Product Review: The Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer

The Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer well and truly pulled the rug out from under my feet. And the saddest part is that it was a nice rug—like a really nice rug. I was enjoying what this new, cozy, reliable rug was bringing to my life and then suddenly WHOOSH! An array of various downsides rear their ugly head and I crash back to reality with a cold thud.

When I first used the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer I was over the moon. But progressive uses have since caused more and more frustration and discomfort that I simply cannot ignore, nor do I want you to go through.

Knicker Rocker Glory was kind enough to provide these to me and although I loved the Femintimate Eve Menstrual Cup and Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit I simply cannot recommend the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer. Not at all.

The Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer

I was enthusiastic when first receiving the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer, and not just because of my previous good experiences with Femintimate.

Unlike many kegel exercisers on the market the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer provides a completely adjustable experience. All you need to do is unscrew the trainer, place in the ball of your choice, insert, and then get on with your day.

It could have been so great...
It could have been so great…

This idea was exciting to me, as I’d never personally encountered another kegel exerciser offering the same experience. Sadly now I have a bit of an insight into why…

Lingering on the positives for a tad longer I was also very happy with the shape and overall design of the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer. Again, in opposition to many kegel exercisers (which are simply spherical) the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer presents itself as an ergonomic, and user-friendly trainer—with a gently tapered tip and ridges which help keep in comfortably in place. A little cord make retrieval easy and the overall aesthetic of the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer is incredibly unintimidating.

My mother is just starting to do kegel exercisers herself (a very late bloomer, I know) and when I gave her some conventional kegel beads she recoiled a bit. She was dubious about inserting them and felt generally apprehensive as a result. Conversely when shown the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer she felt that it looked much more manageable and was reassured by its gentle tapering in particular.

This could very well be the case for many women, and I do hope that we see more toys with the general shape of the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer becoming popular.

Despite this shape the weighted balls that get inserted in the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer also move around very freely (which did surprise me, as I had my doubts). The sensation was one that I personally felt a lot—perhaps even more than with conventional kegel beads—and there was definite arousal as a result. This incentivised my workout while also allowing me to detect my kegel muscles with ease and get some sense of feedback via motion.

The Pelvix Trainer itself weights 17g whereas the balls weight 26.2g, 34.4g, and 51.5g respectively when combined with the trainer. Two of the balls can also be used at once to provide 60.7g worth of exercise weight. This is a nice enough range and the trainer generally feels comfortable when used with any of these combinations.

Combine as you desire.
Combine as you desire.

With a silicone surface that is lovely and smooth, phthalate-free, non-porous, and generally body safe I can honestly say that first impressions with the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer really were nothing but sheer delight.

But, as my introduction suggests, this feeling did not last.

I’ve been using this trainer for well over a week now and its flaws have finally got to a level where I simply have to discontinue use. It’s not worth it. Not for me.

The most immediate flaw with the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer is that this toy is incredibly difficult to unscrew and screw back in to place. I’ve tried multiple approaches, examined the toy, and even got outside assistance on occasion and we’ve all been in agreement—this toy is no easy screw.

Because of this I’ve found myself wrestling with the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer every time I went to use it or change balls. My initial reaction of “huh, that was a bit more difficult that I’d thought” soon turned in to “oh god, not this again” every time I went to twizzle off the cap of my Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer and found myself met with an immovable object.

This is a huge issue. Not just because it severely hinders who can and can’t use the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer but also because this toy needs to be cleaned before and after every use. You may be tempted to be lazy with a glass dildo or some other non-porous item but never insert the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer without giving it a thorough clean prior. Why? Because the screw cap (even when fully tightened) does not stop fluid from seeping in to the inner compartment and just sitting there for as long as you have this product inserted.

This was the most unpleasant surprise of all—especially when removing the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer after a full day’s worth of use—and I honestly think it’s a fundamental flaw for an item that is meant to be in the vagina for long periods of time.

But it gets worse.

Keeping in mind that cleaning this toy before and after use is an absolute must and knowing that the screw cap is a bitch to apply even under normal conditions imagine what it’s like when wet, or lubed up, or generally still not giving full grip due to the cleaning process. The experience is maddening. It legitimately broke me in the end. I even thought of using my teeth at one point. My teeth. On a kegel exerciser. Just to get it to perform one of its primary functions.


And it’s a crying shame because I honestly did adore how the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer felt during use and the sensations that it provided my body with. I didn’t just feel proactive when wearing the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer—I felt sexy. Sexual, even. And completely in control of my kegel muscles. Any kegel exerciser that can bring that sense of confidence is a huge winner in my book, but not when it fails in such a fundamental way. It’s just not permissible.

The Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer even had a gorgeous and very professional little storage case with it—which makes its failure sting even more. So near and yet so far.

And in this case it will stay.
And in this case it will stay.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve read this review and feel like I can in any way endorse or recommend this product then I think we may have reached a fundamental difference in opinion.

Although the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer had many, many good points its highly egregious downsides make it a product that I would suggest you give a miss when looking for your own kegel exerciser.

Thankfully Knicker Rocker Glory provides many wonderful alternatives—including the conventionally shaped Nalone Yany Luxury Kegel Balls, the more-for-play Aneros Evi, and the not-jiggling Svakom Nova Exercise Kegel Balls. None of these manage to have all of their pros intersect in the same way as the Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer—but, as with the difference between a for-show pedigree and a lovable mutt, neither do they have any collective flaws.

Recommend to:

People who need a tapered kegel exerciser.

People who are very strong.

People who don’t mind the flaws (you do you my brave reader).

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike screw caps.

People who dislike high maintenance toys.

People who prefer a consistent high standard from their product.

The Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer was provided to me by Knicker Rocker Glory in exchange for an honest review.