Toy Review: The Icicles Gold Edition G07 Vibrating Glass G-Spot and P-Spot Massager

Diamonds may be forever but gold holds a certain appeal which is equally timeless. Steeped in connotations of luxury and allure, gold is a marker of status and wealth. Of abundance.

But what happens when a touch of gold is applied to a sex toy?

The Icicles Gold Edition G07 Vibrating Glass G-Spot and P-Spot Massager is not made of gold, but borosilicate glass. Still, as part of Pipedream’s line of Gold Edition sex toys it tries its best to carry the level of elegance, prestige, and power that gold is so often evocative of.

The result is a visually stunning product which does more than deliver on its aesthetic beauty when performing as a dildo.

Pipedream has also included a golden bullet with this glass offering—allowing vibrations to transfer through its solid shaft (in theory).

Gold has never felt so good before.

The Icicles Gold Edition G07 Vibrating Glass G-Spot and P-Spot Massager

The Icicles Gold Edition G07 Vibrating Glass G-Spot and P-Spot Massager is just one in a line of many gold offerings from Pipedream, but as the designated G-Spotting toy of the bunch it definitely caught my eye. What can I say? Show me a toy with a prominently bulging tip and a wonderfully textured shaft and I’m pretty much going to want to insert it in to my body and appraise it. It’s just how I roll.

This toy (and the entire range) is stunning!
This toy (and the entire range) is stunning!

I’m also a sucker for gold and the Icicles G07 is perhaps one of the most brilliant examples of a golden dildo that I have seen in recent years…well, barring actual golden dildos. But I cannot afford them and I don’t know anyone who personally can either. I do, however, know many people who would be willing and able to invest in the Icicles G07—allowing people to experience a golden touch without feeling the monetary sting that comes with the real deal.

Glass is a fantastic material for sex toys anyway, especially borosilicate glass. Non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. Glass is easy to insert, easy to clean, and much more lightweight then you would anticipate. And, for anyone who fears their glass toy spontaneously shattering mid-use, don’t worry—borosilicate glass is incredibly sturdy. Think of your Pyrex cooking dishes, now apply that degree of strength and endurance to a sex toy. That’s the material you’re purchasing.

Glass is also fantastic for temperature play—as it can easily be warmed or cooled to meet your needs. I personally like warming my glass up (because it feels like an internal hug of sorts) but my G-Spot has always responded with great enthusiasm to an icy glass dildo too. For me it is like my vaginal walls are reflexively trying to flinch and jolt away from the chilly exterior of cooled glass and this causes some very strong spasms, like an orgasm but without the final kick (and with the potential to continue without rest).

How your body responds to the variations in temperature that glass can provide is a bit of a guessing game, but it’s perhaps the best kind to play around with.

In terms of measurements the Icicles G07 is slim enough to be accessible for most people who wish to use it vaginally but may be a struggle for the complete anal beginner. I certainly wouldn’t want to try inserting it in my posterior, though I’ve no doubt Mr. Peaches could accommodate it. It is 7 inches in total length with a maximum diameter of about 1.25 inches. It weights 164g and has a convenient little ring at the bottom—which works as both the anal stopper and a slot for its bullet to slide in to.

This bulbous head is more than effective at hitting the G-Spot, and is primed for P-Spotting action too.
This bulbous head is more than effective at hitting the G-Spot, and is primed for P-Spotting action too.

One of the greatest benefits of glass for those who love anal toys but dislike odor is that glass retains none, which I felt was worth celebrating as someone who counts herself among these ranks.

I personally chose to use this toy vaginally and see how it performed when it came to hitting and stimulating the G-Spot. The answer is well, but not without some hiccups.

Because this toy is made of glass it is naturally rigid and immovable. It also lacks a curve (outside of the angling of its bulbous tip). This is a problem for anyone who likes to arch or angle their dildo during use, as the glass clashes somewhat with such motions.

I rather intuitively try to curve my dildos to caress my G-Spot during use but found that on a few occasions the Icicles G07 would reciprocate with a twinge of resistance that was uncomfortable and blunt. These moments were very brief when they occurred but they did happen every single time I used this toy so if you know that using a rigid and straight-shafted toy doesn’t work for you then the Icicles G07 is one to miss.

These ridges weren't make or break but they certainly helped.
These ridges weren’t make or break but they certainly helped.

It was only once I gave in to the natural shape of the Icicles G07 and learnt to succumb to its shape that I really got the reap the benefits, and there were plenty of them. This dildo made me gasp and arch my neck back on more than a few occasions. Such was the strength of the orgasms that it unfailingly produced (of which there were many). I can honestly say that I was never disappointed when using this dildo and felt like it worked very well on days where I wanted a G-Spotting dildo that wasn’t too large but could still provide a powerful finish.

The duration of my orgasms with this toy were also very long and I credit this to the texture of the Icicles G07’s shaft. Not overly noticeable during use (unless you like to thrust) the raised nodules provided by the Icicles G07 massaged my vaginal wall upon the point of climax, spurring on its spasms like a high school hockey coach. Go team!

This toy typically retails at $55 I’d say that this dildo is worth the investment if you want a slimmer luxury treat that works well. As a bonus the Icicles G07 even comes in a gorgeous box which is perfect for gift-giving (and has its own little viewer pane in the front).

But if your purchase hinges on whether this is a good vibrator instead of a good dildo then I’d be hesitant to endorse it.

Glass does many things very well but one thing it seems ill equipped to do is allow vibration to travel. A bullet at the bottom of this dildo did very little, even though the bullet itself was mid-range strong and sported some lovely, quivery vibrations. This meant that using this toy as a vibrator was a half-success for me at best. I also found that the bullet would often vibrate itself out of its holding ring unless I held it firmly in to place. A bit irksome to say the least.

But this didn’t bother me at all.

At the end of the day I value this toy for the smoother G-Spot stimulation it provides, its powerful finishes, and the beautiful golden sheen that makes it oh so display-worthy. I almost want to display the Icicles G07 like a trophy, or some form of sexual reward, which is apt because that’s exactly what the Icicles G07 provides during use.

Final Thoughts

If gold is a material of abundance, then the Icicles Gold Edition G07 Vibrating Glass G-Spot and P-Spot Massager is one of sexual abundance and I was very happy with how it felt.

Despite my enthusiasm this toy fundamentally fails as an effective vibrator, which could make or break some people’s purchase, but what it lacks in buzz it makes up for in performance.

I wouldn’t have complained if this toy were just a tad more curved (just a teeny, tiny bit would have been nice Pipedream) but overall I’m digging this gold.

Recommend to:

People who like gold as an aesthetic choice.

People who want a sleeker G-Spotting toy.

People who dislike lingering anal scents.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like curved toys.

People who like flexible toys.

People looking for extreme texture or vibrations.

The Icicles G07 was provided to me by Planet Earth in exchange for an honest review. This wholesaler is incredibly reliable and run by some of the sweetest people I know. Please do show them some love.