Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 021 (The Sparrow’s Curve)

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to my first instalment of Ceramic Samplings. A few bits of housekeeping before I begin: As I have already given a full review of both Ceramic Pleasures and their products as a whole these won’t be full-length reviews. They’re much more a musing series as I test one dildo at a time and spurt off my thoughts. Sometimes these may be technical, other times poetic but they’ll always reflect my honest experiences with the product. That being said if you do want a more in depth piece I suggest you check out my original review here.

Ceramic Pleasures doesn’t name their products either—preferring a numbered reference system for each product so they can easily replicate the design. While I think this is incredibly practical I personally feel more inspired when putting a name to the piece I’m working with. So for the purpose of these reviews I’ll most likely be giving each dildo a loving little pet name. I hope you don’t mind Ceramic Pleasures!

Now, on to the appraisal!

When I first revealed the Sparrow’s Curve from its wrapping I knew it would be my first—the first dildo from my box of Ceramic offerings that would grace my vagina. There was no contest.

The Sparrow’s Curve was my first pick, no contest.
The Sparrow’s Curve was my first pick, no contest.

What struck me about the Sparrow’s Curve was the two elements which inspired its namesake. This dildo has a beautiful light-blueish/teal base colour to it which is decorated by gentle brown speckles. Speckles and freckles are something that I adore in all walks of life so I was immediately drawn to this dildo from an aesthetic perspective. The colouration and freckles are very reminiscent of the shell of a sparrow’s egg and give this dildo an beautiful amount of character and visual appeal.

Much more to my liking, though, was the drastic curve that this dildo was sporting. Much like the curved outline of an unfolding wing (or the probing motion of a tentacle, depending on your imagination), this curve is an unusual choice for Ceramic Pleasures (who mainly creates straight dildos). Trust me when I say it is not at all unwelcome!

This curve caught my attention from the moment I uncovered it.
This curve caught my attention from the moment I uncovered it.

As most people know, a good curve can be essential for locating and stimulating the G-Spot, and the Sparrow’s Curve is a move in the right direction in terms of creating dildos for this purpose. But of even more interest is the top section of this dildo.

Unlike most curved toys—which end in a bulb or a more anatomically-inspired head—the Sparrow’s Curve sports a rather flat head. It’s almost as if it started life and a bulb and then got pancaked down a bit. This shape is then accompanied by a series of dots (which remind me of both a shower head and tentacles again), adding a bit of texture to the mix, and y’all know how much I love texture.

Upon first using the Sparrow’s Curve I was impressed by how well the curve worked. It’s not quite as refined or precise as the G-Spotting masters—such as the Pure Wandd, the Comet Wand, or even the Structured Orchid—but it shows enough promise and practical application to be a real winner with some experimentation.

This smiley face is a well-deserved logo.
This smiley face is a well-deserved logo.

Personally I feel like this dildo could benefit from a bit more girth, as at the moment it does feel like the curvature and sensation of its head is diminished by its slender physique. This is my only downside and, really, it’s more of an aspiration for improvement because I crave this toy with such a rapacious appetite that it can sometimes seem unreal. Like a power queen trying to press + for that last swell of power, I can feel how close this dildo gets to being truly phenomenal but it’s just missing that last spark of brilliance.

That being said I really shouldn’t complain because my orgasms with this toy are both gaspingly intense and exquisitely prolonged.

I can remember one incident, in particular, where I was furiously thrusting this dildo—on the brink of what I knew would be something truly exceptional. Feeling this intensity build inside of me as the subtle bumps of the flat head rubbed diligently against my G-Spot I suddenly realized just how tight my chest was. Only then did it occur to me that I had become so riled up, so lost in the moment, that I had actually been holding my breath for a significant period of time, building up the swell of sensations.

When that release finally did come (between struggling to reclaim some breath without releasing the sensation) I can tell you that even great Victorian poets would struggle to describe the overwhelming splendour that it released. I thought I would squirt there and then. I didn’t, but believe me when I say that the gushing was more than implied.

As you’ve probably gathered from that anecdote, orgasms with this toy do take some time, but the pay-off is worth it.
At first I thought that this toy’s textured nodules were rather blunt and ineffective but this soon changed when I reached orgasm too—as they suddenly provided a tactile accompaniment to the stroking of this toy’s flat head which kept me riding the orgasm as it provided a flittering of sensation.

The Sparrow’s Curve starts as a delicate offering but with the application of pressure and persistent thrust (or rocking motion) becomes a whirlwind of excitement. But now I can’t help but lust for more.

If another toy kept the curve, made the nodules slightly more pronounced and focused on thickness (with maybe a bit more rounding out of the design) I can only imagine what it would feel like.

For now I understand why the Sparrow’s Curve called to me first—as this was an exceptional product to start this series with.

Until the next review!