Toy Review: The Aneros Evi G-Spot and Clitoral Massager

Have you ever had a completely hands-free orgasm? One where your body was so willing and so wonderfully co-operative that all you needed was the right clenching motion and the squeezing of your inner thighs together in order to trigger that release? I have, though I admit to it being rarely.

Hands-free orgasms are an amazing experience. They’re certainly not for everybody (and, in fact, aren’t actually my preference) and not everyone will find that hands-free orgasms work with their body, but they’re definitely a case of ‘The journey is more important than the destination’. And hands-free makes for one interesting road trip.

Even if such orgasms are ultimately a dud for some people the exploration of one’s own body and its subtler nuances when simply clenching muscles and moving in rhythmic motions is incomparable.

Exploring hands-free orgasm reminds me a lot of doing a mindfulness meditation—where you take the time to close your eyes, connect to the body and breath, and truly find what it feels like to live in the moment. Such an act is therapeutic if not always arousing.

But, hey, just because hands-free orgasm is, by definition, a ‘hands-free’ affair doesn’t mean that it needs to be ‘toy-free’ too. In fact, when toys such as the Aneros Evi G-Spot and Clitoral Massager exist I’d argue that you’re doing yourself a great disservice if you shun a complimentary tool. After all, what’s road-trip without something awesome to ride?

The Aneros Evi G-Spot and Clitoral Massager

Aneros are big players in the prostate market and have been for years, but the Aneros Evi G-Spot and Clitoral Massager was their first attempt at a hands-free product for those with vaginas. You may think that such a product with be released with some apprehensions but Aneros were confident enough in the Evi’s ability to ‘break free from the mundane world of generic vibrating toys’ that they claimed this massager was ‘designed to fit ALL women’ (their words and capitalization, not mine).

Grab a good book and hit the road of sexual exploration with the Aneros Evi.
Grab a good book and hit the road of sexual exploration with the Aneros Evi.

Now, of course, I feel obligated to add a little bit of a counter to these claims. Firstly vibrating toys are anything but mundane. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to sexual stimulation. Some will like suckling sensations, others the familiar touch of their own hands. Some will love nothing more than a good grind with an Aneros Evi, others want nothing more than a hard fuck with a Hitachi. None of these methods are mundane, all are valid, and sex toys shouldn’t feel the need to insult a certain form of sexual stimulation in order to provide theirs as the apparent alternative.

It’s also important to stress that, as per the above, there really is no toy that will work for ‘ALL women’ (or, to be more accurate here, ‘all users with a vagina’). Not only do preferences vary but so do bodies. For some people the Aneros Evi isn’t going to work, and to assume otherwise would be naïve.

And this is coming from someone who likes this toy…a lot.

Yes, okay, I’ll admit it—it seems like Aneros had a reason to be confident with the Evi, at least when it comes to my body.

The shape of the Aneros Evi looks rather familiar to most G-Spotting fans until you actually hold the Evi and realize that the section you’d expect to put pressure on the G-Spot is actually facing away from it. This was really bemusing for me at first, and it’s fair to say that it’s a non-conventional design choice—but this design can be surprisingly effective. The reason for this is how the Evi sits when inserted. Essentially the internal bulbed section rubs against the G-Spot while rocking back and forth with any muscle contractions that occur, providing this sort of back-handed curvature that it’s peculiar but not at all unwelcome.

This toy defies convention with it's back-to-front design.
This toy defies convention with it’s back-to-front design.

Meanwhile the external prong of the Evi is a long, firm probe which lacks any drastic curves, allowing it to simply rest on (or nearby) the clitoris, nuzzled in between the labia.

Aneros claims that due to this shape the Evi can essentially alternate between G-Spot and clitoral sensation with standard kegel exercises. Personally this wasn’t my experience but the user guide encourages users to explore this option freely. I personally like this advice, as it does suggest that self-exploration is ultimately the best way to reach enjoyment (I just wish their box description was equally as liberating).

Theoretically if the Aneros Evi does rock back and forth for you as a kegel exerciser then it would make a very fine option—as your feedback would be pretty direct and ongoing. It also means that the Aneros Evi could be a very good option for people who struggle to find the motivation for kegels—as the wiggling sensations of the Aneros Evi might just spur you in to action.

For me the real enjoyment of the Aneros Evi came from the ‘Further Fun’ section of the user guide, along with my own personal explorations. Advised by Aneros to ‘Just thrust’ or ‘Twist and shout’ I sat myself down with the Aneros Evi inserted and…well, at first there was pain. This is a rather rigid toy made from a firmer silicone, and so positioning can be awkward at times, but once you’ve taken the time to find a seat that works with you with the Aneros Evi it definitely becomes a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Finding what feels comfortable for you can sometimes be part of the Evi experience.
Finding what feels comfortable for you can sometimes be part of the Evi experience.

Many times I found myself using the Aneros Evi to tease and tempt my clitoris and G-Spot while writing an article, pondering some erotic fiction, or even editing my PhD (the naughty academic that I am). Much like the Ruby Glow, the Aneros Evi really does work fantastically for seated pleasure—taking a little time to set up and providing a lot of satisfaction.

For me the Aneros Evi rested comfortably on my clit without applying too much pressure whereas the G-Spot prong never faltered in providing a consistent, gentle nudging with my every breath. Add in some hip thrusts or the pressure of my hands on my trousers and, yup, it’s fair to say I procrastinated a lot.

This makes the Aneros Evi a great choice if you want to heighten arousal before a sex session, as it really does make you pay more attention to your body and consider the eroticism that can be found in subtle motions.

Oh, and jogging on the spot. Jog on the spot with this toy inserted. You’re welcome.

Seriously, though, vigorous actions such as jogging feel really effective when using the Aneros Evi, as its usually docile nudge cranks it up as it keeps pace with your body’s natural movement. Now, I’m not saying do kettlebells with your Evi but there is a lot to be said for playing around with different activities and the way the Aneros Evi can enhance them.

I’m also waiting patiently for the day that Mr. Peaches orders me to wear it out and about—because the Aneros Evi strikes the perfect balance between feeling awkward in some positions and amazing in others to make wearing it for your Dom in public a thrilling game.

Thankfully the Aneros Evi is made from silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe so you can wear it for as long as you please. It cleans off very easily (sex toy cleaner/soap & water) and has a beautiful matte surface to it which doesn’t pick up dust, has just the right amount of grabbiness to  veer in to ‘stroking’ territory, and is a good firmness for what it provides.

Although this toy may be impressive it is definitely not for ALL bodies.
Although this toy may be impressive it is definitely not for ALL bodies.

That being said the firmness and the discomfort it can cause will probably be the biggest issue for some people, so if you know you like your toys squishy then steer clear of the Aneros Evi.

Those with very shallow G-Spots or a more conventional preference as to where G-Spot pressure is applied may also find the odd shape of the Aneros to be a poor fit for their bodies or preferences (or both, for that matter). As with all things, you are the expert in what works for you, so now that you know what the Aneros Evi looks and feels like inserted hopefully you can ascertain if it will work for you. It definitely didn’t work for Dangerous Lilly, who has a very different perspective on the Aneros Evi which is well worth a read.

I should also mention that, as much as this toy riles me up, drives me wild, and gets me primed to jump into bed and fuck with reckless abandon it doesn’t personally deliver an orgasm, hands-free or otherwise. Personally I’m fine with this, as for me this toy is more of an arousal-builder than the toy I want to seek a release with (I’ll have my ‘mundane’ vibrations for that, thank you) but if you’re buying this toy hoping for a 100% guaranteed, amazing hands-free orgasm every time then I’d say reign in your expectations a bit.

Final Thoughts

The Aneros Evi is a slow grind (sometimes quite literally depending on your technique) but that’s what makes it so great in my eyes. This toy is the perfect accompaniment to a more gradual exploration of your body—what works for it, what doesn’t, what certain motions can do, how you respond to certain stimuli, etc.

For this the Aneros Evi is outstanding—it may also have a few erotic writers grabbing for their Ruby Glow to finish themselves off too—but for me it’s the primer for a strong finish rather than the hands-free gift that will tip me over the edge.

If you’re reading this summary and think ‘Fuck yeah. That’s exactly what I want!’ then treat yo self! This is a brilliant toy for kegel exercises, D/S activities, desk work teasing time, and (last but not least) the occasional steamy jog.

If any of these things appeal to you then the Aneros Evi may just be the perfect add on to your sexual exploration. If not then feel free to leave it on the wayside.

Recommend to:

People who like non-conventional/rocking G-Spot stimulation.

People who like pressure on their clitoris.

People who want clear feedback during kegel exercises.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want an insta-orgasm.

People who want a guaranteed hands-free orgasm.

People who like softer silicone.

The Aneros Evi G-Spot and Clitoral Massager was provided to me by LoveYourSelf in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review and you want to see more then please do check out their site. They have the Evi and a load of other amazing toys at reasonable prices.