Product Review: Meo Plowgirl Lubricant H20 Sensitive Touch (With Aloe Vera)


When I wrote this review I was under belief that I was testing a new water-based product from Meo. In reality Meo had experienced a factory error in which some silicone lubricant had been mislabeled. As a result I was given a non-descript silicone lubricant to test (still body safe but not safe with silicone sex toys). 

Emails were sent to bloggers to get the faulty product recalled but mine (while sent) was never received. As a result my Lelo Smart Wand Large got damaged.

Meo has apologised profusely for this and immediately offered to replace my wand. 

This was an honest mistake and I view it as such. 

I thought about removing this review but it seemed as waste, as I work hard on each post. I also feel a lot of information in this review could still be relevant. Just make sure you buy the Meo silicone lube range if you like the sound of this product and want a similar one yourself. 

For the love of god, please keep it away from your silicone sex toys though. 

Remember in my WET review when I said that some lubricants are more of an experience rather than just a way to stay slick? Yeah, well Meo’s new Plowgirl Lubricant definitely falls in to this category, though I’m not too sure that’s a good thing.

Ever branching out in new and exciting ways, Meo has launched both a Plowgirl and Plowboy Lubricant as part of their constant endeavor to make their users come (and come hard).

While gendered marketing isn’t my favourite thing in the world it’s worth noting that the needs of female-bodied individuals may be different from male-bodied individuals and for Meo to take this into account should appeal to mainstream audiences.

Unfortunately this does mean that the Plowgirl Lubricant is decidedly pink and the marketing is firmly femme but Meo seems self-aware enough to approach this with a sense of fun, maintaining their usual playful slant towards BDSM.

Ultimately it’s the product that matters, so how did the Plowgirl Lubricant perform? Find out below!

Meo Plowgirl Lubricant H20 Sensitive Touch (With Aloe Vera)

The Meo Plowgirl Lubricant H20 Sensitive Touch (With Aloe Vera) is a water-based lubricant specifically developed for female-bodied individuals. To this end the Plowgirl Lubricant keeps sensitive skin in mind, has been dermatologically tested, and is pH-balanced for a more agreeable end product.

In addition to these features Meo has added Aloe Vera and Panthenol to the Plowgirl Lubricant for added protection and nourishment. Panthenol is the provitamin version of B5 and is commonly used in the cosmetics industry. This particular ingredient is often used in moisturizers because it is exceptionally good at penetrating the skin and providing lubrication and hydration (all things that sound ideal when applied to a lubricant).

This lubricant comes in an easy-to-use container.
This lubricant comes in an easy-to-use container.

Aloe Vera, on the other hand, is a tried-and-true classic of both the adult market and more vanilla cosmetics. This ingredient is also a natural moisturizer with some anti-inflammatory properties added in for good measure. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of Aloe Vera on sun-burnt skin. If it does just as well treating the aftermath of a sizzling hot fuck then it’s definitely worth keeping in the ingredients list.

The rest of the Plowgirl Lubricant’s ingredients are as follows:

Aqua (Water), Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate.

Some of my more lube-savvy readers may be eyeing up some of these ingredients and questioning their compatibility with sensitive skin. Propylene Glycol may be a particular sticking point for some. My advice is that if you know you have an adverse reaction to any of these ingredients then it’s probably best to avoid the Plowgirl Lubricant.

Personally I count my skin as incredibly sensitive and I haven’t had a single bad reaction from the Plowgirl Lubricant—not even a twinge or pain or the slightest itch—so I’m willing to say this lubricant will work well with most bodies.

Now, despite being water-based the Plowgirl Lubricant has some of the strangest and most silicone-eqsue consistency I have ever encountered from a lubricant (or, at least, a water-based one). Thin when coming out of the bottle, yet somehow able to spread into a dense, slathering consistency, this lubricant feels almost like a thick oil more than anything else. It glides over skin with all of the slickness of silicone lubricant but with very little in the way of a powered grab or sheen (something common to silicone lubes). It’s almost like a hybrid of water, oil, and silicone and yet still distinctly its own thing.

This lubricant also manages to be practically 100% odorless and flavorless which, again, is very odd for a water-based lube. I was expecting a sharp tang from the Aloe Vera greeting my tongue but this never happened. Because of this the Plowgirl Lubricant could theoretically be used for oral sex—though I’d personally avoid using it as such due to its oily feeling.

This lubricant confuses me.
This lubricant confuses me.

The Plowgirl Lubricant is definitely best for its namesake—a hard fuck or a particularly rapid plowing. Its odd oil-like slip matched with its thin to apply yet thick when in use consistency makes for a great lubricant that can line your vagina and vulva, perfectly priming it for a vigorous play session ahead. This lubricant also worked very well for the insertion and hard-thrusting of fingers, which makes me wonder how it would fare for fisting.

Again, due to its texture, the Plowgirl Lubricant is brilliant for use with metal or glass toys, but I’ll be damned if I’m ever letting it near silicone again.

I honestly don’t know what to say except avoid using this lubricant with non-glass/metal toys at all costs because it is not a fan of them.

This may have something to do with another aspect of the Plowgirl Lubricant.

Remember when I said that this lubricant was an experience? Well that experience is its lingering presence. The thick and oily grip of this lubricant lasts long after you’re done using it. It sticks to the skin as a persistent reminder of the firm pounding that you just gave or received. It doesn’t wipe off well. It stays—firm as your thrusts—until thoroughly rinsed off the body.

For some this will be great (and it certainly did have its appeal for me at times) but for anyone seeking a quick-clean lubricant the Plowgirl Lubricant is definitely a no-go.

What was even worst for me is that I learnt through experience that this lubricant leaves a persistent, (again) almost oily-sheen on silicone which almost looks like it’s damaging the material and seems near-impossible to remove in just a few washes. I’m still washing some of the toys that came into contact with this lubricant a week ago and they’ve still got some residue left on them.

I used this lubricant with my Lelo Smart Wand Large.

My Lelo Smart Wand Large is now covered in a layer of somethingness which I cannot thoroughly remove.

This is extremely distressing to me.

Although this meant that my initial reaction to this lube was to write it off entirely that would be unfair on the Plowgirl Lubricant.

This lubricant really is exceptional when it comes to giving a thick and long-lasting buffer during more heated sexual acts, and this can’t be said of all water-based lubricants. Therefore the Plowgirl Lubricant definitely has a market. It’s just one that needs to stay as far away from my silicone sex toys as is humanely possible.

Users who dislike oily sensations will also really dislike the Plowgirl Lubricant. There have been points where the oily residue it creates has become so persistent that even the bottle it comes in had to be scrubbed clean, and that’s just from grabbing it to apply some more on rare occasions.

As a general lubricant I would never consider grabbing for the Plowgirl Lubricant. But if I know that I’m going to be asking Mr. Peaches to go hard and fast then, yes, I do want this lubricant to hand. And then I want a shower immediately after. Aren’t I a demanding little lady?

Final Thoughts

Overall this lubricant can definitely be described as a niche product, which can effectively deliver on its namesake but becomes problematic in any other capacity.

I really do appreciate just how effortless and friction-free this lubricant made rougher sessions, but the lingering reside that it also provides is an acquired taste that I am not always in the mood for.

And, try as I might not to hold a grudge, I am still devastated that my Lelo Smart Wand Large is still not truly rid of this lubricant’s greasy grasp. Believe me when I say I’ve tried at least 5 different toy cleaners too in my endeavor to get it looking as good as new again.

So, if you’re a toy light/fuck hard kind of person then the Plowgirl Lubricant is most likely going to be a great (and potentially very immersive) lubricant for you. As for me? I value my silicone sex toys more than I do this lubricant, and it will only be coming out when I know the two are at least 5ft away from each other at all times.

Recommend to:

People who like rough sex.

People who use metal/glass toys.

People who like oil/silicone sensations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike oily/silicone sensations.

People who use a lot of silicone/non-glass & metal sex toys.

People who need a quick-clean lubricant.

The Meo Plowgirl Lubricant H20 Sensitive Touch (With Aloe Vera) was provided to me by my sponsors, Meo, in exchange for an honest review. If you want to show your appreciation then please do go and check out their site here. There’s lots of awesome BDSM-centric items on offer.