-around bad ass I felt in this harness.

With the help of Tantus I was finally able to evolve from a cumbersome Magikarp into a majestic and powerful Gyarados and I wouldn’t be happier for it. The subsequent orgasms were intense and a strong promise of things to come.

The Tantus Silk Medium

These orgasms were mostly facilitated by the Tantus Silk Medium, which was our favourite anal dildo of the two provided.

Two dildos are provided with this kit.
Two dildos are provided with this kit.

The Tantus Silk Medium has a useable length of 5.5 inches and it has a diameter of 1 inch. This is a great size for most pegging acts, though it may be daunting if you’ve never engaged in pegging before.

What makes the Tantus Silk Medium so effective is, again, just how eloquently simple it is. If the Bend Over Intimidate Kit were a poem, it would be a haiku—carefully crafted but using no more and no less than is required.

The Silk Medium is beautifully smooth and made from a glossy silicone—which is non-porous, phthalate-free, body-safe, boilable, and dishwasher friendly. This silicone lubes up for a very slick ride but, unlike most glossy toys, it still manages to provide a little bit of grip which augments sensation during use.

The curve of this dildo hits the P-Spot with no issue and thrusts brilliantly over this area.

From his perspective, this provided a very nice and persistent form of stimulation which made him reach climax faster, for longer, and with increased intensity. I can personally vouch for the approving vocalizations he made too, which had never sounded quite like they did with the Silk.

From my perspective, the Silk Medium was so incredibly easy to thrust that I never felt like I was going to misjudge the angle to apply too much pressure.

Using the Silk Medium on myself I was satisfied with how it hit my G-Spot but personally like a bit more girth and texture from a toy.

Mr. Peaches shared similar sentiments—saying that this kit was brilliant but that the lack of texture on the Silk Medium is something that is lacking for him at times. This is where the diversity of the Tantus Kit comes in to play. With so many Tantus toys to choose from you can let that there’s one that will cater more to your needs.

The Tantus Silk Large

Now this is a dildo that I enjoy fucking myself with.

The Tantus Silk Large sports 7 inches of length and a 1.5 inch diameter, which is pretty much my perfect size.

There's a rather noticeable difference in the sizes between these two toys.
There’s a rather noticeable difference in the sizes between these two toys.

It still has the smooth, silicone shaft and wonderfully effective curve of the Tantus Silk Medium but adds a brilliant amount of girth which feels like a noticeable step up without being too overwhelming.

This dildo hit my G-Spot with such gusto that it made me visibly go from a ‘right let’s pop this dildo in’ face to a huge grin over the span of a few seconds.

While I often take the ease of thrusting this toy for granted it’s also worth noting that it takes an incredible amount of skill to get a dildo angled enough to keep the G-Spot happy without being so curved that it catches on the pubic bone during rapid thrusts, so bravo to Tantus for (once again) proving why they’re the best.

I reached some very intense orgasms with this toy, and my muscles felt like they were grappling with its girth and angle as they continued to spasm for a prolonged time.

So, yes, this toy gets my beaning endorsement.

Final Thoughts

If there’s any doubt in your mind about what an amazing purchase the Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit is then I hope it’s only because you’re debating whether one of the other kits isn’t better suited for your needs instead.

This harness set is everything that you could want when getting in to pegging or general harness play. The only strong point I have against it is that it can’t accommodate the Feeldoe Line with ease, but no product is perfect.

As purchases go the Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit feels like the kind where you’ll end up remembering the moment and thinking of it fondly with self-affirmation. I certainly don’t regret requesting this kit for review and can honestly say that it has redefined my relationship with pegging.

Recommend to:

People looking for an easy pegging kit.

People looking to branch out in the long term.

People looking for a harness that can also be comfortably used with a penis.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like the aesthetics or thickness of leather.

People who prefer textured toys.

Complete and utter beginners (you want this kit instead).

Tantus provided me with the Bend Over Intermediate Kit in exchange for an honest review. If you want to support my site and have decided to make a Tantus purchase then why not use the affiliate links included? It’s my Birthday this month. Let’s celebrate together.