Product Review: System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner

Toys, even non-porous toys, need a thorough clean before and after use. This allows for maximum body safety, a reduced risk of any icky infections, or any dust or specks that the toy has gained or retained in between uses making its way in to your body.

Although some toys can be boiled and other toys fare fine with antibacterial soap and water there’s a fine balance to strike. While we all want spotless sex toys none of us want to risk dousing our beloved sex toys with something that might damage them or, even worst, our own bodies. For those with sensitive skin and those with these concerns then the phrase ‘better safe then sorry’ might be a pertinent one.

And for that optimal, worry-free clean nothing really beats a good toy cleaner. This is because toy cleaners are literally made to purpose—designed specifically for the removal of bodily fluids and anything else that stops your toys from being squeaky clean while making sure that nothing questionable lingers on the toy.

The System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner is one such cleaner but it takes things even further. Concerned not just with toy cleaning but also with body sensitivity, the System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner provides a viable option for anyone who wants to avoid abrasive options, giving your toys the natural lovin’ they deserve.

System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner

The System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner is a completely soap-free organic cleaner.


For those unacquainted with the System Jo Naturalove line each of the products in this range has over 95% USDA organic approved ingredients. This means that this toy cleaner is better for the environment, better for workers, better for sustainability, and overall just a very good call for ethical consumers. While it’s not explicitly stated I also believe that this product is probably vegan (at least it doesn’t give me any impression to the contrary.

If you want to check yourself the ingredients are here:

Water (Aqua), Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract*, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract*

The System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner is completely soap-free, relying instead on the natural benefits of lemon fruit extract, which has antibacterial properties. All you need to do with this toy cleaner is spray your toy with the cleaner, allow it to sit and settle for 5-10 seconds and then rinse it off.

The cleaner itself comes in a lovely compact bottle with a press-down spray cap which is easy to press down for a good squirt. A little spray goes a long way and I personally find that I don’t need to use much of this cleaner to get a good coverage.

This spray has a very, very gentle aroma to it. It’s almost more aqua than lemon, although there is a subtle hint of citrus to it. It does not taste good at all and shouldn’t be consumed (the things I do for you).

In terms of effectiveness this cleaner does its job most of the time. I’ve tried it on metal toys, ceramic toys, silicone toys, and TPE toys and have had good results with all of them. Even textured toys fared well with this toy cleaner. As a huge bonus of this particular cleaner is that it’s also great for giving metal a beautiful shine. I’m not too sure why this is but it does mean that this cleaner and my new Crowned Jewels beauty are a match made in heaven.

All that being said, because this cleaner is so natural I have found that it struggled with really thick gunk or with any residue that I have let dry. It’s also not as effective as mitigating anal odors, so if that’s a big concern for you then you might want to bite the bullet and go for a stronger or alcohol-based cleaner.

For those who clean their toys immediately after use (like good little cleaners) or those who use thinner lubricants then the System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner is a very good option. It seems to work well enough and lacks any artificial scent which might be overpowering or have a negative reaction when in contact with your body.

This cleaner is also really great for priming toys pre-sex. Simply give them a spritz, go off and get your hot self ready for the good stuff, return and rinse your toys and you’re good to go!

In terms of downsides you do have to confront the fact that this toy cleaner just isn’t going to be as much of a purge-fest as an alcohol-based toy cleaner or toy cleaners with similarly strong ingredients, but that’s kind of the point!

This toy cleaner is meant to be a delicate and natural option, so of course it’s never going to satisfy you if you like those really strong toy cleaners or the lingering scent they leave behind.

Speaking of scent in general if you’re looking for a toy cleaner that leaves a scent then the System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner is also a poor choice for your preferences. This toy cleaner is pretty much as straightforward and non-obtrusive as you can possibly be.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was very happy with the performance of the System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner and found that it met most of my needs. If I were to use more sticky, oily, or gunky lubricants then I’m not sure this would be the case (or, at the very least, extra scrubbing would be a must), but for general day-to-day use I really have no objections to its effectiveness.

What’s more I really appreciate the organic and purist approach that the System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner, which may not be to everyone’s tastes (and should never literally be tasted) but which really fits with my ethos.

Because the bottle is nice and compact this is also a great on-to-go cleaner and is my go-to holiday spritzer for my sex toy travel kit. All of this means that the System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner gets a firm thumbs up from me and a happy recommendation.

Recommend to:

People looking for a ‘natural’ cleaner.
People looking for a travel cleaner.
People who dislike scented cleaners.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer alcohol-based cleaners.
People who use thicker lubricants.
People who want fragrance from their cleaners.

The System Jo Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner was provided by System Jo in exchange for an honest review.