Toy Review: The Lelo Tor 2

The quest for the perfect couples ring is something that Mr. Peaches and I have been embarked upon for some time now. There have been very strong contenders, and fun but flawed attempts, but nothing has quite hit the right balance between size, vibration strength, and comfort to come out as a clear winner.

The Lelo Tor 2 is not a perfect couples ring. It does have flaws and there are a few things that Mr. Peaches and I would like to change about it if we could. That being said when we tally things up overall the results are obvious to both of us—The Lelo Tor 2 is the best vibrating couples ring we’ve ever tried, hands down.

The Lelo Tor 2

 The Lelo Tor 2 is part of Lelo’s Femme & Homme collection and is also a site-wide bestseller and when looking at the Lelo Tor 2 it’s easy to see why.

The Lelo Tor 2 has taken the standard design for couples rings and refined it.
The Lelo Tor 2 has taken the standard design for couples rings and refined it.

There’s a certain simplicity to the Tor 2 that is as elegant as it is ingenious. This toy offers understated class and implies practicality through its straightforward design. With the Lelo Tor 2 you know exactly what you’re going to get—a luxury couples ring. The Tor 2 offers this up visually while also obliging in terms of execution, making it a great purchase for those looking to give a gift to their partner that they can enjoy as a couple.

In fact Lelo have practically mastered presentation when it comes to the Tor 2, as this sex toy comes in a sturdy and undeniably suave-looking box which works incredibly well for gift giving occasions. This box is sturdy enough to be used for long-term storage too however this isn’t wholly necessary as the Lelo Tor 2 comes with its very own silky smooth storage bag.

Gift giving is made easy with the Lelo Tor 2.
Gift giving is made easy with the Lelo Tor 2.

This is but one of the perks that you’d expect from a luxury vibrator and the Lelo Tor 2 sports them all. The Tor 2 also comes accompanied with a sachet of Lelo lubricant and a full 1-year warranty. The Lelo Tor 2 is also completely waterproof and USB rechargeable, with a 2hr charge getting you up to 1.5hrs of play or a 90 day standby time. While this should be more than enough for most users it should be noted that some vibrators are now delivering more impressive charge-to-play ratios, but the Lelo Tor 2 is still in the realms of ‘reasonable’.

Sound-wise the Lelo Tor 2 is incredibly quiet, making it a great product for those with young children or roommates. I personally don’t think the Lelo Tor 2 could be detected through walls even when on the highest session, which is perfect for those who need some privacy.

Charging and controlling the Lelo Tor 2 is a breeze.
Charging and controlling the Lelo Tor 2 is a breeze.

And, of course, the Lelo Tor 2 has the benefit of being made from Lelo’s silky smooth silicone, which is pretty much the pinnacle of luxury matte silicone. This silicone was love at first stroke for me when I first encountered it and my passion hasn’t dwindled over the years at all. This silicone feels truly fantastic and is very comfortable during use. This is especially important for a toy that’s going to be gripping around someone’s body part while grinding up against someone else’s so it’s good to report that Lelo have kept their high standards in this regard (as if they would ever neglect them).

Silicone is also non-porous, phthalate-free, latex-friendly, and completely body-safe, making it a great option for the Lelo Tor 2. Sadly the downside to this is that silicone is far less flexible than other materials, so the Lelo Tor 2 does lack the flexibility needed to be stretched out too much. This is something that potential users should keep in mind, especially if they have an above average girth or prefer using cock and ball rings.

Vibration-wise the Lelo Tor 2 has 6 different vibration patterns and varying intensities. These are controlled through two buttons on either side of the Tor 2’s vibrating top and are very easy to access. For us having the controls in this place was a breath of fresh air, especially after having just tried the PicoBong Lifeguard—a great toy but one with limiting app-based controls.

The placement of the Lelo Tor 2’s controls makes them easy to access and also prompts couples to make a game of changing the settings—giving an opportunity for users to slide a hand up their partner’s shaft before eventually reaching the controls.

Granted the patterns are a bit awkward to get to, due to the two-button control system (you essentially have to press and hold to access them) but I’m not a great lover of patterns so this didn’t impact me. Those who use them more regularly might find this to be a bit more of an issue.

Lelo’s typical vibrations are present in the Tor 2 and manifest as a buzz-rumble combo which feels very smooth and considerably deep. These vibrations start as a wonderfully gentle whisper and gradually increase to a nicely powerful hum with considerable oomph. These vibrations easily travel through Mr. Peaches’ shaft, allowing both of us to feel them quite prominently during use. Add to this the deep and resonant vibrations from the main section tapping against my clit as Mr. Peaches thrusts in-and-out of me and the Lelo Tor 2 makes for an incredibly enjoyable ride.

What helps the Lelo Tor 2 stand out compared to other couples rings for us is design. A lot of couples rings we’ve tried have been too top-heavy or have had a tendency to slide to one side or another during use. Conversely the Lelo Tor 2’s compact and highly practical design allows it to sit snugly in place and provide stimulation without feeling bulky or moving an inch out of place. Some would consider these to be the core criteria of a couples ring but it’s surprising how many couples rings get this wrong. The Lelo Tor 2, on the other hand, gets it oh so right and our sexual experiences are made all the better for it.

This product has potential as a clitoral toy too.
This product has potential as a clitoral toy too.

The smooth surface of the Tor 2’s vibrating head also makes it handy as an impromptu clitoral vibrator too, allowing couples to use it as such prior to using it as a couples ring if they wish. During solo use I can definitely orgasm with this toy, as its shape and vibrations are more than suitable for me to do so. During couples use this toy doesn’t bring me to orgasm but that’s more because I don’t really reach climax through PiV rather than a fault of the toy. It does, however, provide amazing sensations which notably enhanced the experience for me to the point where I would say it was well worth the luxury investment.

Mr. Peaches felt much the same, and he did orgasm with the Lelo Tor 2. For him the Lelo Tor 2 feels like a tighter fit than some of his other couples rings and this helps him feel larger and enjoy stronger sensations. This snug and secure fit also put him at complete ease, allowing him to enjoy our experiences together rather than worrying about the bulk or movement of the ring during. The vibrations made a notable difference for him and provided very strong climaxes. When ejaculating the perceived tightness of this couples ring really came to the foreground—as he felt like his muscles were actively pushing past the tightness of the ring and this provided a powerful kickback of enjoyment.

In fact outside of the lack of flexibility that this couples ring has Mr. Peaches couldn’t think of many flaws at all. He came up with only one more—which is that the inside section of the ring can gather gunk if not cleaned thoroughly, but this is easily addressed considering the waterproof nature of this toy.

Why, Lelo, Why?
Why, Lelo, Why?

Beyond this we were both at a loss to fault the Lelo Tor 2 itself, though from my perspective I’d like to see the Tor 2 marketed in a different way. At the moment the Lelo Tor 2’s page is very much geared towards a male consumer and his own pleasure are permitting his partner pleasure and the whole thing made me feel wholly uncomfortable and out of place as a queer, female, feminist consumer. I mean, c’mon Lelo. Poker cards, a glass of alcohol, and a tie? ‘She’ll Love You To Be The Bigger Man’? You’re better than this.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I found the Lelo Tor 2 to be an exceptional product and out #1 choice for a couples ring. It’s a ring I think I’d personally recommend to anyone looking for a strong couples ring when money isn’t an issue and I know it will be my go-to for when I want to feel Mr. Peaches’ shaft quiver inside of me.

This couples ring may still have its flaws, and larger individuals should beware of its inability to stretch, but for us the Lelo Tor 2 has truly set the bar when it comes to the best couples ring on the market.

Recommend to:

People looking for a high-end couples ring.

People who like their partner’s shaft vibrating.

People who like strong, deep vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People working in a budget.

People with a larger girth.

People who want a cock and ball ring.

The Lelo Tor 2 was provided to me by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. If you like what I do and you want to support my site then please do consider making any Lelo purchases via the affiliate links in this post. Stay awesome!