Product Review: Slube Erotic Bathtub and Playpool Goo

Ever since watching the 2016 Ghostbusters movie I’ve had a persistent fantasy in which Kate McKinnon’s character, Dr. Holtzmann, takes me from behind with a strap-on of her making while we’re both covered in ectoplasmic goo. An ambitious desire, I know, but I like to dream big.


Thankfully it seems that some people share in my erotic daydreams (at least in part) and have blessed us with the creation of Slube Erotic Bathtub and Playpool Goo.

Slube is a versatile new goo formulated to be effortlessly concocted within your very own bathtub, essentially making your everyday tub in to your very own playpool! Alternatively you can use it in a designated playpool if you’re lucky enough to have one with an equal amount of ease. Either way Slube promises a thick, slimy, positively gloopy session of erotic slip ‘n slide with minimal mess and maximum enjoyment.

The premise is fun, playful, and appeals to many different kinks and users. What’s not to love?

However my experience with Slube was a bit messier than anticipated (and not in the way that Slube necessarily intended).

Slube Erotic Bathtub and Playpool Goo

Slube Erotic Bathtub and Playpool Goo takes our innate desire to explore different tactile experiences and adds an erotic element to the mix, literally. Slube comes as a 250g pack of small granules that that you mix with liquid to create a slimy end product. Slube comes in different colours and scents to match your personal needs. Green is Juniper, which isn’t the first scent that comes to mind when I think of green but it is one that I welcome (besides, I’m sure it smells much better than the ectoplasm in Ghostbusters).

Slube caters to all of your goo-based needs.
Slube caters to all of your goo-based needs.

Slube functions as a slippery offering that’s great for messy wrestling sessions, cheeky sploshing retreats, a relaxing erotic massage, or anything else that you can imagine. The Slube itself is latex-safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for internal use. In fact Slube has been made to act as a lubricant too, allowing couples to fully immerse themselves in the Slube experience.

The colouring used in Slube is water-based and once you’re done all you need to do is shower yourself off to completely remove the Slube from your body. This gives Slube added appeal.

I mean, think about it—one moment you could be covered head-to-toe in a green viscous material, wresting and sliding against your partner’s body and then one quick shower later you’re both good to go about your day without issue. I can think of the kink applications for this pretty much immediately, especially when it comes to impromptu hotel retreats or private sessions of secret self-indulgence.

In theory mixing up a batch of Slube is incredibly easy.  All you need to do is run a bath until it’s just under half full and then sprinkle the Slube in to the water before swirling it around with your hand. It’s at this point that you’ll feel the Slube strand off in to webbed sections of goop before eventually thickening up and becoming a slimy, viscous mass as you continue to stir away.

Simply take these granules and mix them in with the right amount of water.
Simply take these granules and mix them in with the right amount of water.

Making up a batch of Slube is honestly a really fun part of the process. Watching how the granules dilute in the water and feeling the solution dissolve and transform in between your fingers is fascinating. At least it was for me. I watched in awe at how the final gloopy concoction wobbled and sloshed around my bath tub. This built an incredible amount of anticipation as I thought about what the Slube would feel like when I plunged myself into its emerald green depths.

Who wouldn't want to try this?
Who wouldn’t want to try this?

A word of warning, though: Slube makes your bath incredibly slippery. This is the point of Slube, of course, but it does make getting in and out of the bath a bit more hazardous so please be careful with this.

When Slube is made up it feels wonderful slimy, just as you’d expect. It has a slickness to it which helps you glide through the liquid and yet also clings to the skin coating your body in a thick slimy sheen. This coating was even, not clumpy, and felt truly luxurious. I could easily see how two bodies rubbing together in a bath full of Slube would be an absolute dream come true.

However while I enjoyed my Slube experience I did find it to be a little bit lacking and somewhat uncertain. This started with the instructions for me.

Y’see I have a rather large bath and so when I looked at the Slube instructions I couldn’t help but go through a series of questions in my mind: “Fill the bath to just under half full, yes, but what size bath does Slube use to calculate this measurement? What about larger baths? Should I be using the whole thing or start sprinkling as I go along? How long after stirring should I expect results? If you do have a larger bath then how do you figure out the Slube-to-water ratio?” The questions swirled in my mind like the Slube granules in my bath tub.

Slube kind of looked a bit meager in my huge bath. (I should also add that if you have a bath like mine with Jacuzzi or spa features then don't add Slube to it as it may block the filters. I was being a very naughty girl here...also my Jacuzzi jets are broken already)
Slube kind of looked a bit meager in my huge bath.
(I should also add that if you have a bath like mine with Jacuzzi or spa features then don’t add Slube to it as it may block the filters. I was being a very naughty girl here…also my Jacuzzi jets are broken already)

The result, I believe, was a Slube bath that wasn’t as thick nor deep as it should have been and this did detract from the experience a bit (and was a slight downer for me). Don’t get me wrong—I attempted to stir and add without getting the balance wrong but I never found that sweet spot between having enough water to make the Slube (which would clump if there wasn’t enough water for it to mix with) and having so much water that you dilute the formula.

And, sadly, each pack of Slube is £19.99, which is some pretty expensive trial-and-error at first.

Granted Slube does give examples of the Slube-to-water ratio for playpools, and this could be applied to baths, but I wonder how many bathtub-based users would apply these to their own mixing adventures.

So, yes, I sadly missed out on a full Slube experience and feel like this could be an easy error for users to make. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy using Slube.

Sensation-wise I really enjoyed how Slube felt against my skin and found myself eagerly stroking my own body, allowing my hands to glide over my curves. Come the end I added more water to the mixture and the Slube came out of the bath with incredible ease. In fact I think it even gave it a thorough clean compared to when I got in. Equally showering myself off removed the Slube near-immediately and my skin was left feeling fresh, wonderfully smooth, and smelling strongly of Juniper.

Slube up close.
Slube up close.

The lingering scent of Slube is like a little keepsake for its users that appeals to the senses. The fragrance is the right kind to be passed off as the result of a bath bomb or shower gel among unsuspecting friends and family while only you know the real origin of the alluring aroma. This was something I really appreciated as I went about my day.

If there’s one more thing to be said about Slube it’s that it doesn’t follow through very well on its promise to work as a lubricant. Yes, Slube is slippery, but it doesn’t actually provide much in the way of friction reduction during thrusting motions. It can work well as a buffer against clitoral toys but that was the extent of it from my experiences. Again, this could be because I didn’t strike the right balance but overall I got the impression that Slube simply has the wrong consistency to be an effective lubricant.

Final Thoughts

While I may have got myself a bit mixed up with my own brew of Slube I still managed to get a grasp for what Slube has to offer and, I have to say, I really like where it’s going. I can certainly see why it won Innovation of the Year at the Sexhibition Awards and look forward to seeing how the product improves and changes over time.

At the moment I’d be hesitant to invest in Slube myself, as £19.99 is a lot to invest in a product that I may inadvertently sabotage, but I think that hard-core fans of slimy sensations will be diligent enough to strike the right balance. For such enthusiasts the price of Slube is also rather reasonable if considered as a rare treat or something for a special occasion. And, if what I felt is anything to go by, Slube can deliver some truly sensational experiences that will provide life-long memories.

Recommend to:

People who like slippery sensations.

People who like to get messy.

People who want an easy clean up.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with abnormally large baths.

People who dislike slimy sensations.

People who dislike strong aromas.

My batch of Slube was provided to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. If you like what you see and you want to support my site then please do make any purchases via the affiliate links in this post.