Update: 5000 Followers Giveaway Results

Hello my lovely readers,

Wow! Every time I finish a giveaway I’m blown away by your responses and the attention they get. This time I asked some of you to tell me five things you love about my blog and the answers were all so wonderful and so sweet that I was blown away by them, they really did make my day each and every time.


I’ve said it before but without you there really is no Emmeline Peaches Reviews. You make this site what it is and so your feedback is truly invaluable to me. I wish I could give each and every one of you the sex toy of your dreams but, for now, I can only treat five of you.

So, without further ado, the winners of my 5000 followers giveaway are as follows:

The Satisfyer Pro 2: @HannahLockhardt

The Feranti Mini Mates Collection Gift Set: @YttriumRapier

The Kink Craft Pink Figure-8 Handcuffs: @styles5433

The Peach Godemiche Ambit: @bkwoodsbedroom

The Lelo Tiani 24K: @randomredrose

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be in touch very soon to arrange everything.

For those who didn’t win: So sorry guys! However I can confirm that I’ll be having some more giveaways soon (and they’re pretty exciting too).

In the meantime please do show some love to the amazing companies who sponsored this giveaway (or who were otherwise involved). Here is a little bit about why I think they’re also in addition to 5 toy recommendations from them.

Shop Naughty

Shop Naughty is a fantastic UK-based company who want to help you realize your deepest desires. The range of products available at Shop Naughty are impressive and go beyond the beloved Satisfyer Pro 2.

The owners of Shop Naughty are also absolute sweet hearts and I really enjoy working with them. This is a company well worth supporting.


5 Items to Love From Shop Naughty

The Satisfyer Pro 2 (Obvi)

The Flamingo Wearable Bluetooth Vibrator

The Doxy Mains Vibrating Massager Wand

The Tantus Super Soft C Ring

The PalmPower Recharge Cordless Massager Wand

Knicker Rocker Glory

How could I not adore my Eroticon 2016 sponsor? Knicker Rocker Glory are in the business of making the best possible pleasure experiences possible and each product on the site is tried, tested, and trusted.

Knicker Rocker Glory recently revamped their site and my gosh does it look fabulous! Go and check them out today!


5 Items to Love From Knicker Rocker Glory

The Feranti Mini Mates Collection Gift Set

The Minna Life Limon Touch Sensitive Vibrator

The Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager

The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Throw

Sliquid Naturals Satin Moisturiser Lubricant

Kink Craft

Kink Craft are making it possible for people everyone to indulge in their own DIY kink crafting. What’s not to love about that? They’re also incredibly engaged on social media and have a wonderful blog and podcast series.

Want a company that puts itself at the center of the adult blogging community? Look no further than Kink Craft.


5 Items to Love From Kink Craft

The Figure-8 Cuff Kit

The Paracord Flogger Kit

The Paracord Mini Flogger Kit

The Synthetic Cane–Paracord Handle

The Wax Play Jug


Anyone who’s been to the Godemiche Youtube channel knows the enthusiasm and complete dedication that Andy over at Godemiche brings to his products. So much so that he hand-made his prize donation to this giveaway!

Godemiche also provides incredibly affordable and customization products that are well-worth investing it. You want it, Godemiche can probably make it happen for you. Check them out!


5 Items to Love From Godemiche

The Galaxy Ambit

The Glow in the Dark Adam

The Anal Beginners Starter Pack

The Ball Gag

A Godemiche Certificate (to go with your toy)


Lelo seem to be the Marmite of the adult community in some ways. Some people love this company, others hate them. While I can 100% understand both sides, I’ve personally had nothing but good experiences when working with Lelo and have always felt like the company are trying their best to push sex toys in new directions (even if they take a few wrong turns along the way).


5 Items to Love From Lelo

The Lelo Smart Wand Large

The Lelo Mia 2

The Lelo Mona Wave

The Lelo Luna Beads

The Lelo Tor 2

And that’s all for now! Huge thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. I’ve enjoyed celebrating with you.

Until the next review,