Toy Review: The Utimi Male Masturbation Cup

As entry-level brands go Utimi has so far seriously impressed Mr. Peaches and I with their range of affordable and enjoyable products. So, of course, it was a bit of a shock to us when we found one of their products to be entirely standard.

‘Standard’ is by no means a bad thing, and the Utimi Male Masturbation Cup serves its purpose incredibly well for its $19.45 price tag, but it does make for a very difficult review.

Why? Well because there really are no surprises when it comes to the Utimi Male Masturbation Cup—what you see is exactly what you get and what you get is worth the price (and will perform as you’d expect from a $20 investment).

So, really, when looking at this toy I have to ask A) Who would benefit most from buying this product? And B) Is it worth the price or are you better off saving up a bit more for something else? Read on to find out.

The Utimi Male Masturbation Cup

The Utimi Male Masturbation Cup is a masturbation sleeve contained within a plastic case for discreet storage and sturdier grip. The premise of this product is incredibly straightforward and anyone who’s even heard of a Fleshlight knows what to do with the Utimi Masturbation Cup. The motions of lubricating one’s shaft before sliding them into the soft chamber of this masturbation cup are almost as intuitive as a hand job itself, but with a bit more added bulk and a fair bit more added sensation.

No one will look twice at this abstract object.
No one will look twice at this abstract object.

This sensation comes from two main sources—namely the toy’s material and the toy’s texture.

Material-wise the Utimi Masturbation Cup is made out of non-toxic TPR which is phthalate-free and compatible with water-based lubricants (silicone or oil may break it down, however). TPR is generally favoured for masturbation devices, due to just how soft and squidgy it is. The TPR used for this sleeve can also be warmed prior to use during the sink, which makes using it reminiscent of PiV intercourse.

TPR also works well with the internal texture of the sleeve—allowing it to hug and stroke against the shaft without ever feeling too firm or abrasive. The texture provided by the Utimi Masturbation Cup is what Mr. Peaches would describe as ‘average’ but, again, average doesn’t mean bad, especially considering his main point of reference is an actual Fleshlight. This means that, from Mr. Peaches’ point of view the Utimi Masturbation Cup has a very similar performance to a Fleshlight, which is testament to this particular toy’s success if you ask me.

The outside of the Utimi Masturbation Cup is designed to look semi-anatomically correct, with prominent labia and a little clitoris poking out for the user to see. This is great for anyone interested in feeling immersed and those who like to caress or in any other way explore their masturbation sleeve while using it.

This toy tries to mimic the appearance of the vulva (complete with grabbing some fuzz for itself).
This toy tries to mimic the appearance of the vulva (complete with grabbing some fuzz for itself).

This cup has an overall length of 12.4 inches and a diameter of about 3.8 inches on average. This should allow for most standard users but do keep this in mind if you’re particularly large. The black casing for the Utimi Masturbation Cup is made out of ABS plastic but it’s fair to say that this plastic is flimsy compared to more expensive masturbation items. In fact you can physically feel it buckling under a bit with firmer gripping, which may be worth considering if you like to keep a strong hold on your device.

The case itself is still very discreet and has a wonderful diamond-like design which does aid in gripping. In terms of use it is easy to thrust the Utimi Masturbation Cup, although if the plastic were thicker it would be markedly easier. As it stands the Utimi Masturbation Cup may be a good substitute for people with muscular issues, who find a standard Fleshlight too hefty to lift, but otherwise this lighter case feels more distracting than anything else.

This toy is easy to grip and use, if not a bit flimsy.
This toy is easy to grip and use, if not a bit flimsy.

In a handy design choice the case can be unscrewed from both the top and bottom, allowing users to remove the internal sleeve and give both the sleeve and case a thorough clean before and after use. This is particularly essential because TPR is porous and therefore needs to be cleaned and maintained to a high standard to ensure body-safety and sex toy longevity.

TPR also collects dust and lint like a bitch (as my photos will demonstrate), making it even more important to clean the Utimi Masturbation Cup.

When using the Utimi Masturbation Cup Mr. Peaches found his orgasms to be perfectly fine. They were nice. Pleasant even. Entirely what you’d want from a male masturbator.

There are two ways to take this. The first is to lament that the Utimi Masturbation Cup did not provide a mind-blowing experience. But why must every sex toy do this (especially when it’s under $20)? Would we even want this for every orgasm or is it nice to have a go-to toy that is simply ‘pleasant’?

The second option is to acknowledge how nice it is to have cheaper options that can provide a similar experience to high-grade toys (with a similar material too) without compromising much on build quality. If the major difference is in the case then there really isn’t much to gripe about when it comes to this toy.

For Mr. Peaches, though, this toy wasn’t an investment he’d readily repeat, even at $20. As someone who has never been a fan of bulky Fleshlight designs he said he would much rather save some more money and invest in a Tenga 3D sleeve instead. But that really is a whole different type of male masturbator and speaks more of his preference than it does the toy.

Personally we both agreed that this would be a great toy for users that are interested in the Fleshlight design but don’t have the money to invest in it. As the sensations for both a Fleshlight and Utimi Masturbation Cup are fairly similar to invest in a Fleshlight straight away would just be an investment in a sturdier sleeve and that isn’t necessarily essential when you’re only just beginning to try a new type of sensation.

Go for the Utimi Masturbation Cup instead and test the waters. If you like this toy and feel it has potential then you have the option to expand your horizons. If not then at least it only cost you $20 (plus lube and corn-starch to keep the toy in good working order).

If Mr. Peaches had to fault this toy for anything it would be that the thickness of the plastic did detract from the experience for him and the orgasms were not exceptional.

If I had to fault this toy it would be for the fact that it’s made out of a non-porous material with an inner chamber that is not easy to reverse-flip and dry and thus always feels semi-damp inside. This is common in Fleshlight-like toys and it’s never sat well with me, so just add the Utimi Masturbation Cup to the list when it comes to this rather than singling it out.

Protip inbound.
Pro-tip inbound.

As a pro-tip though: Because the Utimi Masturbation Cup has an open end you could technically tuck a bullet in there and (length allowing) make your Utimi Masturbation Cup into a vibrating sleeve. Just a suggestion for anyone wanting to find the silver lining (or bullet, as it were) in the snug design of this toy.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I found the Utimi Masturbation Cup to serve its purpose and provide a viable tester product for anyone looking to explore this type of masturbator (or those seeking a Fleshlight-esque design on a budget).

This toy isn’t going to win any awards with its design nor orgasm quality, but it will make most users come, and will most likely feel damned good while doing so. How can we fault this toy for that?

Recommend to:

People exploring masturbation options.

People who like TPR.

People who need a lighter plastic case.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who already own a Fleshlight (you’ve got the upgrade).

People who prefer smaller sleeves/suction/pressure.

People who dislike TPR (I feel ya, even if this sleeve shouldn’t/won’t).

This post was sponsored by Utimi who provided the Utimi Masturbation Cup in exchange for an honest review. If you want 20% off of this product or any of the other Utimi toys I’ve reviewed then please use the code down below.