Product Review: The Kink Craft Wax Play Candles & Jug

When I was a young teen I was a total moron. For some reason I thought it was pretty much the coolest thing to do to just use a candle to burn a bunch of stuff in my bedroom (health & safety was not my forte it seems).

Anyway long story short one day I got the ‘clever’ idea to melt a pen and see what happened. The result was molten plastic falling straight on to my thigh. I can still remember the excruciating pain of that experiencing and my body still has a mark from it. Needless to say I never played with fire in that way again.

Although I’m willing to say “Good call on quitting that disastrous hobby Emmeline!” I do have to admit that I’ve unfair avoided wax play as a result of my young teenage experience. Sure I’ve dabbled in really low temperature massage candles but I’ve never explored wax for the sake of wax. For its decorative qualities on the body and the unique sting that it can inflict.

That is up until now.

When the lovely folks at Kink Craft approached me with an offer to test their wax candle range I decided it was time to face my fears and revisit the flame again (except this time in a safer way and with the right tools for the job).

The Kink Craft Wax Play Candles & Jug

For those who may not be in the know, Kink Craft are an awesome company who specialize in providing amazing DIY kink kits that they teach you to craft in a professional and straightforward manner. However for those who aren’t craft-minded Kink Craft also offer a range of ready-made items and their own little kink accompaniments.

For me the Kink Craft Wax Play Candles and Wax Play Jug represent an intersectional point between these two options. Yes—technically these items are ready-made, in that the candles themselves don’t need to be made before use, however the manner in which you use them is wholly a creative endeavor forged from your imagination.

These products are a very affordable and safe way to explore wax play.
These products are a very affordable and safe way to explore wax play.

Wax Play is a relatively new area of exploration for me so, as such, I took the precaution of doing some research in to best practices and shall do my best to share the essentials of wax play.

Naturally wax play is something that both hard-core enthusiasts but also complete beginners will explore and, as such, a lot of candles cater to the latter instead of the former. With this in mind most wax play candles will be made from a wax that melts at a lower temperature, making the resulting hot wax less intense when it makes impact with the skin.

This is certainly the case with Kink Craft’s Candles which melt at 40 degree Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). Granted, this still isn’t what you’d call lukewarm but it does mean that most people can dip their toys in to experimenting with wax play by using these products and not feel too overwhelmed by the experience. Kink Craft have got your back and always will have.

Kink Craft’s considerations extend beyond temperature concerns too. Their candles are made from EcoSoya wax produced from sustainable soy crops and colored with paraffin based candles dyes. While I’d personally prefer if no paraffin was involved the use of sustainable soy crops demonstrates just how eco-aware Kink Craft are and what a morally dedicated company they have chosen to be. This kind of ethical representation in the adult industry warms my heart like soy wax under a flame and intensifies my already huge crush on Kink Craft as a company.

Going even further Kink Craft have elected not to add any fragrances to their candles. This allows users with skin allergies or breathing conditions (such as asthma) to use the Kink Craft Wax Play Candles or Jug without issue.

Kink Craft provides their wax products in a variety of brilliant colors and the candles are incredibly well priced. A Wax Play Candle retails at just £3 whereas the Wax Play Jug is £8.

The candles certainly look more striking during use but require more finesse.
The candles certainly look more striking during use but require more finesse.

At 40mm x 100mm the Wax Play Candles are incredibly easy to hold and it feels like you get a lot of wax for what you pay. I’m not too sure of the logistics of using the wax as it melts further down but we personally found that a little wax went a very long way.

Meanwhile the Wax Play Jug contains 5oz worth of candle and make the wax play experience much more effortless to our minds. Yes the jug costs more but it also offers you more control and more certainty over where the wax will fall (which we found to be a bit more erratic with the candles). Both of us were a bit uncertain as to how much of the wax you’d be able to use from the jug but, again, through multiple sessions we’ve found that a very small amount of wax can produce some stunning results.

The jug looks a bit less aesthetically pleasing but offers much more control.
The jug looks a bit less aesthetically pleasing but offers much more control.

Using these wax products is as simple as letting the wax melt and pouring it on to your partner’s body, though this feels much more daunting when doing so, of course. Thankfully Kink Craft offer their own tutorials for those feeling a bit uncertain.

I highly advise that you go and check out their entire course of videos, but key principle is always the same with wax play. Start out pouring very high in comparison to your user’s body. This allows the wax to cool as it falls and helps you gauge your partner’s pain response to the candle’s wax. It’s much better to start of tame than to begin by being too intense.

Personally I’m very glad that Mr. Peaches followed this advice, as it turned out my level of pain tolerance for wax play is very low. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoyed the experience immensely and there are so many positives I can list off.

I adored the anticipation of seeing Mr. Peaches hovering over me—bracing for impact as if I were about to receive the bite of a cane. Imagining what the sensation might feel like. I jolted with excitement at the initial contact point. That familiar sharp sting but with an incredibly localized bite. Like the aggressive nip of a loving-but-firm Dom. I loved how each droplet felt like a familiar prickle of intense heat and pain while also having its own subtle nuances depending on how the droplets fell of my skin and the quantity that Mr. Peaches chose to pour. I especially loved how I looked after he was done. A Jackson Pollock in the bedroom. A private viewing for his eyes only (okay, and maybe yours now too. But, hey, he got the advanced screening and the VIP treatment).

A rare semi-nude Emmeline shoot appeared. Cherish it. Take care of it. I give myself to you.
A rare (unprecedented) semi-nude Emmeline shoot appeared. Cherish it. Take care of it. I give myself to you.

When all of it was done I removed some of the wax in the shower but not all. It flaked off of my skin with remarkable ease before I returned to Mr. Peaches and thanked him for using my body as a canvas. I have to say I didn’t quite know what to expect from the aftermath of a wax play session but I liked how it felt a lot. The slight clinginess of my skin as it rubbed more persistently against his. The noticeable aroma of wax as we kissed each other passionately. Even the exchange of a few stray flecks which had lingered on my skin. The whole thing was a true delight, as you can probably tell from my recollections.

In another session I decorated Mr. Peaches and the results were just as intense. Admittedly he was much more adept at taking the pain then I was, which allowed me to ascertain more about the products in question. When it comes to the Wax Play Candles I’ve found that the best way to use then with control is to look at where the wax droplets are falling naturally on the tilted candle rather than to try and direct it with force. This allows for a natural and controlled experience that you can gradually adjust.

Still my preference was the Wax Play Jug by far, as I really did enjoy the added control it offered, even if I found it lacked the visual appeal of the candles.

Needless to say there are pros and cons to both of these products but it really does come down to what you want and what you’re willing to suggest, as well as your own experience level. I would personally recommend the jug for complete beginners before transitioning to the candles when you become more confident. That certainly felt more natural for us and it worked well in the long run.

The wax itself washed off with ease during the shower, though I personally liked to leave my skin flanneled off but not completely scrubbed. That way there was always the chance of catching some rogue wax debris during the day which acted as a subtle reminded of the artwork that my body had become just a few hours prior.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I were incredibly impressed with Kink Craft’s range of candles, which serve as an affordable introduction to the world of wax play. The color variety and material quality is good enough to suit most people’s needs whereas the temperature is just right to create a noticeable sting while also allowing for adjustments.

Although I can’t say I’ve fully overcome my fear of burning liquids making impact with my skin I am definitely opening to the idea and feel like Kink Craft is slowly but surely tempting me towards the wonderful world of wax play. Who knows—perhaps one day I’ll be a full convert. If so I can still see myself returning time-and-time again to these reliable, affordable, and ethically produced candles.

Recommend to:

People who want to start exploring wax play.

People interested in sharp pain.

People who see the body as canvas.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a massage or scented candle.

People who prefer thumping pain.

People who want a lukewarm wax candle.

The Kink Craft Wax Play Candles and Wax Candle Jug were provided to me by Kink Craft in exchange for an honest review. Please do check these guys out because they’re truly awesome.