Toy Review: Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Kinetic Butt Plug (4 Inches)

Sometimes I like to test Mr. Peaches’ limits, sometimes he takes the initiative.

But, I must confess, when I presented him with the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Kinetic Butt Plug (4 Inches) and saw him look up at me, daunted, I was worried I’d gone too far.

You can only imagine my delight when, on the way from a trip to London, I got a message saying:

Let me show you how much I can take for you x

Are there any sweeter words?

With a maximum circumference of 5.56 inches the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug might seem like a small fry to those who are experience in anal but for us it was a massive step up. So for us this plug broadened both our experience and Mr. Peaches’ booty and neither of us are complaining about that…

The Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Kinetic Butt Plug (4 Inches)

The Sport Fucker Thunder Plug is a plug with a difference, at least for butt plugs.

While those of us with a vagina have long been inserting brilliant balls boasting beautiful bounties inside of them, the selection of anal jiggle balls on the market is still relatively slim. Not non-existent, but hardly in abundance either. But, as its name suggest, this butt plug plans to bring the thunder to your anal fucking by embracing the power of jiggle balls.

For those unacquainted with the idea, a jiggle ball is a circular or ovular sex toy that is hollowed out on the inside to make enough room for an internal ball. This internal ball then rolls and wiggles around with the user’s motion, creating an organic form of stimulation which is controlled by how you move your body.

This butt plug adds another layer of sensation to jiggle balls.
This butt plug adds another layer of sensation to jiggle balls.

But the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug doesn’t stop where most jiggle balls would. Oh no. Instead it’s added a second, tinier ball inside the inner ball to create double the kinetic sensation. This means that the more you move the more these beads will work off of each other, to build in a dynamic manner.

When you’re sitting this plug will feel mostly like any other, but when you’re walking around (or, better yet, thrusting) well…things get a lot more interesting.

While all of this is great, what enthused me to the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug was the same thing that made Mr. Peaches’ eyes widen when I presented it to him—namely its girth. I haven’t seen many larger anal jiggle balls produced yet and so the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug is an asset (or is that ‘ass-et’?) for anyone who does prefer intermediate-to-advanced anal girth or feels like it’s time to begin transitioning to larger toys.

The plug itself is coated in a beautiful matte silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate-free, latex-friendly, and completely body safe. This makes the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug a perfect choice for anal play and a toy that’s incredibly easy to clean after use.

While this toy is waaay out of my league internally Mr. Peaches was very enthusiastic about the surface of this sex toy. Apparently the matte surface lubes up really well, allowing this toy to have enough slip ‘n slide to be comfortably inserted without sacrificing the slight grip that matte silicone inevitably supplies. Having stroked this plug a lot I can definitely see this being the case, as its softness almost beckoned me to try it myself (if only my booty were capable).

The Sport Fucker Thunder Plug sports a wonderfully long neck which is perfectly thin and very flexible. I was personally worried that this might make insertion a bit difficult but, as it turns out, this wasn’t the case at all. Apparently this neck is one of the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug’s strongest points—allowing the ovular section of the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug to slide comfortably into the anus and rest in the user’s body without putting any pressure on the anal rim.

Mr. Peaches could not praise this enough.
Mr. Peaches could not praise this enough.

For Mr. Peaches this meant that, although the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug felt huge when he was trying to insert it, once in place the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug didn’t feel nearly as large and was instead perfectly poised for long-term use. Looking at the Uberkinky page many people have taken advantage of this comfort to sleep with the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug, which seems to produce some very promising results.

That being said, inserting this plug is a challenge for Mr. Peaches which is worth acknowledging. This is not a beginner’s toy at all, and while the more ovular shape helps the internal beads of the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug move more freely they’re not ideal if you prefer toys that taper for easier insertion.

This lack of a tapered tip did complicate things for Mr. Peaches at first and this is a toy he does need time to prep for but, as it turns out, that can be a big part of the fun. My coach journey home was certainly more interesting as I goaded Mr. Peaches on to take larger and larger toys for me, building up to the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug.

When it comes to the effectiveness of this toy, well, I think it’s best if I let Mr. Peaches speak for himself:

The Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Kinetic Butt Plug…Wow!—that’s one hell of a mouthful! So I’m going to call it the Sport Fucker for ease.

So the Sport Fucker is a large hollow butt plug with weighted balls inside. It seems to be made of a firm inner case coated with silicone which means that this toy has very little give, although the coating itself does provide some.

Let me take a slight moment to sing this toy’s praises here—as the Sport Fucker has the best base for a butt plug I have ever used. I was able to run in the pouring rain, in boots, sporting a massive, weighty overcoat and I didn’t feel any discomfort from the plug at all, which is amazing. Granted, there was some chafing from lack of lube, but that’s my own damned fault and is easily remedied.

With this being at the large end of my butt plugs I found I needed a fair bit of warm up to this one—especially when the firmness of the Sport Fucker was taken into account.

The silicone coating was smooth and really helped with spreading the lube naturally down the ball as I was inserting it (something which I’m grateful for). Once in this toy feels there but nowhere near as much as you’d think it might. At least not as much as I imagine, because this toy looked huge to me.

Now, it was after teasing Emmeline for quite some time that I really got to grips with this plug’s capabilities. As her patchy 4G cut our conversation short I decided to test the most important part of this plug in my own special way:

I put on some music and danced around the house like you do when no one is there.

Luckily for me no one was so I got to enjoy the Sport Fucker as much as I wanted.

And, yeah, those jiggle balls sure do jiggle!

I find it hard to convey just how effective the jiggle is. It was like my P-Spot was getting a little massage from the inside, which sounds unusual but feels very nice.

Anyway, losing myself to my solitary ass-shaking was what eventually has me dashing out the door to run off and pick up a certain sex toy reviewer (arriving late, she’s making me add), during which time I found the constant kinetic force bumping around inside myself to be maddeningly arousing but also impressively comfortable given the activity at hand.

Of course I took Emmeline as soon as we got back and during sex this thing becomes even more of an asset.

Thrusting during sex always feels good but I found as I’d thrust with the Sport Fucker its internal motions sent waves of pleasure to my P-Spot, as if rewarding me for going harder and faster. This caused me to thrust with even more vigor, culminating in a fantastic orgasm which just made everything feel that bit more exciting and passionate.

The down sides of this toy are kinda obvious (as Emmeline has already noted). It’s not suitable of people who are new to the anal sex thing and I wouldn’t have minded a slightly more tapered tip to help with insertion, but these aren’t flaws as much as my own musings and preferences.

Overall a great butt plug and one that I will definitely return to.

From my point of view it was fantastic to gradually build Mr. Peaches up and then feel how much he was enjoying the climax of his hard work. I’m a sucker for hard and fast thrusts too, so this toy acted as a motivator for him and a reward for us both.

When thinking of other downsides there’s only one and it’s the standard one—this toy retains some odor. Most silicone plugs do. It’s not uncommon and I’m coming to terms with it. I mean, heck, a toy that gives us such a great time can be forgiven the airing-out time.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I were both huge fans of the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug and found it to be a great toy for longer play sessions and a bit of light-hearted tease (or firm-handed domination).

People who are used to taking larger toys may not get this same erotic build-up (though there’s certainly nothing stopping them) but, even if you can just pop this plug in, the sensations of the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug stand on their own merit too—making this a great toy for those who delight in girthier objects too.

Really the only people that I can’t advise this to are those just starting out with anal insertion and those who like tapered tips or curved toys. Otherwise the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug is exceptionally designed, does its job very well, and (at a very reasonable £34.99) is certainly worth a purchase.

Recommend to:

People who want anal jiggle balls.

People who like comfortable long-use plugs.

People who like larger toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a slender anal toy.

People who dislike the bead shape.

People who dislike wiggling sensations.

The Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Kinetic Butt Plug was provided to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. Check out Uberkinky’s fabulous selection of Butt Plugs here.