Product Review: Skyn Elite Condoms

There are few things that I love in this world more than condoms.

To date condoms (for both the penis and vaginal canal) are the only methods of birth control that effectively help prevent the spread of STIs, including HIV. If used correctly condoms are also 98% effective and they’re there for you ‘in the moment’ with very little need to plan ahead (as long as you bring them to the party they’re good to go). So, while I’ll fight to the last in order to protect a worker’s rights to refuse condom use if they so choose, I personally consider pulling out a condom to be one of the sexiest things possible.

My ‘intense feelings’ towards condoms have also led to some rather extensive testing over the years and it’s fair to say that I’m somewhat of a condom expeditioner—always on the hunt for the next best condom.

In my mind’s eye I have a vision of myself in explorer’s attire straight from the 1890’s (complete with pith hat but lacking in the problematic rhetoric of Colonialism). Looking glass in hand I have searched the deepest, darkest corners of the internet to find the best condoms available. And, oh the sights I have seen! Condoms that have emitted their very own glow, condoms wrapped in a smiley face, some marvelous specimens that even had their own wings! And of course, the modern hexagonal structures that have caused much controversy.

But very few condoms have come as close to my heart as Skyn’s Original Condoms, which Mr. Peaches and I buy in bulk and use on a near-daily basis. No matter what other brands we use, we always inevitably return back to Skyn. They are, to our mind, the best condoms for us.

…Or at least they were.

Because, that’s right—the Skyn Original Condoms now have competition, and it’s a tough call. The good news? The contender for #1 condom is also a Skyn product. The even better news? They’re ultra thin, ultra soft, and a complete winner!

Oh, sorry, were you expecting bad news too? There is none.

Skyn Elite Condoms

The Skyn Elite Condoms come in packs of 6 or 10 and are non-latex lubricated condoms intended for users with a penis. Instead of latex Skyn uses polyisoprene and its own special ‘Skynfeel’ technology in order to enhance its users sexual experiences. If you want to know more about Skynfeel please do check out the Skynfeel info page here, as it looks like Skyn are planning some interesting uses for the technology outside of condoms.

These condoms are simply the best!
These condoms are non-latex for your convenience.

For now, though, just know that this material is highly effective, completely body safe, and is a perfect alternative for those who have latex allergies.

One thing to note and polyisoprene though is that, unlike polyurethane, polyisoprene can and will still be damaged by oil-based lubricants, so don’t be tempted to use any coconut oil, The Butters, or any other reputable oil-based lubricant with Skyns Condoms (and don’t use any disreputable lubricants, full stop).

But perhaps the biggest benefit of polyisoprene condoms, outside of their compatibility for those with latex allergies, is the fact that they can typically be a lot thinner than latex condoms and still maintain a high level of protection from both pregnancy and STIs. Skyn Original Condoms have a thickness of 0.065mm (as compared to the average latex thickness of 0.07mm). Skyn Elite Condoms are 20% thinner than the Skyn Original Condoms and on average 10% thinner than most other polyisoprene condoms on the market. That should certainly give you an idea of how thin these condoms are.

That’s not to say that the Skyn Elite Condoms are the thinnest condoms on the market. In fact I’ve tried much thinner. But condoms need to be more than just thin—they also need to be easy and safe to apply, reliable during use, and (of course) feel great or near non-existent. So, while the Skyn Elite Condoms may not be the thinnest of the thin, I’m willing to overlook that depending on how they perform overall. And perform they certainly do.

These condoms may not be the thinnest around but they certainly feel like they are!
These condoms may not be the thinnest around but they certainly feel like they are!

The packaging and wrapping for the Skyn Elite Condoms is very accessible and easy to remove, even in dim light or the heat of the moment. The condoms themselves have no strong odour and do manage to look and feel incredibly thin. Yet, despite this, Mr. Peaches and I had no issues whatsoever with rolling them down or applying them in a speedy and seamless manner.

This isn’t common for thin condoms and up until now the only other ‘natural-feeling’ condom that we’d encountered with this perk was the Lelo Hex. However Lelo Hex are made from latex, comes with texture, and has questionable marketing strategies, so is not the right condom for everyone. In contrast the Skyn Elite Condoms are wonderfully smooth, suitably thin, and should work with most bodies.

During use we literally couldn’t feel the Skyn Elite Condoms at all. At least I couldn’t. When people think of condoms they often, for better and worst, assume a ‘barrier’ of sorts. And while the Skyn Elite Condoms certainly act as a barrier in the best possible way they also manage to feel near undetectable—allowing the body’s natural warmth and texture to transfer through the material with impressive ease.

Despite this eerie sense of absence, I always felt completely safe and secure when using the Skyn Elite Condoms too. There was no worry that it would tear, or gain tiny undetectable pin pricks, or slide off without our knowledge. Instead Mr. Peaches and I could both enjoy these condoms and let the heat of the moment guide us to our eventual climax with maximum protection and minimal distraction. I really can’t think of a more perfect outcome from a condom.

Now, one of the biggest downsides of polyisoprene condoms is that they do tend to be a bit more costly. And a pack of 10 Skyn Elite Condoms will set you back about £12.99, which is a bit higher than average. But, honestly, if you want that ‘ultrafeel’ sensation then these condoms are worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to comment on a product that you pretty much cannot detect…unless that’s the purpose of the product, in which case huge success!

The Skyn Elite Condoms are one such success story and have now become both Mr. Peaches’ and my own favourite condoms without exception. We absolutely adore the Skyn Elite Condoms and highly recommend them to anyone with latex allergies, anyone seeking thin condoms…pretty much anyone who uses condoms actually.

What can I say? It’s a glorious time to be an adult product reviewer.

Recommend to:

People with natural latex allergies.

People who want a near-invisible condom.

People who like the Skyn brand already.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like to feel their condom during use.

People who prefer custom fit condoms.

People who are on a strict budget.

The Skyn Elite Condoms were kindly provided to me by Skyn in exchange for an honest review.