Update: Help me Earn My Sex Blogging Superhero Cape

Hello my lovely readers!

Happy month of Halloween! Let’s roll out the cinnamon and cook up some delicious pumpkin-based dishes.

October also marks the beginning on Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes list. I can hardly contain my excitement!

This is the time of year where we all get to show our favourite sex toy bloggers our appreciation and to let them know just how much their content means to us. I know I’ll be voting for loads of lovely people and I’m hoping that you will to.

Which leads me to a gentle request.


For two years running I’ve made the cut and become an official sex blogging superhero thanks to your amazing support and I’m hoping, this year, you’d be willing to make that a reality again.

I don’t really like tooting my own horn but I truly love what I do and to know that my content is having a positive impact and that you like what I’m doing too.

So if you like my blog and you want to make my superhero dreams a reality then please do vote by clicking here.

I need a minimum of five votes by 9 October in order to be considered for the list (though every additional vote matters, of course). If you want to know more bout my blog prior to voting you can also see my interview with Kinkly here.

October is a busy month for me but it’s also an incredibly exciting one. I’ve got a lot planned for you as I try to continue improving my content for you and it all starts right here and now.

I truly hope that you’re looking forward to seeing what I have in store for you and wish you all a fabulous October.

Until the next review!


  • Michelle Evans

    You got my vote :p

    Good luck x